Half the calories!

I thought I'd share what happens when you inadvertently grill a Marks and Spencer ready meal that should be warmed in the oven. This was originally twice the size and the black stuff is where the plastic tray was before it shrank!!

I have to confess that Gordon Ramsey I am not! I can't even warm up convenience food.... oh dear! In my defense the buttons on the oven/grill aren't clear and it's not an appliance I have much to do with!


Chapstaff said…
Hahahaha - I love people who can't cook - it makes me feel soo much better about my own failings.

Can you sew or knit? (I can't do that either)
Anonymous said…
Oh dear - not just a fiasco, a Marks and Spencer fiasco! Reminds me of the time I took an apple pie my mother had made out of the freezer, and popped it into the oven. She forgot to tell me she'd taken it off the plate - took forever to get teh oven clean again.

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