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On Monday at 3.40am our Chief sub and contributing editor Claire Horton-Bussey gave birth to Alys Elin Efa weighing 8 lbs 14.5 oz. Mother and daughter both doing well and now back home. Here is a newly born Alys with proud big sister Katie.
Everyone at Dogs Today send the family our very best wishes!
Claire was subbing right up to the very very last minute at the weekend and Alys very kindly arrived at exactly the best moment in our monthly schedule - as have all the babies of Dogs Today employees!
And as well as the pitter patter of tiny feet on the team, we also have the pitter patter of tiny paws!
Today we are also joined in the office for the first time by Ferris, our ad sales lady Liz Dixon's new baby GSD puppy probably weighing much the same as a new born baby! Oscar and Tess have had a sniff and a lot of squeaking and the Ian Dunbar house training method seems to be working, no accidents so far and Kong stuffing seems to working and all is peaceful here with all the dogs fast asleep while we work!
Here's a very blurry shot of Ferris ear licking Graham this morning and some less blurry shots of Ferris at home!


Anonymous said…
Wow what an absolutely stunning dog x
PBurns said…
Excellent! Congratulations to Claire and family -- clearly a HEALTHY baby. Post a few pics when you can ;)

Anonymous said…
"clearly a HEALTHY baby." did they have a puppy contract and results of health tests to show that ...or just by looks alone?
Beverley Cuddy said…
Hmm... Anonymous, I might be missing the subtlety of your satire, but Patrick is talking about the new human baby!
PBurns said…
Perhaps Anonymous is only 12 years old and does not know 8 lb 14 oz IS a very good sign of a heathy baby? You see, Anonymous, there are these things called APGAR scores, and they tend to be poor with very low birth-weight children and very high with normal weight children.

Of course the real test of brain damage comes when they grow up and post on a blog or list-serv, isn't it?

And the real test of character is decided when they decide to post anonymously or not.

Not all pass these later tests!


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