Poodles - more dangerous than terrorists?

Unbelievably, the two pet Standard Poodles mentioned in my last post are still being held by the police. It's nearly a month since they were seized and sadly there's been no news on their current health and welfare due to "police staff shortages".

Owner Jill is near despair and on her third lawyer. None seem to have grasped the injustice of two dogs being detained in a very irregular fashion without anything other than purely circumstantial evidence to link them to any 'crime'.

And how exactly do these dogs pose a threat to society? And that's a society that isn't locking up even the most dangerous of human criminals because of overcrowding!

Terrorist suspects have been trusted to walk the streets - but two Poodles in Sussex are much more of a threat to our national security!

The two Poodles escaped from their garden after some naughty cows broke down their garden fence. The fence is now repaired and is standing 7 feet high - with electric fencing facing the cows to stop them repeating the offence (!)

Why can't the dogs now come home? And did the police take the cows in for questioning? Surely if we’ve going to start charging escaped dogs with offences shouldn’t we also start considering rampant cows as criminals? Why haven't they appeared on Crimewatch?

Perhaps the cows have got better lawyers.

The police say the dogs are being held as evidence - just as they would seize a knife or a crow bar.

I have to say you really couldn't make this up! Didn’t someone once hang a monkey as a traitor? I thought we’d moved on a bit – evolved slightly!

Other odd stories across my desk this week, did you know that the 'free' six weeks of pet insurance you get from the Kennel Club no longer pays out for death by illness!

In August of last year apparently there was a change to the small print, but no one seems to have noticed until now. I've heard from the owner of a puppy that died and had their claim refused. Had he known his cover was so flawed he says he'd have gone straight to full paid for pet insurance as the 'free' version left him completely exposed when he needed insurance most. He’s appealing to the ombudsman – but be warned. Apparently the PetPlan free 6 weeks from breeders still covers death by illness.

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It's raining here again. Oscar, my very pale brown Beardie looks like he’s wearing little black wellies.

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Chapstaff said…
I know it's a dreadful tragedy & I hate to think of the sheep suffering as much as anyone, but we're not talking human murderers here - we're talking dogs following their natural instinct which is to hunt to kill, (not all breeds it's true), but it doesn't make them murderers.

If proven guilty I think the owners should face a fine & compensation for the farmer, & a warning to keep the dogs under proper control, even if it means muzzling them in public.

(Man is the only animal that kills premeditatively.)

In the meantime the dogs should be returned to their owners, with instructions to keep under control until there is an outcome.

The same thing as this happened with the amendment to the DDA, rushed through parliament quickly, with Pit Bull types, guilty of being a Pit Bull until proven innocent................. being still found guilty. In some cases Pit Bull X Staffies were kept in custody for years until it came to court.
Let's hope this is sorted out quickly.

I see on your blog that the local paper has printed the story as if the poodles are already tried & found guilty, how disgusting. So "they" have decided they are dealing with a civil case rather than a criminal one. In that case surely the dogs should be returned to the family home, especially as one is in poor health.
Timbellemia said…
I can't believe these poor dogs have still not been allowed to go home and it's disgraceful no update has been given on their health and well being while being held by the police. This is the very least they could do, surely? Staff shortages can't be THAT bad!
And one of these dogs is poorly! Lets have them back home where they belong!
Anonymous said…
that'll be yer Hartlepool monkey-hangers of the Napoleonic War period - animal sentenced to death as a French spy !

I'd say the Sussex police are getting into this territory - quite an unbelievable saga.

Beverley Cuddy said…
Thank you Brian for the reference, I was sure it was you that had told me about the monkey. Was it your dark haired friend (Mark?) that used to go out with the very blond woman you shared a house with that told you that story first?

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