Are you on the ball? Help other puppy owners!

Tomorrow is the cut off point for our giving advice to new puppy owners feature. So please hurry up or email me with what you'd like to post!

The two most helpful comments posted in the next 24 hours will win a prize - so thank you PetPlanet!

You'll win a Doggee, no not one with four legs and a waggily tail! This is a clever little device that you can use as a key ring or attach to your dog's collar to hold 20-30 poo bags.

So do have a read and a get posting your best tips please! We'll be editing the section tomorrow afternoon, so you've not got long!

Here are the topics and the links:

Puppy Love 1 - Security and fencing
Puppy Love 2 - Feeding
Puppy Love 3 - Insurance
Puppy Love 4 - Toys and treats
Puppy Love 5 - ID - get me back home
Puppy Love 6 - Training
Puppy Love 7 - Poo and wee and other toilet issues! 

If you struggle to post, and some people do find it a puzzle, then please do email me direct.


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