Two stolen dogs to look out for...

Just got this email from Denise Arnold...

"Fiffi is a 9 year old long coated Jack Russell bitch, and Shammy is our Miniature Pinscher bitch 5 years old. Shammy has got a genetic eye disease and if she doesn't receive treatment twice daily will go blind!
"Both dogs were stolen from our farm in Finchampstead, Berkshire on the 25.07.08 around 10 am in the morning.
"The dogs are the last thing we have left from our father who died of cancer last year and have been in the family since they were puppies. We are so upset we cancelled our holiday and are just constantly looking for the dogs. We are very distressed as Shammy will lose her eyesight without daily treatment (she already has one eye removed) and the dogs are like our babies as we haven't got children.
"Both dogs are chipped, they would be very unhappy in a flat as they have our whole farm to run about all day! They have never been missing. Except Fiffi who has been stolen now for the second time from our premises but last time (three years ago) when she was stolen she was sold to someone who bought her in Newbury who took her straight to the vets and realized the dog was stolen and we got her back within a short time. Unfortunately this hasn't happened. "Also if people took Fiffi to breed with her she is infertile! And Shammy has got the genetic problem!
"We are offering a £300 reward for each dog which is more than the street value.
"Please if you have any further suggestions on how we can find them don't hesitate to contact me on 07976 521 491 or 01189 735 115."

We told DEnise about Dog Lost - so hopefully this is now posted on there, too.


Anonymous said…
It's so sad for people that they have been responsible and had the dog microchipped in the belief they will get their dog back, and then more often than not the system lets them down.
I do hope Denise gets her babies back.
In the pink said…
my stomach lurches as to how awful this must be. How strange to take both dogs as theives usually just target potential pedigree breeders don't they. Maybe it's some misguided crackpot so called 'animal lover'?

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