Richard and Judy alert!

Emily's mum reckons the Cold Wet Nose item may be on today! So please tune in at 4pm to Richard and Judy or set your videos.

Just doing a bit of random double checking - if you bought your entrance ticket on the day did you get handed a physical ticket?


Anonymous said…
A wonderful day out! We brought our ticket on the day but did not get handed a physical ticket. What's that all about?
Christine Rivers.
Linda Ralph said…
Looks like it will be today because there is a piece about the show on the Richard & Judy website under 'Today's Features'.
alfmcmalf said…
Dock dogs looked fabulous. Ferdy would have loved that.

The piece was short but sweet I suppose.

As for Richard and Judy - hmmmmph
Could have done without the promo for battery chicken - shameful.
Anonymous said…
We paid on day and were given an actual ticket - we then advised to just show this when we wanted to re-enter (having had to return to car to off load some of the many goodies we got during the day!!)
Anonymous said…
I went just for fun and entered my 2 dogs and one won prettiest bitch. Does anyone know if she was shown on Richard&Judy or if there are going to be any photos of the show anywhere?
Anonymous said…
No physical ticket hence we had issues everytime we wanted to go out and come back in.
Anonymous said…
My mum and I came along with my Cavalier Sam. We were given a ticket and like others used it for re-entry after several trips to the car with goodies. It was a fantastic day. Thank you. Look forward to next year.
Anonymous said…
It was a fabulous day out, well done all!
My friend and I were handed a physical ticket as we entered.

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