Snow has fallen

The frozen garden pond in the distance...

Tess after a hunting trip!

 Where once we sat outside the office eating pizza!

Today stepson Cammy should have been sitting his entrance exam. Six months of intense preparation and build up, all for an 11th hour cancellation! So a day of throwing snowballs instead! He thinks it's probably the happiest day of his life.
Two of the Dogs Today team made it through the snow, but I've sent them home again.
The dogs like the snow even if we don't. Tess thought this a perfect day for jumping the fence and going Awol. Here she is after her hunting expedition. She's asleep next to the radiator now, even she thinks its a bit brrrr!
Stay warm, stay safe!


Julia said…
We finally got some snow here in Poole this morning, but not a lot. What fascinates me though is that I thought my Springer, Max, with his big feet, would be great in snow and ice. But he was sliding all over the place. Meanwhile my Staffy, Jez, races around in it, no problem - in fact she can run flat out across the frozen ponds!
Lucy King said…
We have over 14 inches here in Southern Hampshire where I live! No chance of getting to the office despite going to press, in fact the whole office had to be closed yesterday! Oh dear!

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