More from Australia....

If you thought our KC was a bit creaky, check out the Australian equivalent. I would advise not drinking coffee while watching this as you might find you spray the screen and take out your keyboard.

Twenty minutes that for me completely explains why Pedigree Dogs Exposed was a very long overdue wake-up call.

Click here and prepare to do a lot of head-shaking.

Some low points to watch out for: Inbreeding. Hugh Gent says he needs to see breed-specific evidence of problems caused by incest-matings. (I wonder if that chap who first thought the world wasn't flat had this much trouble...?)

Bulldogs and C-sections. "We don't interfere". The AKC breed standard still says "The bigger the head the better."

The interviewer asks what research has been done to find out how prevalent the health problems are. Much squirming. They are about to have a database to record hip and eye testing... (How long ago did Sweden make health tests mandatory - was it 25 years ago? And how are the eye and hip tests currently recorded? Are the AKC still using wax tablets and reed pens?)

And yet again, it's full of 'it's not us good breeders that are the problem - it's the others.' Those back street out back breeders.

The 1,000 Bulldogs Hugh Gent has judged in his career could all apparently breathe, so that's okay. No need to change the system then, no Bulldog cadavers in his ring so far... yippee!


jo siemieniowski said…
Having read the online transcript of the P.D.E. in Australia I would like to thank Jemima for putting right the fact that Zak was NOT taken off his medication so he could be filmed, I do not know where this came from, but to be truthful I find this very upsetting, so for once and for all- Zak was on his normal medication when he was filmed (by myself) we had to put the lights on during his fits as otherwise it would have been too dark to film him as it was in the middle of the night,he had already had two fits before i started filming, therefore it was not the lights being on that started off his fits, I hope that I have put right a few of the things that were wrote on the Australian online questions as i had no right of reply to it.I agree with everything Jemima has said and done . jo

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