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The Dog that Saved our Marriage
The story of how a Gulf War veteran's life was turned around by his family and a special dog called Endal - probably the most famous dog on the planet.
Tuesday 5th January at 21:00 on Sky Three
Sunday 10th January at 20:00 on Sky Three

Allen tipped me off that the Endal documentary is finally going out on a channel that more can see - possibly so I can go into hiding as I did look quite a state!
(Since it was filmed I have lost three stone and I had the worse possible flu and even worse hair on the day they filmed us in unforgiving HD!)
But this is a brilliant documentary - and it was the one that the lovely film producer saw which made him want to make a blockbuster film which is now in production. Sandra's contributions will fill you with admiration even if you are already very familiar with this moving and inspiring story. Seeing the glorious footage of the amazing Endal, possibly the most widely mourned dog in history, is guaranteed to bring a tear to your eye.
Happy New decade everyone, why not spend a little time remembering Endal, the dog of the millennium and celebrate how dogs could heal the world if we let them.


Anonymous said…
What a coincience, just this weekend I found this on the sky website. What a lovely documentary and so nice to see Endal and little EJ. I read their book recently which was a thoroughly good read - makes you laugh and cry. It's now doing the rounds of my friends. Sorry Allen for the lack of royalties but a good thing just has to be shared.
I should like to thank the Partons for sharing their very personal but inspiring story.
Chapstaff said…
Loved seeing that again.
It must have hurt Allen so much seeing Endal being pulled about by the vet, I bet he hurt again watching it this time now Endal has gone.
Once again deepest sympathy to the whole family.
Looking forward to the film.

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