Does your dog turn heads for the wrong reasons?

Want some help?
Does your pet have an socially difficult illness or an embarrassing behaviourial problem?
(What a pity old Sally is long gone... she'd have provided enough material for a whole series! How fondly I remember her embarrassing emissions timed for maximum disruption - the time she pooed at my first time meeting the boyfriend's parents, how she bit all those guide dogs while I was giving a talk to their owners... I could go on and on.)
Do you worry people might think you neglect your pet due to an unsightly illness or peculiar behaviour?
Got a skinny dog, a scabby dog, a bald dog, bits missing? Do people give you grief when you walk along the road thinking it's your fault the dog looks like that?
Would you and your pet like to be part of a new TV show and get advice from top experts? It's bad enough coping with some of these problems but when people think you're the reason for a health condition it can make walking affected dogs a real misery.
If the answer is yes to any of the above questions then please leave a message for the Tiger Aspect team on:
020 7529 9400 or
who are working on a programme for Sky one.
Go on, free therapy and the chance to be on TV! Give them a call!


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