Where do you draw the line? On the dog?

This extraordinary photo was drawn to my attention by the famous Terrierman.

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I think this was taken at Westminster dog show - the American version of Crufts.

Does this not break any rules in American dog shows? In theory, it should be against the rules in the UK, although I did stumble on a website selling doggie cosmetics in the UK with a wide range of colours for covering up unsightly patchy pigment - but that's usually noses rather than eye rims - or at least I thought it was! Maybe the make-up is so convincing everyone is using it!

The rulebook says you're not meant to use any cosmetics on UK dogs and there are sometimes random hair samples taken to check that the dog's natural hair colour has not been enhanced. But to my knowledge no one has ever queried an overly made up nose.

And there have been some very high profile embarrassing fails on the random hair sampling in the Poodle world.

If eyeliner is okay in the US, what about hair extensions or indeed wigs or false legs - and is anyone testing for hair remover in the hairless breeds?  Is that against their rules or indeed our rules? And how would you test for hair remover?

I've seen someone in the UK using hair straighteners at a show - The Guardian by chance photographed it happening at Crufts and included it in their gallery. Against the rules or not? Made me very nervous. I've burnt myself on hair straighteners before, I wouldn't want to put them near a dog.

What's your feeling about dogs - natural or cosmetically enhanced?

What big eyes you've got...
Maybe it's Maybelline?

Because they're worth it, I think someone should put a stop to  this!


Anonymous said…
I think its ridicules and should not happen and should be banned.

The day animals can put make-up on its self is the day it will be ok for animals to wear make-up as it will be the animal’s choice (free will) and we all know that’s never going to happen.

Humans pushing their vanity idea’s onto dogs in my opinion is outrageous.
Life With Dogs said…
It's a slippery slope, no?
Ktbug Ladydid said…
This is absolutely horrible! I get pissed off over the use of hairspray on dogs! This is cruel punishment for a dog, and completely should be banned.
Anonymous said…
is this going to be another basis for your "lets slag off the world of dog shows" article for some national newpaper pre Crufts?? again a no new story you twist to "make up" (no pun intended) to sell again.
In the pink said…
Why oh why does someone always have be defensive!!![anon poster] So what if we've heard about hairspray and eyeliner before? I know someone who had a pink nose TATOOED black. It shouldn't matter how or who publicises these atrocities. The point is IT'S STILL HAPPENING.It is so important to continously highlight things that are wrong and yes, keep them in the spotlight. Why does it seem that some show folk don't get as upset as all the other dog lovers??? Why this need to cover up or defend all the time? Sad.
Anonymous said…
That is what I wonder "in the pink", I just hope it is just a minority of show people doing these sort of things and that the majority are disgusted and try to shame the minority to stop. Or is that just me wishful thinking.

The more I find out about the KC and the show world the more I dislike. It looks like the dogs are really not thought about that it is all to do with money and human vanity.
Anonymous said…
This says as much about not treating a dog as just that, as it does about the show world.
Remember folks this is a US dog show - and bear in mind these are the people who still take part in tail docking and ear clipping!
Pai said…
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Anonymous said…
what daft comments are put on here trying to compare the American showing of dogs to those in the UK and Europe. Yes such thing as can happenin the USA but they rarely happen in show over here as they would be banned..........and yes it does happen so please dont judge the KC here by the standards of others of Beverly and her constant whinging or trying to settle some own personal score as how she had been treat at Clarges Street, she call of all to work together but the day she actually report ALL the good work done by the KC each year........... over even admit one story of the good they do, then yes we have a future but name calling and making amedia name for oneself will not help any dog!
Barrett said…
Hi Beverly,
This is kinda silly...and I don't think that applying powders, sprays etc to a dog can be called cruel....how about cutting its nails and shaving its whiskers off?

And if a straightening iron is too dangerous to use on a dog, then I suppose a hair dryer is too?

Stop harrassing people who participate in a hobby they love. Set your high morals on something worthwhile, like the use of lipgloss on bottlenosed dolphins.
Barrett said…
Id like to point out the following link http://www.dogguide.net/blog/2008/05/no-im-not-kidding-15-photos-of-dogs-with-dye-jobs/

which shows more of these atrocities!


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