Between a rock and a hard place

We've just had a distressed lady on the phone from County Durham in a desperate state. She has two dogs, a Rottweiler aged about five and a 10 month old Rottweiler/Dobermann cross. They weren't getting on very well and the vet suggested having them both castrated a while ago which was done. (I know - behaviourists out there will be sucking the air through their teeth and shaking their heads at both getting castrated, rather than just one).
Yesterday the dogs had a massive fight and the youngster has come off worse. He has a very bad injury and is being kept at the vets on antibiotics, but could need surgery. Decision to be made today.
This lady works for the princely sum of £91 per week, from which she has to pay £50 rent, though she does get benefits. She has contacted the PDSA who cannot help as he has been to her own vet for treatment. The RSPCA have agreed to take him on Friday (as she obviously can't keep them both) but has told her that she has to pay for the vet bills - they can't help.
She can't afford the £43 they have asked so far plus the £15 for each night's board, let alone possible hundreds for surgery. The RSPCA centre that has offered to take him is Darlington.
Anyone got any ideas? Any local connections at the RSPCA who can help?
Any other bright ideas? Anyone else able to take him and pick up the vet bill? Tailwaggers Club Trust may be able to help out with some of it, anyone else able to chip in?
It just all seems to desperately sad.
Don't know if this lady's circumstances have changed, but I suspect more and more people will find it difficult to pay unexpected vet bills as the credit crunch hits home.

Thank you to those very generous souls who offered to donate.
I've set up an emergency fund page on JustGiving. Tailwaggers Club Trust always pays donations direct to vets and asks for proof of earnings where relevant etc (While being very speedy and sympathetic to those in distress), so it makes sense to put this appeal via the charity - plus any donations will be increased by Gift Aid. Any excess funds raised will go into the general fund to help other people with pets in distress. Here's a link to the Just Giving page - it says it's Beverley Smith's page (my married name) as that's what my JustGiving account is set up as when I donate, plus the format expects you to be doing a sponsored walk or something! But it seems to work apart from that!

Just had an email from Tailwaggers to say the RSPCA have agreed to fund the vet costs! Hooray! Great news that this pup will get patched up and will hopefully find a new home where he won't be bullied. If you are interested in giving this dog a new home the RSPCA contact number is 07972 368602


Anonymous said…
I would be happy to chip in with a small donation. How though?
Chapstaff said…
If this is definitely genuine I would be happy to do the same.
Anonymous said…
This is so sad :(
The RSPCA are useless, I do wish the lady would not give the dog to them, preferably a no kill shelter to give the dog a chance.

Someone set up a paypal account and i'll donate Beverly.
Anonymous said…
I wish i could help this Lady, but sadly i'm struggling to pay the final sum of my dogs bill too. She was creully kicked a cuple of months back by a Dog Walker, he fractured her ribs and caused bruising to her lungs. After the Pain Killers, X-Rays, Antiobiotics and a few visits back after the total has come well over £300! And did the guy who did this put anything towards the bill....NO!

Anonymous said…
The dog would be better off at Dogs Trust, Sadberge, Darlington ( which is about 30 minutes away from Durham.
cambstreasurer said…
I'd mildly like to point out that Darlington RSPCA are all volunteers rescuing animals in their own time and raising the money to do it.

Their accounts are available online at the Charity Commission website and they are by no means a wealthy branch sitting on a heap of unused cash.
Beverley Cuddy said…
Good point, many people don't realise that RSPCA branches have to raise their own funds. That generic money left to the RSPCA doesn't go to the grass roots.
It's an anomaly. In the areas of greatest need there often isn't sufficient funds. For eg we have a great local centre in Chobham in Surrey, which is a pretty wealthy area. But in Slough where there is a much bigger dog problem the RSPCA had to close their branch due to a lack of funds.
If you are writing a will be specific and leave it to your branch - but if you want it to go on campaigns etc and prosecutions - go generic. It is like many charities not just one.
Beverley Cuddy, Editor

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