Want some free legal advice on a pet-related matter?

Legal TV Show, a Non-Broadcast Pilot

Are you involved in a dog-related dispute? Want some free legal advice? 

Fighting with an ex-partner over custody of your dog? 
Thinking about taking legal action over any pet problem? 
Tiger Aspect are looking for people to take part in a pilot for a new TV show. So while you'll be filmed, it won't be broadcast. At this stage they just want to test the format. So a win-win - you get free advice without telling the whole world about your dispute!

Please call Anna on 0207 529 9557 or Nicci on 0207 544 1649 if you'd be interested in taking part.


Anonymous said…
I NEED HELP!!............. I have a dog that a let a friend borrow while she has ben going through some very tough times. She was very lonely in her apartment all alone and going through some severe financl difficulties with pain and recent surgeries and financially with no money to have tv internet ect. I would calland check up on her to see how she was doing and how my dog was a couple times a week. Well I have ben financial difficulties myself and my cell phone had got shut off for about 3 weeks. During that time she tried to gt in touch with me but could'nt because of my phone dissconnect. I got a rde over to her house from a friend to see my dog and see her as well. It turn out that she was having a hard time taking care of the dog and she went and GAVE IT AWAY!! I WAS FURIOUS as you can imagine. She had the womans phone number and I told her you gave the dog have all the documents receipts to proove it. HOW DO i GET MY LITTLE BABY BACK?? I tried calling the police but they said they ould'nt do ANYTHING cause they said it was'nt a criminal matter and were NO at all. PLEASE help me and tell me what I can do to get my little love back. Thank you.

You can reach me at my cell # at 508-371-8007 or email me at newstaart@hotmail.com

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