These could come in handy

I was just updating the cancer blog when I clicked on a link and arrived at a really fascinating website. I had to blog about it. I have seen this product in books before, but have never known where people got them from.
I'm not sure I'd have a use for one, but I'm still tempted to order one anyway!

They are only available in left hands and you have to wait a little after ordering. Because they are, of course, hand made!

If you're wondering what the application is for these products:

  • Assessing fearful & potentially aggressive animals safely
  • Allows an animal to be touched without fear of being grabbed
  • Getting an animal used to being touched and handled in non-threatening way
  • Keeps both the animal & you feeling safe & confident
  • Countless applications on Trick or Treat night!
If you'd like to order one click here. They've got some wonderful other products, the wraps are great.


PBurns said…
The real money, of course, is making 11-foot long versions .... for those times when "you wouldn't touch it with a 10-foot pole.


Anonymous said…
When you are working with aggressive dogs and feral cats, believe me these are a godsend!
Penkitty said…
Oh, how useful! This would be great for some of the really scared dogs that come in. I'm off to order one. Thanks Beverley!

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