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Just had a very interesting chat with one of our readers who is writing her will. She wants to split probably £200k between some really deserving charities and I need a little bit of help on this!
There are three areas she wants to help: Horses, primates and dogs.
I can think of lots of lovely doggie charities, but am struggling with UK-based horse and primate.
Margaret wants smaller charities that can really make a difference to the animals.
If anyone can explain what a donation of several thousand would mean to them please post or email and I will forward so she can investigate! She really wants her money to make a difference to the animals.
Please mark your letters 'Margaret's legacy' and I will pass them on.
She's been reading our new Charity Spotlight section in the magazine, so is already aware of those listed - but if anyone could say something like - with £5,000 I could rehome/save X number of dogs - that's the sort of information that would be helpful to Margaret. It really is such a good idea to write a will so your hard-earned cash can really make the most impact.
(Post anything for Margaret's attention to Margaret's Legacy, Dogs Today, 4 Bonseys Lane, Chobham, Surrey, GU24 8JJ and we will forward - would prefer by post please as Margaret isn't on the Internet.)


Anonymous said…
Good lord - Dogs Today has some incredibly generous, benevolent readers. How lovely to know that you'll be making such an impact on so many animals' lives once you've gone.

Julie said…
This is my favourite! whenever I have something to spare it goes here, they help ALL animals all over the world!

Julie Evans
Julie said…
Here is another worthy cause - Oldies Club they help find homes for old dogs in need

Julie Evans
Julie Hill said…
I know Tamara at the Alternative Sanctuary rescues lots of horses (as well as dogs and any other creatures she hears of in need of help). She would welcome any financial help, and is a small charity that a reasonably modest amount would make a huge difference to.
Anonymous said…
there is a guy in Ireland who specifically rescues and rehabilitates monkeys that have been used in research labs, will try and get more details.
Anonymous said…

These guys are fantastic!

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