Something to do on Sunday!

Just received this email and wanted to pass it on....

I write to you in the hope that you can lend some support to our campaign to stop Puppy Farming and the sale of Puppies in UK Pet Shops.  I have witnessed the horrors of this evil trade first hand and have fostered and rehabilitated so many of these poor traumatised dogs myself,  also I help different rescues with dogs with 'behavioural problems' but the worst I've seen have to be these poor broken, terrified girls and boys. 
A few months back we discovered a shop on a garden centre site in Sevenoaks was selling multiple breeds of puppies.   
They say they get their pups from 'licenced' breeders but as we know many Puppy Farms are licenced by local councils.  
I started organising peaceful protests outside this establishment to raise public awareness and educate the public on where they SHOULD be getting their puppies from, I know I don't have to go into any details about that with you.
I have also started an online petition which can be found at

There is another peaceful protest organised for THIS coming Sunday 10th January at 12 noon outside Select Puppies and would appreciate if you could post details,  the more people show their disgust at this trade the more can be done to stop it.  The address is:

Main Road
TN14 6ED
Even if people can only attend for an hour it really does make a difference!  we are telling people to wrap up warm and if possible bring a flask of something hot.  We have banners and educational flyers to hand out to people but it they want to get creative and make their own banner then brilliant!
Thank you so much for listening


Chapstaff said…
Signed the petition, & sent to all email contacts.
Wish I lived near enough to attend the protest.

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