Charity screening in aid of Tailwaggers!

Have you switched off your mobile phone? Got really rustley sweets to eat? Got something in front of the computer screen to obscure part of your view - just like in a proper cinema? Forget all those Z-listers that normally turn out to a screening. Be a real star and click the box to the right to donate to help Tailwaggers help pets in crisis. Enjoy the film!

Time for an ice cream. Before part two!

My colleague Luke (who has a degree in Film studies and news media) has dug out some more about this film!

There were 10 of the Dogville shorts (1929-1931).They were directed by Zion Myers, who also worked with The Three Stooges. These groundbreaking short films opened the door for talking animal movies. Turner Classic Movies shows them in between movies but never announces when they are going to show them.
Back when the Dogvilles were in production, reports of animal cruelty were investigated, but when ASPCA inspectors would arrive to the studio, they found out the all of the dogs were well taken care of and not abused. The film makers used peanut butter in the dogs' mouths to make it appear that they talked.

Just heard some wonderful news from the team at Tailwaggers! The RSPCA have agreed to fund the vet treatment of the pup featured in the previous blog. But do remember that there are many other pets and owners in distress, even if this one is hopefully heading to a happy new home where he won't be bullied.
Tailwaggers spends a lot of time talking to people and trying to resolve their problems. This tiny ancient charity really needs your support.


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