Knife crime hits a new low

Tailwaggers usually hears about dogs and cats in trouble. But every now and again other animals come to our attention. This time it was a letter from a vet surgery in Hexham, Northumberland.
I warn you, Blondey's story is truly shocking.
This poor Shetland Pony was taken to the vets by her owners when they found her in a terrible state. She had terrible wounds and flystrike. Her neck was horribly infected. It was only as the vets started to attempt to treat the painful skin that they realised that the wounds were in the shape of letters - that someone had carved into the poor pony's flesh.
The owners have already paid out huge sums in vet care, but this poor little pony now needs an extensive skin graft and they have just run out of funds. A human skin specialist has offered to do this free of charge but it will still cost £1,500 for the general anaesthetic.
Blondey - a 10 year old pony - is still loving and trusting despite her ordeal.
Tailwaggers will I'm sure be donating, Blue Cross have offered some help too - but even with the vet practice doing some fund raising themselves there's still a significant shortfall and an urgent need to get on and operate.
Tailwaggers will very shortly have their own Justgiving page on the web, so it will be in future much easier to donate, but until then if you can send cheques to Tailwaggers Club Trust, PO Box 1008, Maidenbower, Crawley, RH10 7PY and please spread the word let's see if this blog can help another four-legged creature?


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