Greyhounds, dark days

I've been putting off starting a new blog, I'd wanted to wait until Freddie found a home, but the avalanche of email about Greyhounds demands their own blog.
For those who aren't up to speed, our latest issue contains an article by vet Emma Milne. She'd just spent eight hours trying to save a little dog that had been disemboweled by two ex-racing Greyhounds while out on a walk. She didn't succeed and the dogs elderly owner was devastated.
I suspect Emma wrote it pretty soon after the obviously distressing incident.
When she filed her copy it was highlighted by our chief sub as being 'likely to generate lots of letters'. But Emma is a feisty vet and she often get a hefty mailbag as she does tend to say what she thinks. No alarms bells went off for me at this point - which I regret. Emma has written for us for several years. The article was sent for illustration and design.
It was an even busier month for me than usual, I had the dreaded Vat to do and a couple of new staff starting so I'll admit my eye was off the ball. I had already planned the edition and commissioned the major features, but I ran out of time and didn't proof read all the regulars this month - leaving it to others. After a few years columnists are given their head to pretty much write what they feel.
One of my staff did say the same thing - that Emma's column would generate lots of letters. But I'm afraid I still didn't get the hairs standing up on the neck feeling of impending doom.
When the first angry email dropped into my in-box I turned to the magazine and I have to say my jaw dropped!
We should have picked the piece up as a knee-jerk reaction to a horrible series of events.
It was like allowing the mother of an abducted child to write an article on paedophiles. Emma was far too close to the story and needed to have had time to cool off - or for us to interject some balance.
I totally can empathise with how that little old lady felt. If any dogs killed my dogs I would be devastated, but the fact that this was such a shocking episode to Emma must mean it is far from commonplace. I sadly can recall plenty of other stories of small dogs being killed by bigger ones - of all breeds and types. It is everyone's responsibility to act responsibly if they have a dog with a heightened chase instinct. In my opinion some of the passion needs to deflected to the owners of these two dogs for allowing this incident to happen in the first place.
I am sorry everyone has been so upset, and I know it isn't good enough to just say sorry. But to our defence we have spent 18 years being incredibly proactive towards Greyhound Welfare, this article is obviously not a reflection of our views. And for many of you who haven't read the magazine and are just making comments on this one feature, please do try to think a little more charitably of us.
Knee-jerk reactions tend to be infectious and I can recognise the outrage and passion in these posts and emails. It is so unthinkable to suggest Greyhound genocide as a reaction to one dog's very sad death. I'm as shocked as you!
We will be printing lots of your letters in next month's edition and we will continue doing all we can for all the dogs as always.

And please, don't forget Freddie.

I'm sorry if I stopped replying to email last night, I was trying to get back to everyone quickly. I've managed to pick up food poisoning from my trip into London yesterday for a meeting. In the dead of night I did wonder briefly whether the chef might have been a disgruntled Greyhound rescue supporter out to get me, but I know from all the lovely people in Greyhound I've met that you're all gentle souls deep down! (I hope!)


Anonymous said…
beverely, we all know you bitterly regret this article but being sorry won't undo the damage this ill-informed self-opinionated woman has caused. Everyone needs to see positive action and printing letters and an apology in next months issue won't be anywhere near enough. This woman needs to resign and the magazine recalled. This is the only way to regain any confidence. Then print the letters together with the fact she will no longer be writing for you and print it all alongside a week in the life of a rescue centre for greyhounds, followed by stories from real people who have re-homed these gentle, affectionate, biddalble creatures.
I feel strongly that you will lose the majority of your readership over this if something very positive is not done quickly.
Unknown said…
Hi Beverley. Thanks for your email this morning and for your balanced article. As you know, I own both a pet greyhound and a racing dog. I would certainly echo your sentiments about this horrible incident being down to the owners not taking responsibility for their hounds.

As greyhound owners and fosterers (we take in retired racers for a while to help them learn good 'house manners' so they can go on to make good pets) and indeed as an industry, we do fight a never-ending battle (especially here in Ireland) with people who do not view greyhounds as pets, but more as 'livestock'.

Greyhounds often get a very rough deal and I'm glad that Dogs Today will continue to give a balanced view of the greyhound as a pet.
Anonymous said…
Yes, your blog comments and apology are appreciated, but you know it isn't enough.
This kind of thing can undo an enormous amount of rescue work and we all know the result of hindering rescue work: dogs that would otherwise be saved this year will suffer a dreadful fate instead.
You need to do something to balance the books here, not just say sorry.
Anonymous said…
Yes, your blog comments and apology are appreciated, but you know it isn't enough.
This kind of thing can undo an enormous amount of rescue work and we all know the result of hindering rescue work: dogs that would otherwise be saved this year will suffer a dreadful fate instead.
You need to do something to balance the books here, not just say sorry.
hoddy1 said…
Beverly, "Sorry" is not going to be enough on this one, you took your eye off things for just a while and look what has happened.
I totally agree that losing a pet for any reason is heartbreaking, and send my sympathies to the people who lost their little dog.
But this could have happened with any breed of dog.
These Greyhounds, are very loving dogs, you can find them in so many households, with cats, small dogs, children even rabbits.
Until last year i had never even thought of owning a Greyhound, now i have 2 of the most wonderful dogs i could ever wish for, they are both ex-racers, they live happily with my Terrier mix Scruffy, my 2 sons of 4, 12 and are great with my grandson 6.
They are lazy, loving, sensative, fun, happy and wonderful.
I have owned many breeds of dog in my life, i just wish i had found the delights of the greyhound sooner.
I know not all greyhounds are wonderful, but so this can be said about any breed.
I think as you have said Miss Milne, was too too close to this particular situation, and should never have been allowed to write this article, im sorry but it does show how non-professional this young lady really is, and should not be allowed to write in future publications, if she is going to be so rash with her comments, as even on her own site she says,
"Lots of people are put off by the size but greyhounds make excellent pets and do not require a great deal of exercise."

Surly vets should be open minded, well balanced people, especially if they intend to publish anything for general release.
And unfortunatly Beverley you are accountable too in such a high postition, should never have taken your eye off the ball that goes out for public release, VAT or no VAT, this is just an excuse im afraid.
I think you owe it to these wonderful dogs to mend the damage you and Miss Milne have done, unfortunatly backtracking on a blog page is not enough.
I know there are many dog breeds out there that are having a rough time, but Greyhounds do go through it more than others, and can not afford for this sort of article to be written and published in a fit of rage and incompetance.
Anonymous said…
I have been amazed that a magazine promoting dogs and their care could allow this article no matter whatelse is going on.

This incident was awful no doubt about it but as per usual in any dog incident it is due to insuffient care being taken by owners.

I have greyhounds and also home greyounds and I know articles such as this will do untold damage for years to come.

Never is it mentioned how often greyhounds are attacked by other breeds usually when they are on the lead and muzzled so unable to defend themselves.

No breed is prefect, there are rogue dogs in every breed but to slam a whole breed on this incident is totally uncalled for.
Anonymous said…
To the Editor, Dogs Today Magazine April 2008

Ref Ms. Milne’s tirade against greyhounds in Dogs Today May 2008 edition. This ill-written article suggests as factual things which are not facts. There is scarcely, to my reading, one well founded statement in the article, and Ms. Milne draws sweeping and untrue conclusions from a couple of incidents she knows of. It is frankly preposterous for her to suggest that “greyhounds kill many more animals than most dogs”; anecdotally this is untrue, and statistically it is so unlikely as to be improbable; more likely that Ms. Milne will be practising on the moon ere long. (And I think specifically of an acquaintance’s two terriers that despatched over 30 rats between them on one morning alone.)

Ms. Milne’s article will no doubt have done much damage to greyhound welfare and re-homing projects in the UK. It is surprising that those who read it before printing should not have specifically informed the Editor as to its content, surely heads must roll and staff should be accountable. To redress the situation, an article of similar length refuting Ms. Milne’s misconceptions and careless untruths point by point, in the next publication, may be seen by many as the only redemption for the magazine and its Editor; together with insistence that any future submissions from this author be placed before the Editor for vetting.

Yours faithfully,

C. Thorpe

cc Dogs Today Editor's Blog
Anonymous said…
The problem lies squarely with you as the Editor I'm afraid. You were apparently told on 2 occasions that this article might raise some mail.

You failed to take notice of the warnings.

But we have not yet addressed the real issue; untold damage has been caused. All those people who spend their time voluntarily helping this wonderful breed, have been kicked in the teeth and will find it harder to carry out the work of rehoming these gentle giants.

Whilst the incident is deplorable, we do not know the full story and to condemn a breed entirely is an an of pure stupidity.

My greyhound is the most gentle dog I have ever known and is loved by all who know her. Children pet her, strangers stroke her and she is fine with other dogs - I think that is the norm for the breed.

When she was recently attacked by a Collie she did not fight back but removed herself from the situation. Would I suggest that we cull Collies and ban sheep farming? Of course not.

I feel the least that can be done is to write an informed article about the re-homing of these dogs, and what excellent pets they make.

I so love the nature of the Greyhound and it's apparent ability to shrug off (and not bear any grudge) any bad treatment they may have had in the past. I would never really consider any other breed again.
hoddy1 said…
Sorry but Miss Milne, obiously a highly emotive and somtimes irraitional person, should never be allowed to puiblish anything for the public to read ever again, if this is the sort of damage can be done by such a person.
And head should roll, anyone reading this from vice editor to copy should have picked up on this before publication, especially since it was flagged, the job of editor is to be balanced, but Beverly you mucked up on this one big time.
The only time i will buy this publication again, is if the whole publication or the majority of it is pro-greyhound.
Anonymous said…
I think most people have covered my feelings already in their comments so I can only echo my dismay at this article.

Interestingly you are appealing for a home for Freddie on your blog who is described as follows
'He gets on fine with other dogs - but best if they're not too small and cat like!'

Perhaps you better check with Ms Milne whether she would like Freddie PTS instead of being homed?
Anonymous said…
I have to echo the sentiments of others, I appreciate that you are sorry, but saying so here is not enough.
What Emma Milne said is condemning a whole breed or type of dog, much as we are currently seeing with "pit bull type" dogs. There are individual dogs in every breed that cause injury (or death), this is not restricted to greyhounds or staffies or any single breed or type of dog. I will no longer be buying your magazine and I'm sure that many people I know that are members of dog related forums feel the same. Emma Milne should NOT be allowed to write for you. I understand that she had been involved in trying to save a poor little dog that had been attacked and I truly feel for the owner of that dog. But surely this would have been the perfect chance to highlight how OWNERS must take control of their dogs and accept responsibility for their behaviour. This was not an opportunity to sweepingly generalise about a breed and suggest they should all be put to sleep once they have outlived their usefullness!! We own 2 retired racers and they are the sweetest, most loving dogs we have ever owned. Greyhounds deserve a chance in life, just as any dog does and I hope both you and Ms Milne realise how much of an effect her article could have on the world of greyhound rescue.
Anonymous said…
As founder of a Greyhound and Lurcher Rescue Charity commited to the welfare of these beautiful hounds I have to say that this article caused my blood to run cold, im not sure anything has ever left me so saddened.
We all know the heartache felt when a dogs life is lost to others of its own kind but it happens with all breeds of dogs not just hounds and is always due to human error not that of the dog.
I am one of those people who cries daily for the loss of the life of these beautiful creatures, to many bred, to many die. I feel sad when I nurse a sick or seriously neglected dog but I dust myself down and remember they are the lucky ones that have found safety and facing a new life, even if they dont pull through in our care they have known love and kindness.
From the back of this article how many more now will not get that chance? Organisations have campaigned for years to have Greyhounds recognised as a wonderful family pet, to stop the thinking that maybe they should be considered in the same way that livestock are.
Greyhound Gap strives to not only rescue and rehome BUT to rehabilitate these dogs. We take them into our homes and teach them how to interact with other dogs, test their suitability to live with cats, children and other small animals and give them 100 per cent. We then look for new homes for them that will continue their journey, we advise about muzzling, socialisation classes and make ourselves available 24/7 for any questions or concerns.
I had to go away and think before I posted to this blog but what continues to swim through my head after such a long hard fought battle over years is " why do we and why did we bother? " A sentiment I should imagine that went through the minds of copious rescuers and owners of these dogs the length and bredth of the UK. I find it soul destroying that one ill thought out, biased article that was allowed to go to press due to lack of editorial oversight should make so many wonderful people feel this way. The fallout for the dogs could and probably will be immense.

I was prepared to give the writer benefit of the doubt and held back judgement until such a time as I had read the article myself. Having read it it was much worse than I could have imagined.

I dont feel anger only disappointment and a deep flowing sadness.

Lisa Cartwright
Greyhound Gap
Anonymous said…
I, like many am appalled that Ms Milne, being a vet could even comprehend putting a healthy greyhound to sleep.

My greyhound on lead was over the park when a labrador ran up to her and mounted her - what did my dog do, did she retaliate and bite the dog - NO. The greyhound is the dog that gets a bad reputation. I would never own any other breed of dog now.

I think a simple sorry is not enough - the whole magazine next month should be dedicated to Greyhounds, rehoming centres and greyhounds living in a home - may be that might go a little way to mending bridges.
Anonymous said…
Beverley, to say you didn't read the article before going to press because you had to do the VAT is a cop out. If you are distracted so much by a simple form then perhaps you should not publish your magazine every 3rd month. As for Emma, she should be made to write a column (hopefully her last ever) dedicated to the pros of adopting greyhounds and what wonderful pets they make. Her pathetic attempt to set the record straight on her website ( only goes to show the arrogance of the woman. As an owner of three retired greyhounds I am very away of their capabilities, I also know from experience how little dogs are left to run off lead around their legs and jump up at their faces. We don't know the full facts of this attack as Emma neglected to write the full story but pound to a penny it wasn't all the greyhounds fault.
Your publication is a farce and has probably condemned a lot of healthy, loving greyhounds to an early death by your lack of professionalism and inefficiancy, you should all be ashamed of yourselves.
Anonymous said…
But surely a magazine editor SHOULD read everything before it is published in their magazine? That is your job!!
Anonymous said…
I totally agree with all the points made so far but I feel that if you do truly regret the article then you could stop the publication going on public sale tomorrow. By not doing so you are allowing Ms Milne to potentially give the death sentence to other greyhounds, and seriously damage the work done by fantastic sighthounds rescues all over the UK.

A few letters of apology next month will not undo all the damage caused by this article and for this you should be truly ashamed.

Ms Milne is obviously standing by the article and shows no signs of any remorse for the damage she has caused. Her final comments on her own blog, merely show what an arrogant and unprofessional person she really is.

However, responsibility for the article being published and the lack of attempt to put things right, has to lie with you.
Anonymous said…
I volenteer for a greyhound and lurcher rescue that as many dog rescues across the country is stretch to breaking point before Miss Milnes artical appered in your magazine, what are you and Miss Milne going to do to help us cope with the inevitable fall out?
I fundraise and foster for our rescue as i know there is no way on earth I could man the phone lines and take the calls that mean life or death for so may dogs, to have to say sorry there's no room at the inn. No amount of retractions or apoliges will stop these calls coming!!
It's a sad sorry day when dogs of any breed are labeled through careless ownership resulting in the sad loss of a much loved compaion and you have fanned the flames by failing to do the job you are paid for.
N Taylor
Anonymous said…
Miss Milne should be struck off as a vet for her apalling comments about putting healthy dogs down. Is my understanding of a vets job wrong as i thought it was to save lives and stop suffering not have a mass cull of a breed. I have written a letter of complaint to the Royal Veterinary college about this disgusting lack of professionalism and believe she should no longer write for yours or any other publication, i also urge anyone who uses her practice to go elsewhere, maybe that will take the arrogant woman down a peg or two
Anonymous said…
Yet again it is the bad-press of greyhound ownership which is being brought to the attention of the general public. I take my hat off to all those working in adoption and rehoming centres and from an article like this are fighting what looks to be a loosing battle. As an owner of 2 retired couch potatoes, I can't emphasise enough the positives of Greyhound ownership!
Anonymous said…
I don't just have 1 greyhound that would quite kill a small dog, cat, chicken,sheep or anything else small and furry. I have 2 that would kill any of the above - if presented with the opportunity!

And that is at the heart of the matter. Responsible owners DO NOT allow their dogs (greyhound or any other breed) the opportunity to kill anything.

This should have been the basis of the article - how irresponsible dog ownership can result in horrific tragedies. I'm sure that if it was anyone reading it would have welcomed it as a reminder to anyone who thinks that it worth taking such risks with your own or someone elses beloved pets.

As editor you personally have let your magazine down - you failed in your first responsibility, to ensure that everything that you sent to print is appropriate.

You have allowed a deeply upsetting, factually inaccurate, badly written piece of journalism to enter the public domain.

Do not now fail your second responsibility - to do everything in your power to undo the damage that it has undoubtably been done.

From reading Ms Milne's attempts to explain herself on her web site it is clear that she is not going to apologise. It is therefore your responsibility to ensure that the magazine apologises on her behalf and does everything it can to rectify the situation.

I also strongly believe that Ms Milne should seriously reconsider her future in journalism, and as her employer this is also a question that you should be asking yourself.
Anonymous said…
I fully agree with the previously made comments in support of Greyhounds.

It is totally unacceptable for a vet to condemn Greyhounds in such a violent and totally inaccurate fashion, as done by Ms Milne.

It is equally totally unprofessional for any vet to condemn any specific breed in such a fashion at all, after having "a bad day at the office" as mnetioned on Ms. Milne's website?

In my view, the only way Dogs Today can to any extend recover their standing within the dog community is to ensure that Ms Milne never publishes an article for Dogs Today ever again.

Perhaps as a small restitution, Dogs Today could dedicate an issue to the reality of what it means to be a Greyhound both here in the UK and in Europe.
Anonymous said…
I fully agree with the previously made comments in support of Greyhounds.

It is totally unacceptable for a vet to condemn Greyhounds in such a violent and totally inaccurate fashion, as done by Ms Milne.

It is equally totally unprofessional for any vet to condemn any specific breed in such a fashion at all, after having "a bad day at the office" as mnetioned on Ms. Milne's website?

In my view, the only way Dogs Today can to any extend recover their standing within the dog community is to ensure that Ms Milne never publishes an article for Dogs Today ever again.

Perhaps as a small restitution, Dogs Today could dedicate an issue to the reality of what it means to be a Greyhound both here in the UK and in Europe.
alfmcmalf said…
Please lets all try and contribute to a positive way forward after this matter. I wouldn't want Emma to resign - her overall contribution is too valuable for that. Likewise I don't want all greyhounds to be condemned. Those that need to apologise should do so and those that need to accept apologies should also do so.

My gundogs are capable of killing small animals including cats and little dogs so the emphasis must be on owners behaviours and attitudes. Please can we concentrate on that.
alfmcmalf said…

Beverley I can do VAT. Please let me volunteer to do that for you next time leaving you to do what we need you to do - editing your very worthwhile mag.

Unfortunately, apologies, and accepteance thereof, may not be enough to undo the potential damage done to the greyhound as a breed by this article.

The long-term effects are, as yet, unkown but judging by previous similar situations, the effect is likely to be devastating for some time to come. No apology is going to stop that.
Anonymous said…
I've just noticed from her web site that Miss Milne has just published her "long awaited book". The title of this riveting read??


I haven't found anything to laugh at about this whole sorry saga - until now!
Linda Ward said…
I have been very shocked at this blog, and at the responses the article has generated.

I have not read it yet as it's not yet in the shops, so perhaps I shouldn't be allowed to comment. But reading these comments I feel increasingly desparate that this is something no-one should have to read. If it really is as bad as it sounds, then please, please consider removing this issue from sale. Much as I hate to miss an issue, I and I am sure many others would prefer to miss out than have something that seems to be so bad go ahead.

If it's too late for public sale to be stopped, then you need to seriously reconsider your editorial guidelines and the way contributors are made aware of them and ensure that your subs are given more time if they raise a potential problem.
Anonymous said…
Appaling article doing a great deal of damage to a lovely breed, I hope that all sighthound owners stop buying a magazine that prints openly about the euthanasia of healthy dogs, and has such knee jerk articles that get through the editing process.
Anonymous said…

If you visit the above link you can look at the full awful article.

Am still in shock from this article and think Emma Milne is totally out of order and should be sacked. And more needs to be done to rectify this.
Anonymous said…
Beverly, I'm still reeling at the fact that Emma Milne's article was published in the first place. I also find it hard to accept that despite the fallout from the article she still thinks there shouldn't be a problem in it being published and certainly still doesn't seem to have understood what dire consquences her written word could have on greyhounds and those who spend so much time, effort and love rehabilitating and rehoming these glorious hounds.

I expect that there will never be a day when a Dogs Today issue will ever be published again without you reading it cover to cover!

With people like Emma Milne damaging the cause for greyhounds, they need us, all the more, to stand up for them, they haven't got their own voice.

What I'd really like to hear now is how DT intends to try and limit the incredible damage that has been caused to greyhounds by the article and careless publishing.

It really is a very sad day indeed.

hoddy1 said…
alfmcmalf said...

Please lets all try and contribute to a positive way forward after this matter.

(What after the positvie way Ms. Milne has reported what she has said about the greyhound breed)

alfmcmalf said...
I wouldn't want Emma to resign - her overall contribution is too valuable for that.

(Sorry but with an attitude like that and her obvious inability to handle herself in a rational and unemovtive way, she should not be allowed to publish anything anywhere every again.)

alfmcmalf said...
Likewise I don't want all greyhounds to be condemned.

(No no-one does, but that is what is going to happen to possibly 1,000's of Greyhounds, thanks to Ms. Milns contribution in this magazine.)

alfmcmalf said...
Those that need to apologise should do so,

(Unfortunatly this is going to take alot more than an apology to even start to repair the damage done by this article carried in this magazine)

alfmcmalf said...
and those that need to accept apologies should also do so.

(Oh believe me we do, but what about all those potential owners that are now thinking " i wont touch a Greyhound with a barge pole" and because of this all those Greyhounds that are going to end up god knows where with a bullet in the brain, or ears cut off and beleive me there is worse done to these poor dogs.)

alfmcmalf said..
My gundogs are capable of killing small animals including cats and little dogs.

(Exactly, but she didnt mention a Gundog did she, so your ok jack.)

alfmcmalf said...
so the emphasis must be on owners behaviours and attitudes. Please can we concentrate on that.

(Totally agree on this, it is down to the owner to control their dogs whatever breed it happens to be, so why comdemn just one breed.)
hoddy1 said…
P.S. surley if there is a chance to stop this publication hitting the shelves tomorrow then it should be done.
If not this article is going to condemn a lot of Greyhounds to a death sentence.
Come on DT pull somthing good out of the FIRE
alfmcmalf said…

I feel very strongly that the article is more measured than the responses by many here give it credit for. And its degree of measure is most probably the reason why the hairs on your neck did not stand up. It does raise many important issues regarding greyhound racing and issues around the strength of hunting instinct that is inbred in so many breeds (my own hprs included). Those of us that love and cherish breeds that are bred for killing should have the guts to discuss these matters without hysteria and without attacking the person who was courageous enough to speak out.

We need to focus on the issues raised - they are extremely important - not the raiser of the issues.
Anonymous said…



If Emma Milne can substantiate the fact she is spouting, maybe you'd have a point. Her article, by Beverley's own admission, was a knee-jerk reaction to one incident. ONE incident.

No-one is being hysterical. People commenting here are, in the main, those that know this breed inside out and know that Ms Milne is making a very large mountain out of a very small molehill (and that takes absolutely nothing away from the grief of the unfortunate dog's owners). Human error is to blame for that incident, and a whole breed must not be condemned because of human error.

If you can contemplate the euthansia of a healthy four year old greyhound whose only crime is to have finished his racing career, then you cannot possibly call yourself a dog-lover.
Anonymous said…
I think that for alfmcalf to say that Emma Milne was "courageous enough to speak out" is very misguided. The article does not read to me like a piece of work that is based on well researched fact and written after careful consideration. On her own admission the article was written the very evening of her worst ever day at work - if this is not knee jerk then I dont know what is.

I have read the article and it does indeed state that not all greys are killers - but it also uses highly emotive language such as the phrases ' murderous instincts' and 'kills animals on a regular basis'. The inclusion of such terms does, I believe leave alfmcalf's argument that the article is 'measured' as questionable as Miss Milne's journalistic future.

On other small point - racing greyhounds are trained to chase. From the research that I have done they are not, as a matter of course trained to kill.
Anonymous said…

Sadly I totally disagree it is not the dogs prey drive or genetic make up that needs taking to task or outing its once again down to irresponsible ownership.
The dogs are NEVER to blame in a scenario like this but the owners who allowed the tragic event to take place. Sadly the recompense is always that of the dogs.
Indeed Miss Milne even showed sympathy with the greyhounds owner saying the poor woman was injured during the attack, once again making it clear she lays the blame souly on the shoulders of the dogs.

There is also which I find concerning no mention of the outcome for the two greyhounds involved. Were they euthanised as Miss Milne so openly advocates? Had the dogs been brought to her practice perfectly healthy and due to lack of owner control allowed to end another animals life would she herself have been willing to *do the deed* agreeing that the ultimate price to be faced was the result of three dogs dead? Is that a suitable positive outcome? Non of the dogs were to blame in this case scenario.
I also find it disturbing that Miss Milne insinuates that greyhounds are possibly the biggest killer and worrier of livestock, we know that not to be true and the chances are that if facts and figures were presented it may be a breed fingered a little closer to home. Again instinct, again if it occurs lack of owner control again should we insist on mass genecide of other breeds until we have no breeds left? Where does this all start and where does it all end?

The article was written by someone who was shooting from the hip, she has shown her lack of journalism skills and her inablility to write a balanced factual piece. It is littered with biased views and the fact she does attempt to present her views as factual again I find all the more disturbing and detremental.

The UK seems to be moving towards a more anti dog mentality by the day. The deepest sadness inflicted to myself through this article is not only for the greyhounds BUT for the majority of pet dogs in this country. If one of the UK's leading magazine for dog lovers can print such an anti dog article then where exactly does that leave us on a whole?

Lisa Cartwright
Greyhound Gap
Beverley Cuddy said…
Sorry, I've missed loads of comments. Still not 100%.

Some assorted answers:

Vat does indeed result in one form, but you have to do three month's of fully reconciled accounts to get there! That's the bit that takes the time! The offer of Vat help brought a tear to my eye! What a kind offer.

The magazine is printed and distributed, it's too late now and there are 128 other pages that have some very significant articles on them that deserve airing. The Staffie crisis for example, when is a rescue a shop? Should early spay become the norm etc etc.

Magazines and newspapers often have columnists that people don't agree with, that don't reflect the paper's philosophy. That's why no one here jumped up and shouted when this article came in - columnists are meant to be opinionated. I'm upset I missed it - as this was a step too far in my opinion, although no one can deny that Emma does make some thought provoking points and there's been hours of debate caused by what she's written - can't say it's changed anyone's mind, but it's moved people in other ways. People aren't stupid, no one will base their opinions on just one person's article.

Yes I made an error, I am human. I've been doing this job for 18 years, I'd have had to be a machine not to cock something up along the way!

People have been calling for balance, I wonder how many of them read Dogs Today? Just the issue before we had several pages on Greyhounds looking for a home. We've had ground-breaking features and illustrations that have become used as fund-raising Christmas cards for Greyhound rescue, and the amazingly emotive illostration of a Greyhound running from the racetrack into a grave has been used extensively in campaign literature.

You don't need to put an arm up my back to get me to do stuff for Greyhounds! We already had another major feature planned in way before this all kicked off.

Please, I've said I'm sorry. I've admitted a mistake - it won't happen again - well it might, I am not a machine!

Anyone want to do something really positive? Start nominating key people in Greyhounds for the Cold Wet Nose awards. Tell me of people going to extraordinary lengths. Find me stories of Greyhounds changing people's lives. Cold Wet Nose Show has now been given the backing of the Daily Mail - let's try to get some positive stories into their pages, too. There's also the calendar competition in this year's mag - let's get a good Greyhound rescue story in there...

Please let's not dwell on the negatives - I'm not Hermione Granger I can't turn back time - but we can pull together to turn a negative into a positive if we channel our energies in the same direction.

I'm sorry, I don't mind how many times I say it - I put my hand up when I get it wrong. I am trying to think of ways to make things better. (If I could stop feeling sick I'd get a lot more done!)
Anonymous said…
Everyone drops a bollock from time to time, or can those hurling crap actually stand up and say they are perfect in every way?

I doubt it.

One thing though.. Emma Milne ought to know better, SHE has dropped you right in it and shes been writing for you long enough to know what is suitable content, and what is not.

There is enough flack being hurled at dog owners from the non-dog owners camp, without 'one of our own' giving them further fuel to their fire.
Beverley Cuddy said…
Hi anonymous

Kind words, but I feel I let Emma down a bit too - by not being the sounding board that told her this was all wrong. That it's the person who let the accident happen that's at fault - not a whole breed!

Emma has done some great things for dogs in the past, I know its a cliche - but she does tons for charity that you won't hear about.

I know everyone is angry, there's nothing I could do to put it entirely right.

Anonymous said…
I'll think of Miss Milne's stupid comments when I take 2 of my greyhounds to donate blood in a few weeks time. They actually help to save lives along with hundreds of other greyhounds because they are such fabulous donors. I doubt she ever thinks of that when giving a transfusion to a sick dog.
Beverley Cuddy said…
Exactly the sort of stories we need - please go to:

and download an entry form.
Anonymous said…
Beverley, thank you for your apology, it takes a big person to stand up and say "I made a mistake". Now, if only Emma could do the same instead of that awful drivel she put on her website I'm sure that it would help to calm peoples frayed tempers. Damage has been done for the chances of countless greyhounds waiting for homes, let's hope your upcoming article will help to make amends.
Beverley Cuddy said…
Another thought, Cold Wet Nose would be a great place to see as many rehomed Greyhounds as possible - why not have a get-together? A ring for people to show off their beloved dogs. Does anyone have a Greyhound agility team? We're looking for breed-specific teams? Anyone do anything unusual - I can't really see them line-dancing - but something that makes people look at them in a new way? Maybe they could compete for a coach potato of the year award to help change people's perceptions of them as needing loads of excerise?
Anonymous said…
Your apology sounds sincere, dont blow it by being over patronising with the 'agility team' 'couch potato' 'transfusion story'. Just accept a blunder has been made.
Anonymous said…
I read the above comments before reading the article and it wasn't how I imagined it to be at all. I didn't think she was saying that all greyhounds should be euthanised - I read it that she came to the conclusion that doing that would be inethical.

She poses the question that perhaps racing greyhounds should be banned. Is that not a good thing? Then there would be no homeless racing rescues and none euthanized. We could still breed them as pets and chasing instincts would gradually be reduced, in a similar way to the gun dogs that make great pets but don't need to pick up a pheasant every time they go out.

What is clear in this article though is that Ms Milne doesn't have the neccessary writing skills to be published in DT. I agree with others - I hope she isn't hired again.

To pick up on some things:

"The fact that we breed greyhounds for the sole purpose of chasing and killing small prey"

Sole purpose? Really?

"There are people who would be very upset to see any breed disappear, but if a dog kills animals on a regular basis"

Regular basis?

"If we accept that animals have no anticipation of death or fear of it..."

Oh God, I think that line annoys me the most. How does she know? A vet who is capable of, and possibly recommends in certains situations, euthansia in her practice, that scares the hell out of me.

"...then humane euthanasia at any age and any state of health can be seen as acceptible."
I was wrong, that line is the most annoying.

The article then goes on to say that it is unacceptible to euthanise an animal to prevent the potential suffering of another animal. Can the woman make up her mind? - bad writing.

My heart goes out to those offended by this article, especially those involved with rescue. Many of us are passionate about our own breed rescue but greyhound rescuers work and campaign tirelessly. I'm not surprised they are in uproar.

I am surprised that DT staff didn't pick up on the outpouring of horror this article was going to cause, and also Ms Milne's bad writing skills! However, I do still think DT has done a lot of wonderful work for dog welfare and rescue and this won't be pushed aside by this article.

I do agree with the others in that a substantial part of the next available issue should be given over to promoting greyhound rescue, but not the whole issue as some non-greyhound people might not buy it and then how would they be converted? Certainly give the cover to a rehomed greyhound. Never under estimate the power of a good photo - a Beardie picture published years ago in DT led me to my first Beardie - something I will be eternally grateful for. And please don't recall the magazine until I've bought the issue. I think it's the most beautiful cover ever!

I've just read some of your added comments and I'm afraid I don't agree that a tabloid having an outspoken columnist is what happened here. Ms Milne has gone against everything DT and your readers believe in. That would have been like me writing about breeding rabbits to be used for hunting in my pet rabbit magazine! Anyway, it's great that you have managed to use this blog to get an apology out quickly.

ps - You've taken on TWO staff? I knew about one but no the other! Bugger.

pps - Please can I write a regular rescue column to replace Ms Milne's? (smile)

Vicky -
Anonymous said…
Oh dear.
Here is my story - perhaps you would publish some like this to balance up the argument.
When I homed my greyhound I muzzled him for a couple of months till he got used to things, and I got used to him. He has lived with our large rabbit for a good few years now, and plays off the lead quite happily. I still muzzle him off the lead, but he has never ever shown any agression - it is for my piece of mind. People cross the road to avoid us when we walk (even though I have a baby and 6 year old with me) as the press these dogs get is so bad - things like this article do not help.
My dog has been attacked by terriers on several occasions, and each time the owners who personified them did not seem bothered my dog was injured as he is big and seen as agressive. In actual fact each time he squealed, and did not retaliate at all.
Well done for taking it on the chin though and apologising.
Anonymous said…
Beverely, you may be apologising but you are still standing by Ms Milne as though she has done no wrong. Surely she has to be accountable for the rubbish she has written.
Anonymous said…

I am sure that we are accepting your apology and although your are the Editor of DT, you have not written the article.

What I am waiting for from DT, is that Ms. Milne will NOT be writing for DT ever again and that DT will have nothing to do with Ms. Milne again and not any publicity for her book either.

That, IMHO would show that you really mean what you say.

Thank you
Anonymous said…
Last night I looked on Emma's website to see what apology she had posted to the greyhound world. Sadly none was there. However, somebody who adopted a beautiful white and brindle greyhound boy from me had contacted Emma with photos of Frankie curled up with "his" cats. I am pleased to say that the photo at the top of the complete drivel she has posted, is of Frankie - a Greyhounds 4 U adopted hound. See - cat and small animal friendly greyhounds DO exist regardless of what Emma may say.

Debbie Buxcey
Greyhounds 4 U Founder
Anonymous said…
I own a "1%er". By this I mean my greyhound possibly falls into that tiny percentage of greyhounds that have a pronouned chase instinct. He also has no recall, despite much training to develop something approaching a response. Therefore, as a RESPONSIBLE owner, he is always muzzled when walked, and always walked on a lead. With just these two simple safeguards, he is able to be walked in any given situation, without risk to other, smaller animals. It must be said that he is the EXCEPTION - NOT the RULE. Even with this slight blemish on his character, he is still a superb companion and a wonderful pet, and I would not change him for the world. He simply needs an owner who understands him. Greyhounds need protection not persecution, and I am afraid that Emma's article is so full of inaccurate, sweeping statements as to be highly damaging to the reputation of a breed that truly does not deserve it. I wonder how many greyhound lives it will equate to?
Anonymous said…
I would suggest, if Beverley and Emma Milne are truly sorry about this appalling situation (and if it is too late to withdraw all copies from the shops), that Dogs Today donate any profits (or a nice lump sum of say £10k) from this months issue, to greyhound rescue. Then perhaps the greyhound charities might be able to begin mopping up the mess which will undoubtedly follow this unbelievably short sighted "article".
EM should stick to being a vet, journalism really isn't her thing.
And perhaps Beverley, you should reconsider your position as editor AND publisher of Dogs Today - if any other editor made such a huge error like this, they'd be fired.
Beverley Cuddy said…
I am one of the co-organisers of the Cold Wet Nose Show, if you go to the website you'll see a 'apply here for funding'.

If you imagine that we've got a spare £10k lying about why do you think I'm doing my own accounts! Would love several more members of staff so I don't have to work so hard, but we're living in the real world!
Anonymous said…
Lets look on the bright side, at least this article only appeared in a magazine that is read by dog lovers, if it had been in a national newspaper the damage would have been MUCH worse.

Lets not forget that this magazine has been dedicated to the welfare of dogs for a long time, and I think a lot of dogs would be worse off without it.

The article was a mistake, I'm sure all involved will admit that! But it's done now and we know that no offence was intended.

Why not offer constructive and realistic suggestions to help undo the damage?

I think Dogs Today could do a series of articles (to catch people who read the magazine infrequently and might've picked up on this one) and perhaps run a few pages of greyhounds needing homes, or offer free advertising to greyhound charities?

I also think it's important to point out that in this same issue, there were pages dedicated to the current staffie crisis.

This certainly wont put me off buying Dogs Today magazine, although I'll admit it has clouded my judgement of Emma Milne!
Anonymous said…
Christ, for a docile, peace-loving breed, you greyhound lot are really out for blood, aren't you!

Surely we live in a world of the free press. Do you think people shouldn't publish anything they disagree with? What a sorry world that would be - absolutely no room for any democratic process or exchange and debate.

Emma Milne is entitled to her opinion. Dogs Today is entitled to publish it. End of! Do you read the magazine? It is full, every month, of positive greyhound coverage and has been for years. Bullying the editor and asking for people's resignations and £10,000 is an outrage!

Beverley has apologised, but I don't think she should have! She has printed views of a well known animal figure. The column is shocking but it's Emma's opinion. Editors can't tell their columnists what to think; they are there to provoke a reaction and discussion - which this column has done.

The editor has afforded all her critics the same courtesy she gave to Emma: freedom of speech. You've all had your say - unedited!

You’ve hunted, chased and hounded - enough already! Or will YOU only stop at the kill?
hoddy1 said…
Anonymous said...
Christ,for a docile, peace-loving breed, you greyhound lot are really out for blood, aren't you!

No love thats the dogs that are docile the owners have to stand up for them to fight their corner, when people like this do and say stupid things like this.

talking of which

Anonymous said...
You’ve hunted, chased and hounded - enough already! Or will YOU only stop at the kill?

A bit melodramatic dont you think, and again obviously said while not thinking straight and rationally, which i think is one of the issues here!!

I do agree tho about the £10k, this is a bit OTT, but i think the magazine does owe the Greyhound a bit more than an apology or retraction, and as for Ms Milne, she being a vet and in the public eye should know that alot of people will be swayed by what she has said, this she knows, and should have realised that things said too quickly without thinking rationally, will get this sort of reaction, im sure if it had been about the breed of dog any of you out there own the reaction would have been the same!!
Ari_1965 said…
I've read your anti-greyhound article here in the U.S. I can't see how you can claim in your blog to be an advocate for greyhound rescue when your magazine has just advocated eliminating the breed altogether.

This article will be quoted for decades by proponents of breed-specific legislature. The fact that it was written by a veterinarian makes it all the more usable.

Your magazine has done irreperable harm to greyhounds and lurchers and to the people who work so hard to rescue them.
Anonymous said…
My anger has now turned to sadness at the damage this ill-informed, badly written diatribe has caused.

I founded Coventry Greyhound Group three years ago, in part to try and counteract the prejudice one finds against greyhounds and the misconceptions of their suitability as pets. The members of Coventry Greyhound Group have spent their time, energy and money trying to educate the public and to promote greyhounds as the gentle, affectionate creatures they are. Emma's tirade is so contrary and damaging to the work we and countless others across the UK and the world have been undertaking.

What makes me even sadder is that Emma, on her website, has refused to apologise and has taken a very high-handed and arrogant response to criticisms and complaints.

I'm very glad she isn't my vet.

Please don't let her write for your magazine again. I certainly won't be reading it again if she does.
Unknown said…
I am all in favour of expression of opinion, but having read this article carefully I would say that if greyhounds could sue for defamation, they would have a strong case for substantial damages. Emma Milne states on her site that she feels she has been totally misunderstood,in other words we the readers have got it wrong. I don't think so, her meaning is clear to me.
My reading of the article is that one should consider whether euthansia of healthy greyhounds at the end of their racing life is ethical. If it cannot be accepted that that is ethical, then she suggests that the logical conclusion is that greyhound should not be bred or raced at all. Two choices - don't breed them, or if you do, euthanise.

I think Ms Milne is perfectly clear on that and if I have it wrong and she has been misunderstood, then she needs to take the time to explain what she was trying to say, because it seems crystal clear to me what she is saying.
Anonymous said…
I own cats and ex racing greyhounds and yes they all live together in the house. We are one big happy family.

I am extremely saddened that due to an incident involving greyhounds a small dog lost it's life. Whatever the breed of dog the owner/s are without doubt ultimately responsible for the behaviour of their dog.

You and Emma Milne however are totally responsible for the terrible damage this article will inflict on an already massively persecuted breed.

You will not pay the 'ultimate' price for allowing this appalling article to be published, tragically many beautiful,gentle and loving greyhounds will.

I will not be buying your magazine again.
Jeanne Beret said…
Thankyou, Beverley, for accepting that you made a mistake in publishing Emma Milne's simplistic and ill-informed knee-jerk reaction to what everyone agrees is a shocking, tragic but far from commonplace occurrence. Sadly, Ms. Milne seems unable to follow your lead in making an apology. I note that in her own blog in response to the criticism, she continues to defend the indefensible and perpetrate the myths about greyhounds - in criticising the racing industry she claims that greyhounds are "a breed that is designed to chase and kill". Chase, yes, but I would argue that they'd have a hard time trying to kill a motorised hare! (Whilst I oppose the industry on the whole, even I can't level a charge at them of breeding to kill). Ms. Milne really ought to be grown up enough to accept she is at fault. She admits to writing the article following "arguably the worst and most distressing day of my career” and this simply makes for poor and prejudicial journalism. I really feel that you both should be considering her position with Dogs Today in the light of not only her article, but her failing to accept responsibility and make a full apology. Can I ask whether, in addition to printing readers' letters in regard to this, will you also be printing your apology?
I would also like to add that I condemn the sending of hate mail and similarly aggressive responses, and that as the owners of two rescued greys, we are mostly just saddened by the lack of judgement, common sense and knowledge shown by someone practicing veterinary medicine.
Please continue in your work and pro-active stance towards greyhound welfare, it is greatly appreciated.
Anonymous said…
What's happened has happened (and well done for your blog apology as soon as you realised what had been published.)

Jo Corney said in an earlier comment 'Lets look on the bright side, at least this article only appeared in a magazine that is read by dog lovers, if it had been in a national newspaper the damage would have been MUCH worse.'

I agree completely - but what might happen is that a national newspaper does get hold of this; especially with Emma being a 'celebrity', her site may well be read from time to time by those who write for daily newspapers.

If this does go into daily national papers (and even worse, ono TV news,) do you/can you have a plan in place to cope with that immediately, to minimise and hopefully negate any possible backlash against greyhounds?

I'm really sorry you're not feeling 100%; hope you feel completely well very soon.
Anonymous said…
As an owner of rescued greyhounds and lurchers, and a regular volunteer at street collections for greyhound rescue, I like others, was angered, dismayed and saddened to read the article by Emma Milne.

I appreciate that you, Beverley, have apologised for your involvement, but I agree with those angry that Ms Milne has not seen fit to apologise. She seems to think that blaming the readership for 'misunderstanding' her is sufficient. I too feel that her position as columnist should be reconsidered.

Quote (from article):

'If racing Greyhounds are bred solely for racing, then would it be more sensible to regard them as we would a beef cow or a sheep? We (the omnivorous of the population) accept that, at the end of their 'working' life, such animals are humanely destroyed.'

Something which occurred to me was "Oh how all the greyhound owners and trainers will love this comment". I can just see them using the fact that a high profile veterinary 'professional' has made this suggestion in a high profile publication, to justify and continue their despicable attitude to the 'waste products' of the racing industry.

Congratulations, Ms Milne - you must have set the greyhound rehoming effort back what, ten, fifteen, twenty years in one fell swoop! I so hope you're proud of yourself......

Clare Moorcroft
Unknown said…
Beverely thank you for posting an apology and stating that you and your magazine do not advocate the destruction of healthy young greyhounds when they finish racing, just because a few MAY kill small dogs. I'm sure there are countless other cases of small dogs being killed by many other larger breeds of dog to and for Emma to go on a rant about Greyhounds in particular in such an emotive fashion was a step too far.

I must admit that I have not read your publication before or heard of it up until now. I only became aware of it when the dreadful article was posted on one of the greyhound forums I am a member of. I am glad to hear that you have run some good press on Greyhounds in the past and support the charities that work tirelessly to rehome these wonderful gentle dogs.

I'm still very upset the article was allowed to be published in the first place, and even more upset by Emma's lack of accountability for what she has said and the drivel she has posted on her own website which is supposed to be an 'apology'.

You ask about a gathering or group of Greyhounds that you could photograph and feature in your magazine in the future, well I know just the thing. I help to organise events that go by the name of 'Greyhound Walks'. We are based in Essex & Suffolk mainly, but do branch out and do walks in the surrounding counties too. We have a website it is Please visit it and see what we are all about. We have lots of walks planned for this year. Originally set up by Janet Peacock 3 years ago as a socialising event for greyhound owners, it's grown into an opportunity to also promote greyhounds to the public as wonderful pets and raise money for the greyhound rehoming charities. We now average about 60 hounds per walk, it's an amazing sight.

Kelly Channon
Anonymous said…
I feel I must respond to the column printed in this months publication by the vet Emma Milne, it is very rare that I am lost for words but in this case I quite literally have been.

How on earth can a presumably intelligent professional write such ill worded, malicious content and how did it find it’s way into print.

What factual evidence is there to show that ‘countless’ swathes of small mammals are being decimated by ‘murderous’ greyhounds? Is the single sad case that she dealt with a sound basis to condemn an entire breed to an early death? Where is any mention of the owners responsibilities? This single case could have been easily avoided had the greyhounds been managed correctly. We aren’t even told of the circumstances, it’s easy to imagine that the greyhounds were running off lead unmuzzled, but what if they were on lead & the small dog had ran up to them as I have experienced on a number of occasions when walking with my 'murderous' greyhounds.

This case would have been an ideal opportunity to illustrate how by not keeping good control of your dog, of any breed, can result in tragedy. Instead those greyhounds who by good fortune find themselves alive at the end of their racing career will surely face an even longer wait for rehoming due to this sensationalist, ill informed, poorly written piece of ‘journalism’. I dread to think what ill effect this columns words will bear on the publics perception of the greyhound.
Anonymous said…
You have blood on your hands from some two bit vet!
Years and years of greyhound rehoming and for what, for some stupid "celebrity" vet to destroy.
I am totally disgusted and appalled, I just hope that the RVC will now intervene and she is struck off.
I am taking a private lawsuit out against her, sod the cost.
jo said…
Thank you Beverely to replying to my email I sent you. You have apologised for not checking this issue before it went out but the apology should be from Emma. Emma may like to see some of the long term damage she has caused if she heard what happened to me today. I was walking my 2 docile retired greyhounds around the park when 2 dog walkers I normally speak to went out of their way to avoid me and cross the park. I was told by a fellow dog walker that they had read Dogs Toady and were now scared of my dogs!!!! Lovley, Thanks Emma. Your biased, ill -reasearched, non-factial article has long term consquences. Greyhounds WILL miss out on homes and therefore may loose their lives and greyhounds in homes are being persecuted!!! Well Done.
Beverely you have been big enough to apologise but please never ever let that un-ethical vet write for you again as it will all seem hypocitical....
greygal said…
Emma's article was an unfortunate one indeed!
To add insult to injury she "justified" her article by putting a message on her website (which I HAVE read!). She says that Greyhounds are bred to chase and kill...I find this an alarming lack of knowledge. Greyhounds are bred to chase, not kill. I have kept greyhounds (retired racers) for a many years and yes if they catch a small mammal they will kill it. This is instinct, not training. The same way than many other breeds will kill.
The responsible greyhound owner, knowing this, will take steps to prevent it happening. Keeping the dog on a lead and muzzling if necessary. I feel for the couple who lost their dog in a terrible way, but it wasn't the dogs fault, it was the OWNER'S fault for not being rsponsible and controilling the dog.
One of my greyhounds killed my chinchilla, was it the dogs fault? Emphatically NO. It was my fault for not ensuring the cage was escape proof.
I think Emma needs to make a full apology, not just try and justify it!
Lynne said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Lynne said…
Well thanks a lot Emma - your knee jerk, prejudiced, totally inaccurate piece of 'journalism' has resulted in me being verbally abused on our walk today! My two extremely placid greyhounds who have never so much as growled at another dog despite being regularly mounted and snapped at by all those gentle labradors, collies etc, should apparently be put down immediately! This was screamed at me by two separate groups of dog walkers whose dogs were all off lead and out of control! I am now in tears at home and so angry. You have condemned a whole breed and you knew full well the consequences of your actions. You should be struck off!
Anonymous said…
I cannot believe how polite people are being about this stupid, idiotic woman Emma! And I cant believe that anyone is gaining any justification of the poor attempt of any apology of the so called Editor.

This is disgusting, and should be dealt with immediately with the press getting involved and also the RGT, who have remained silent about this, they should be taking action and I will be contacting them now to find out what they are doing about this.

I am also contacting the National Press and want this highighted and reported, I AM SICK OF GREYHOUNDS GETTING BAD REPORTS, I have been involved with homing for over 40 years, and this is the final straw.

I have contacted the RVC as have many others, and want this idiot struck off, I suggest all owners and groups contact the RGT to see what action they are taking, plus there are going to be boycotts as the idiots practice
Unknown said…
Jo and Lynne, I find both your stories disturbing and hope that my dog walk tonight with my greyhound is as pleasent as normal and that I'm not avoided, or worse, verbally abused by other dog walkers as a direct result of this article.
I was so concerned for the welfare of those dogs that are in kennels waiting for homes or coming up to the end of their racing career and how they now might loose out on the chance of a happy home, that I didn't contemplate the abuse that us current greyhound owners may endure.
I'm hoping that your experiences today were in the minority and this won't become common place.
Anonymous said…
Ill advised and definately ill researched.

Many thanks to Emma for adding to the problems already faced by Greyhound rehomers across the country. I invite you to walk just one day in their shoes and even then could you write an unbiased article?

My own dog waited in rescue for two years, because he was deemed as requiring an "experienced home".

Lucky for us we were that home.
No, he is not brilliant with small furriess outside the house, but is controlled and on the lead at all times and muzzled when required.

He also lives quite happily at home with 2 chinchillas, as did my last Greyhound, due to their ability to learn boundries. Must have lost the "murderous instincts" some where along the line !

The actual circumstances of the incident are not clearly explained in the article, but I know I have an on going problem with small dog owners allowing their dogs to run up to mine even when I ask them not to. The reason for this? Both my dogs have been attacked by smaller dogs. The last one scarred for life and the current one terrified of anything approaching his face. Did either retaliate? No.

And finally Emma in your statement, in response to complaints regarding this article, you seem to find it important to reinterate how much you do for Charity, as a matter of interest so do Greyhounds! Both of my dogs have raised funds for greyhound rehoming charities and both my dogs are registered Therapets due to their gentle nature.If you'd actually witnessed the good they do in this field, for patients of all ages then maybe you wouldn't be so quick to judge on the one incident you were involved in!
Anonymous said…
I don't know how, but I managed to miss the article completely - could be because I was away on holiday and my Border Terrier was attacked by two Greyhounds! It was a completely unprovoked attack; I was walking my Border Terrier, on her lead, she was quiet as was I, when out of the blue two Greyhounds appeared (no owner - no muzzles). The bitch picked my dog up by her side and was shaking her the dog was jumping up biting her leg. It was fortunate that my dog was on a lead as if she had not been they would have run off with her and there would have been nothing I could have done. As it turned out I managed to support my dog by holding her underneath but the greyhounds would not let go. I kicked, punched and pushed the dogs to no avail. Eventually the owner arrived and she could not control her dogs either. I managed to stick my fingers into the bitch's nose and twist it round and eventually freed my dog, but this was after several traumatic minutes. Even then the one dog was trying to jump up and get my dog again.

My dog had puncture wounds to her side and leg and was in deep shock, as was I.

It turned out that this woman and her family had "rescued" the greyhounds one in April and one in October. She told me she was not given any information with regard to muzzling etc., or perhaps their propensity to attack small furry animals. She said they were very loving indoors.

I do not blame the dogs (some of which I know to be really friendly, calm and laid back) however I do blame the rescue centre and the owners. I for one never want to go through such an experience ever again; it was totally unnecessary and unprovoked, what would have happened if I had not been determined and strong enough to get the greyhounds to free my dog?

Having been through this experience I can fully understand anyone else having been through the same (or worse)to voice their opinions in no uncertain terms!!!

Anonymous said…
My name is usually hoddy1, but i have forgotten my password, just in case anyone thinks im trying to be anon

Unfortunatly guys the damage has been done, the magazine went on public sale this morning, the repercusiions are already starting to come to light, on here 2 already and its only 2 p.m.
Us Greyhound owners have had to have very very broad shoulders for many many years, i for one am not going to let this stupid so called intelligent vet woman and the mag that obviously dont care what damage has been done and the idiots that choose to read and take in this garbage, ruin my life or my dogs lives.
I know they are fantastic dogs, so do many other people.
I have already made plans to do my bit to try and mend this damage, i have a local park to me holding a dog day next thursday and have made plans with the organisers to put up my gazebo and show people what great dogs these are, i will be handing out leaflets and hopefully raising a bit of money for my local greyhound charity, as by god they are going to need it in the months to come.
I know Greys dont deserve this and so do you.
But we have no choice, lets buckle down and get on with it.
Good luck to everyone who helps to rehome and educate people in the Greyhound world we are going to need it.
caroline said…
I am concerned that this has skewed the debate about greyhounds towards an ill-informed and dangerous direction. Writing from a very personal viewpoint she broadened her approach to encompass a wider breadth of accusations against greyhounds. I have spent some time now combing research papers and reputable journals for some figures to support or refute her argument and I can find nothing that specifically names greyhounds as more likely potential aggressors over other dogs.

At no point in her article did Ms Milne suggest a sensible management of potential problems, for example muzzling, leash-walking and classical counter conditioning of fearful or aggressive responses to other dogs. It is the responsibility of the owner to supervise and manage their pet, of whatever breed, and to muzzle and restrict the animal to leash walking if necessary. In fact, Ms Milne appeared sympathetic to the owner who had caused this damage by her inadequate care whilst continuing to condemn the dogs. Most dogs chase and we cannot expect them to have the same moral outlook as we do and differentiate between what we may consider acceptable to chase and what we do not. This has to be achieved by training.

Ms Milne says: ‘Greyhounds seem to attack other dogs almost without realising they are the same species. It is this…that makes them so deadly’. My husband is a vet and in his 20 years’ practising he has only heard of one greyhound related incident, but has come across various breeds and crossbreeds of dogs that have attacked other dogs. A Borzoi of mine was badly attacked by a boxer and another of my young Borzois had her stomach ripped by three Golden Retrievers. Am I to question whether boxers or goldens should be euthanased or not bred at all because of aggressive tendencies of the breed because of these two incidents? Surely that would be foolish.

Her assertion that they have ‘murderous instincts’ and her suspicion that ‘Greyhounds kill many more animals than most dogs’ have no basis in available research; her broad statements are simply apocryphal, but may not be taken as such by other people or the broader media. Her journalistic style leaves something to be desired, but even she must agree in retrospect that to write a damaging and accusatory article about one breed on the experience of one day is unwise.

Maybe we should all be more aware or even surprised that with the huge numbers of Greyhounds in the UK there are so few incidents of this kind and how many are valued as PAT dogs and blood donors, not to mention well-mannered, playful and loving companions.

I realise that in the past you have run articles in favour of Greyhounds as pets, but people considering homing a Greyhound would probably think twice after reading this. This could add to the large numbers of dogs on the waiting list to get into rescue centres; the bald truth of that means dogs will die.

As a person in the public eye and a member of a respected, relevant profession, her duty of care and responsibility to what she writes is far greater than an ordinary journalist as her voice carries a disproportionate weight. I would ask that you consider not commissioning her in future to write for your magazine.

Ms Milne accepts that there have been thousands of Greyhounds successfully rehomed (three, happily with me) but goes on to ask: ‘do the good justify the actions of the bad, and can we afford to take those risks?’ In the light of this, I finish with a fearless question in the style of Ms Milne: If one veterinary surgeon over-generalises and commits a huge blunder, should we write off the whole profession?

Caroline Lavelle
Anonymous said…
I dont think anyone would argue about someone voicing their concerns about irresponsible dog ownership (of any breed) and I'm sure everyone that has left a comment here would sympathise with you for your ordeal.

But irresponsible dog ownership was not the basis of the article. Thats why everyone is so upset.

BTW the magazine only went on sale today
Anonymous said…
Something which occurred to me was "Oh how all the greyhound owners and trainers will love this comment". I can just see them using the fact that a high profile veterinary 'professional' has made this suggestion in a high profile publication, to justify and continue their despicable attitude to the 'waste products' of the racing industry.

I also find this comment disturbing as my partner is a trainer, our dogs are looked after better then we look after ourselves, in five years we have had only 4 put to sleep, one my old retired greyhound with cancer, two badly injured dogs and 1 that was unsuitable for homing due to aggression. All the others we rehome ourselves or have help from the RGT or Greyhounds4u and other charities, advising that they shouldn't be let of the lead and should remain muzzled in public if they are not friendly with small furries. We remain in contact with all the dogs we homed and NONE of them have ever attacked another dog however i would say that we have had over 20 needing attention from the vet after attacks from other breeds!

Please do not tar everyone with the same brush
Anonymous said…
All of this "lets get greyhounds together and take photos" etc.
isn't this just trying to get your magazine of the hook, and keep people buying. Good on you for apologising, but why hasn't your columnist apologised.
You had a vet for god sake publicily espousing a mass cull of dogs over one incident caused by poor owners.
I regularly bought your magazine, but until you make an official statement publicly refuting what that "vet" (wouldn't let her near my dogs)has said, I will not buy you magazine and nor will other friends with hounds.
You have caused a massive amount of damage not only to greyhounds, but you will have a lot of people now not buying your magazine.
Anonymous said…
Also anyone that wishes to fond out more about greyhounds and the fab advice given by most homing charities can go to There is great advice on here, they also do alot of walks etc so please have a look and thanks to G4U and the RGT you do a great job keep it up.
Beverley Cuddy said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said…
So profit is more important than saving Dogs lifes?
As you can read the damage has been done and what compensation are you going to offer and do about it, when is the pathetic "celeb vet" going to put out an apology?
Beverley Cuddy said…
Please think this through - if you're going to start demonstrating outside Emma's surgery, calling for the mag to be withdrawn from sale, contacting the national press then this will be played out on TV screens, national newspapers and Emma's views will go from just being read by a group of intelligent dog lovers to being all over the tabloids.

Let's focus our passion and energy on doing something positive. All this thrashing about may things much, much worse!
Anonymous said…
Well I know several people who have responded. I am pleased that whilst they are understandably fuming (as I am) they are trying to maitain a measure of pespective.

I feel all credit should be given to Beverly, for her apology and acknowledgement that she failed in her duty.

I would also suggest she posts with some haste, someone to see how some 60 or more greyhounds can walk together without any animosity to each other or other breeds, horses and so on.

Go to - you will not find a nicer bunch of dogs and their wonderful owners! Perhaps Emma 'the TV Vet' might like to come and see what the majority of greyhounds are really like. Don't worry; they won't bite!

Although as editor, Beverly should bear a lot of the responsibility and appears to do so - Emma 'the TV Vet' seems to have no sense of the damage she has done - let's hope her contract is not renewed so that she becomes a 'plain old working vet' once more. She might get a sense of reality once more. Does 'TV Vet' mean looks and no brains?
Anonymous said…
I am absolutely disgusted to read what Emma Milne has written. The woman has potentially caused so much damage. How does she suggest they are euthanised then? Sent off to a man with a bolt gun? Or would she do it herself for 10 quid a shot. What a vile person she is, I am so glad she is not my vet as I would not take my precious greys to someone who thinks so little of their lives. When one of my greys were attacked by a dog running loose (my greys were on the lead) would Ms Milne have suggested it was my dogs fault and it should be euthanised? Very probably. She should resign immediately from writing for your magazine, and in my opinion, if she practices as a vet in the future, pity her poor clients. Stupid, ignorant woman. As an editor too, surely it is for you to check such controversial matters before allowing them to print?
Anonymous said…
By getting the national press involved it will make every owner see the idiot for what she is worth and your magazine being boycotted by so many.

Wake up and smell the coffee and no pathetic excuses about VAT returns, its going to hit the fan and needs to be addressed now!
Anonymous said…
A few years ago she also up set English Bulldog owners, by calling them a "unhealthy mess".
This also caused a massive backlash, and you still let her write in your mag?
The woman is deranged!
Beverley Cuddy said…
If your aim is to attempt to hurt Emma - rather than limiting the possible negative effect her article may have - that may explain your desire for national media coverage. Highlighting the story of the little old lady's dog being disemboweled by two rescued ex-racers could do an awful lot of damage to the image of Greyhounds. Just asking for you to stop and think - something I'd have encouraged Emma to do if I'd caught the article in time.

(I happen to agree that Bulldog health needs attention! Don't most caring people? Don't think that adds weight to you're argument.)
Anonymous said…
Yes they need attention but as a "vet" surely you dont call them
Anonymous said…
I happen to agree that Bulldog health needs attention! Don't most caring people? Don't think that adds weight to you're argument

Do we need weight?
Anonymous said…
What happened to your border terrier was awful and yes the owner of the greyhounds should have been informed about the use of muzzles. The same could have been said for the small breed of dog who ripped a hole in my greyhounds side whilst we we walking on the beach on holiday.My dog was onlead, the small dog offlead and owner hardly in sight. Any breed of dog is capable of damage, its the owners who need to be more responsible.
Anonymous said…

Could you just confirm if Ms Milne will be making further comment by way of an apology, or if she still stands by her comments (the comments that obviously only she can understand - she thinks the rest of us too stupied to interept them correctly).

You seemed to have changed tack from apologising to defending her.
alfmcmalf said…
Those of us who are not greyhound people have really and truly got your message. This article has made you all livid and concerned that greyhoud welfare has been put back decades.

But please realise that persistent personal attacks on the author do you a diservice in the long run.

Could your efforts now be placed towards shedding more light on the subject?

I am sure that the balance will be redressed in future editions and I for one will read those with as much interest as I read Emma's original piece. Escalating the arguments beyond DT and internet discussions by interested parties will certainly do more harm to your cause than anything else. run. It would be a prime example of nose cutting.
Anonymous said…
@ Beverly and alfmcmalf,

I can understand what you are saying about perpetuating bad publicity perhaps being self-defeating, but you must understand what you are seeing isn't some persistent attack on Emma or DT by a few individuals, but a drift of many upset people responding to the offending article. People aren't going to come here and think "Oh, someone's already replied angrily, I'll leave it at that".
As for possibly making it worse - maybe, but I for one would rather it be blown nationwide than left to leak out slowly. I believe that in the full glare of day this article will be easily shown to be what it is: vitriolic rubbish. Even the anti-racing comments with which I have some sympathy are mixed with such melodramatic clap-trap so as to seem stupid.
If this were allowed to slide unchallenged perhaps less people would be effected but they would remember a 'murderous' greyhound story. If this is publically challenged, people will remember a dubious TV vet and a public outcry about her calls to destroy greyhounds.
It's preferable that neither occur, but we are past that since the publication was not halted.
If one good thing occurs from this it will be the 'the greyhound issue' is made a more public issue. I have enough faith left in 'the public' to think, on the whole, they will become more concerned with the welfare of thousands of 'disappearing' greyhounds than of one vet with a pen having a bad day and losing her temper.
Anonymous said…
I've read the article and of course was appalled at so many of the comments. However the Editor of this magazine has proffered a full, genuine and extensive apology. Apart from an undertaking to terminate Emma Milne's column to avoid any further 'knee jerk journalism' I really don't think there is anything more she can do. I as a greyhound owner, fundraiser and volunteer with greyhounds accept her apology.

Making a dogs dinner out of this issue highlights it to such an extent that it will lose what greyhound owners are looking for and they will just be seen as unforgiving, bolshie, bad tempered, bad mannered fanatics, instead of intelligent, responsible and caring dog owners.

I for one want us to press on with what we do for greyhounds. Anyone, including Dogs Today magazine is more than welcome to come to one of our walks where we advocate responsible ownership and do our utmost to promote these wonderful dogs to the public in whatever way we can.

At each of our walks, and we've just had our 40th, we get more and more interest and comments from passerby, all very good. Perhaps what we do in Essex and Suffolk is just a small pinpoint on the geographical map, a small drop in the greyhound ocean, but if we all pull together in the same direction in a positive way we can make a difference!

Or am I being naive? Please don't answer just get on with raising a positive profile of greyhounds.

Janet Peacock
Greyhound Walks
Anonymous said…
Up to the late ninties an Irish greyhound racing book said the same thing.

A lot of pro and anti racing worked to get this changed an show the greyhound in its true light warts and all.

This women has put back 20 years of very hard work.

70 years ago a German had the same thoughts about a race of people.
Anonymous said…
Be very careful of involving the British media!! You really do "get what you wish for", good or bad. It will only take one "journo" with an eye for a sensationist story to turn the whole thing on its head and totally slate greyhounds in a way that Emma Milne never could.

These guys are professional sharks, and are just as likely to turn against the greyhound cause, if they felt that it would sell papers.

Attempting to "hurt" or discredit Emma Milne nationally will do greyhound supporters no favours, and could possibly portray a very poor image in the eyes of "Joe Public". We will look like the ones baying for blood.

Polite, well-reasoned and intelligent debate against what Emma has written, will ensure we do not sink to her level!

I for one would very much like to see an apology and retraction from Emma, at the very least.

Beverley, I reaslise this must be a very difficult time for you but for what it is worth, in my opinion, your apology has been noted.
Anonymous said…

Maybe you should watch this Beverely, as you will see around 500 greyhounds gathered in one place. Also note hardly a muzzle in sight, why? Because all of the owners at this meeting are responsible and know thier dogs. Yes some did come muzzled, many other dogs of different breeds came along also. I was there most of the day and never heard a grumble. So what am i trying to say?
It's owners that give a breed a bad name, not the dog. To chastise a breed because of one incident is deplorable and with that coming from a so-called vet makes matters worse. We all have off days at work, but we shouldn't take our problems home with us... For Christs sake Emma is supposed to be a vet. She will see some horrific sights in her practice, but was she not aware of this when she was training?
If she physically breaks down at the sight of in injured dog, should she be in the industry in the first place?
Some people think that this subject should go "national" i agree, it could actually work in favour of our glorious breed. Sustained press in an unbiased view will help. Outrageous attacks by a celebrity will not.

Do yourself a favour, terminate Emma's contract, and show the many thousands of greyhound owners that you do indeed support the breed.

Matthew and his girls (the greys)
Anonymous said…
EM wrote her "piece" on a knee jerk reaction from what she had just seen and yes as everyone has said what happened was tragic but the owners are to blame not the dogs.

I strongly suggest that before writing anything EVER again with a knee jerk reaction she takes the time to look and READ and think about the implications of what she has written.

Personally I hope she never writes again, a little of bit of so called celebrity and believes she knows everything, well fact is you don't Ms Milne as is blatantly obvious by what you have sadly had published.

Your comments disgust me. I cannot believe that this article even went to print, no matter how busy anyone is - someone, somewhere should have realised the far reaching implications and "knock on" effect this will have.

As someone else said you have put the rehoming of these truly, beautiful hounds back by 20 - 30 years, do you feel proud of yourself now?

By not publicly posting a true and heartfelt apology leaves me thinking that you are too pigheaded to do this. What a shame that you don't have the bottle to do so.

As I said before these so called Z list celebrities, I believe, think themselves above reproach. So very, very, very many people are just going to see greyhounds/sighthounds in a different light now, and don't think that for one moment the general public as well as other dog owners, won't - you have without a shadow of doubt, in one moment of total stupidity and naivety done irreparable damage to both greyhounds and other sighthounds.

I feel numb, saddened, angry and tearful all at the same time - thanks for that Ms Milne
Beverley Cuddy said…
I'm not sure if you're addressing me here or Emma - or if this is a copy of something you've sent to Emma. But just for clarity in case people aren't ploughing through all 101 comments, I have unreservedly apologised already!
Anonymous said…
Ms Milne - although I do think someone should have read and thought about this piece before it ever reached the publishing stage.

Actually most people I have spoken with etc., are reading all the comments - that is the strength of feeling
Beverley Cuddy said…
Ah, but you see I am not Miss Milne. This is not her blog!
Anonymous said…
one of my greyhounds sadly killed a neighbours cat recently and I was appalled but he wasn't to blame, I was. I simply hadn't checked that he couldn't get out of the garden - the gate is usually securely locked and on this day I hadn't managed to close it properly. I was totally to blame as was the owner of those 2 greyhounds. I never take my dogs out anywhere without a muzzle and on lead. The majority of greyhounds are wonderful, placid dogs - my two are beautiful and would never harm anyone but they do react to cats, rabbits and smaller dogs. Because of this it is my responsibility to make sure that other animals don't get harmed by my dogs. However even though they react to smaller animals they still make wonderful family pets. They adore my 3 children and cannot get enough attention from them - even my 4 year old. I'm sure as a vet Emma must have come across other animals hurt by dogs and been upset - I'm sure it must have been terrible for her to try and save a life and to lose that battle but she has an obligation to save and love all animals equally. I think that an apology from her is needed and she needs to spend some time at some greyhound retirement homes to educate herself alittle more.
Anonymous said…
well done! you must have set the greyhound homing centres back at least 5 years with these stupid comments. its not good enough to say sorry for not doing your job and allowing outrageous comments like this.
Anonymous said…
[Beverely wrote: no one will base their opinions on just one person's article]

People do base their opinions on just one article Beverly, which is why Greyhound owners are now getting the same treatment as owners of Staffies, people cross the road or walk the other way. There are also verbal attacks etc.
Anonymous said…
I dont think an apology from Ms Milne is needed. Why?
1)She defended her actions
2)Any apology now and we would all know that it was forced and not heartfelt.

Beverley, you apologised as soon as you could and people should accept that you made a mistake.
(albeit a massive one.. i think if you were the editor of a bigger publication, you would have been straight out of the door.. just after Ms Milne)
Anonymous said…
In response to the terrible incident that Lulu and her dog experienced I find it hard to believe that the owner of those rescused greys hadn't been given adequate information. That was a cop out from the owner. Even if she hadn't received adequate information she should have done everything that she could to read up on the dogs that she was homing as all responsible dog owners should do. When I adopted my greyhound I bought every book that I could and even though he was a wonderfully placid dog who never reacted aggressively to any other dog (even though he was mounted and barked at by other breeds) I still always muzzled him - better to be safe than sorry). I do hope Lulu's dog has recovered and that she made that irresponsible owner foot the vet bills. Blame the owners not the dogs.
Anonymous said…
Sorry that your vet had such a bad day. As an EMT/firefighter, I've had bad days too.

It is worth noting that based on a casual examination of reports in greyhound forums and on email lists, it seems far more common that the greyhound is the attacked, rather than the attacker. Between the thin skin, sparse fur, and near-absence of subcutaneous fat, the retired racer sustains injuries at a much higher rate than would be expected for such large dogs. Here in the US, bully breeds seem to precipitate the majority of incidents, frequently with fatal results.

Ultimately, all dogs are carnivores that are "designed to chase and kill." While Milne is welcome to her opinions, it'd be nice of her to acknowledge that there are other breeds that are far more dangerous from this perspective.
Anonymous said…
Thanks for the apology, but maybe someone on your staff could have READ the article BEFORE publishing it rather than just trust this narcissistic joke of a vet was writing more than uninformed nonsense?

My golden retrievers and labradors that I owned growing up killed more small animals (and attacked other dogs) more often than my Greyhounds (who live happily with 7 pound foster Italian Greyhounds and Pugs and socialize COMPLETELY NORMALLY with all breed of dogs) EVER would have dreamed of. Or any of the 100s of other Greyhounds I know.

Blanket, freaking nonsense she wrote...but not surprising coming from a "veterinarian" more interested in promoting her own Mirror-gazing, celebrity agenda than much else.

Anyhow, copy edit next time, please. Isn't that what you're supposed to be doing?
Anonymous said…
It's good that you, Beverley have apologised, but feel the only way that any progress is going to be made is if Emma actually realises the damage she has done by her appalling attack on a breed of dog that has suffered for years at the hands of humans.
Her article was ill judged, poorly researched and inaccurate.
As she’s a professional I’m astounded that she manages to anthropomorphise greyhounds, by giving them murderous instincts.
Her defence on her website is an arrogant attempt to justify herself. Obviously she is right and the rest of us are wrong.

Emma says she’s trying to open the debate the industry– a debate that has been going on for years, as she acknowledges further on, when she mentions being involved in the League against Cruel Sports campaign, maybe if she wished to continue the debate, she could have done it in a way that didn’t feel like she was condemning a whole breed – a breed that has been fighting a negative image for years.

Thank you Emma, I’m sure the greyhound detractors will be grateful for your support.
Anonymous said…
I don't think the issue is that the author wrote the article at a time of high emotion. The issue is that it was poorly written and her opinions were not backed by fact. You have every right to publish an article that may be unpopular, just as she has every right to her opinion, and neither of you would owe an apology in that case. What offended me was that you allowed something of poor quality to be published. At the very least, you should have given the draft back to her and insisted that she research it more fully and include several concrete examples. As it was printed, she used one personal experience, and one other instance that she had "heard of." Journalistic integrity is important. You're the editor. It should have stopped with you.
Anonymous said…
The person who made the comment about greyhound trainers and owners loving the suggestion that greys should be euthanised when they have finished racing is, in my opinion, as foolish as the ill-informed vet who wrote the original article. I own a racing greyhound and can tell you that my trainer and the many owners I have met home their dogs responsibility. Do not tar us all with the same brush.
Anonymous said…
Ms Milne's emotive and entirely inappropriate response to an incident she was involved in left me seriously questioning her professionalism and suitability for veterinary service. To air such bizarre and unfounded personal views about the euthanasia of healthy dogs and the eradication of a breed in such a public forum was a terrible abuse of her position of responsibility. For this reason I have written to the RCVS (Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons) raising serious concerns about the (factually incorrect) content of this article and Ms Milne's fitness to practice. I would urge others to do so also, especially as she demonstrated a clear lack of understanding of the wider implications of her outburst. I am so disappointed that Ms Milne's 'article' was published and have no idea how Dog's Today will possibly be able to undo the enormous amount of damage this will have caused. Helen.
Anonymous said…
With Dog ownership comes responsibility.

With writing a column in a nationally published magazine as a qualified and practising Vet comes responsibility.

With being an editor for a nationally published magazine comes responsibility.

If you are not suited for this responsibility, then you should not be a dog owner, a vet ("celebrity" columnist) or Editor.

Dogs Today has done a great diservice to greyhounds.

Matt C
Anonymous said…

(I happen to agree that Bulldog health needs attention! Don't most caring people? Don't think that adds weight to you're argument.)

'you're argument'

'you're the editor?!'
Beverley Cuddy said…
It's nearly midnight, how responsible do you want me to feel?

I understand responsibility and accountability. I have done this job for 18 years, through bereavement, childbirth, serious illness you name it. Not leaving my station, never missing an issue, working at night, working from a hospital bed, working on holiday, weekends. You cannot accuse me of not doing my best. We all make mistakes - we are human. I never imagined in my wildest nightmares that one of my contributors would extol genocide of a breed. It was as much a shock to me as you.

Just give it a rest, what do you want from me? I've said sorry - I'm doing all I can to redress the balance in the next edition.
Beverley Cuddy said…
Sorry - is that off topic last post a jibe at my mistyping 'your' as 'you're'.

Not only anonymous - but extremely petty, too!

Grow up.
Anonymous said…
Beverley, sounds like you've had enough (hug). I hope things get better soon - somehow, and that you're not feeling too bad right now. You have done a fantastic job over the last 18 years and you know I've always admired what you've achieved. I haven't got a better role model than you! I appreciate from a publishing point of view that it was an easy (albeit unfortunate) mistake to make.
Anonymous said…
I think you are all bonkers. Give it a rest.. Its not like it has been on the cover of the national press, which it will be if you lot don't stop kicking off. I accept your apology beverley. We are all human and you held your hands up, that doesn't mean we should all shoot you down in flames.
Anonymous said…
I've followed this story with great sadness. Without a doubt mistakes have been made - and this has been acknowledged.
I would have known nothing about what great pets rescued greyhounds make if it hadn't been for Dogs Today and how they have publicised this in the past.
I appreciate feelings are running high but common sense has to kick in too.
What more do you want of Beverley? She's human like the rest of us - she made a big mistake and she apologised.
I know there is hurt and anger out there but it is not appropriate to vent the hostility that has appeared at times on this thread.
I don't condone what Emma wrote but she also is a human being - her responses may not have been appropriate for publication but the ranting on this blog suggests that many others are venting their feelings in the same way they condemn her for.
Those who are sad I can understand and empathise with, those who are baying for blood (Beverley's or Emma's) make me wonder just why they are so defensive? Have you really never made a mistake? An error of judgement? Well, good for you but you are in a minority - most of us are culpable and that makes us better people because we can learn from our mistakes. If you are intolerant then you can expect intolerance - if you are human then hopefully you can expect humanity.
I'll make a point of buying next month's DT that I might not have done before reading these posts.
Ems said…
Jeeeeeeeez, what do you people want, Blood?

Dogs Today has done, and can continue to do a LOT for dogs. They are the only canine magazine in the UK with the balls to take on controversial issues, since when did Your Dog dare rock the boat and stand up to the KC? Oh yes.. never. Since when did Dogs Monthly (who cant even get their magazine laid out correctly) dare to question the RSPCA... oh yes.. never.

Beverley has admitted, she buggered it up, big time. Fair play to her.

Clearly none of you have EVER made a mistake, EVER. None of you rescues have sent a dog out to a bad home, no ones turned down a good home for the wrong reasons, no ones had dogs bounce back worse than they went out, no ones had an accidental litter of puppies or bitten off more than they can chew.... so you would NEVER know just how much bottle it takes to stand up and say 'I messed it up, Im sorry'.

If you think that going to the national press, that haranguing the, quite frankly ignorant and ill informed Emma Milne is going to do dog rescue, greyhound rescue or greyhounds themselves ANY good then I think you are sadly very mistaken.

What you ought be doing if you were interested, rather than just baying for blood, is asking how you can work with Beverley to put things right - she has offered more than one idea already but I see very few takers.

If you are serious about greyhounds and greyhound welfare, work WITH Dogs Today - not against them.

If you wont do that, then clearly you are more interested in a public witch hunt.
Anonymous said…
I would just like to say, I think some of your responses to readers' messages are really inappropriate- 'grow up' , 'give it a rest' 'It's nearly midnight, how responsible do you want me to feel?'... ??? Regardless of the time, you should feel responsible, and you should take readers' concerns seriously and reply to them courteously. Helen
Anonymous said…
WHy do you keep ignoring the question as to whether or not you will continue to commision this person to write for you again?
Anonymous said…
Helen - are you a parent? Have you never made a mistake?
Beverley isn't Superwoman - and never claimed she was - she is a wife and mother and just doesn't deserve this level of harassment. The more posts like this the more sympathy I lose with so called greyhound-lovers.
HUMANITY shouldn't be such an alien concept to GENUINE dog lovers.
I always stayed clear of signing up to these blogger accounts until tonight but enough is enough. Beverley, I hope you manage a nights sleep and remember that the vast majority of dog lovers appreciate you made a mistake, which you acknowledged. If we were all perfect we would perhaps have a right to judge you but I am human and I just feel for you and send you heartfelt hugs - you don't deserve this. ((())))
Anonymous said…
I agree. Some people are making the greyhound fraternity look very bad indeed by their bullying and rudeness.

For what it's worth I don't think Beverley is responsible in the least. An editor shoudl give freedom to columnists. You might not agree with Emma Milne but she only gave her opinion, something everyone is entitled to.

Mountains and molehills!

Everyone has had their say. Isn't it time to move on?
Anonymous said…
Everyone involved in greyhounds are incensed by the article (owners, rescues and indeed trainers) and what has really annoyed me is that Emma Milne does not have the backbone to admit she has gone to print with a poorly researched piece of work.

I admire you Bevereley for standing up and apologising for the mistake that was made. It's a shame that Emma does not feel she needs to apologise and as such, I feel she should resign from Dogs Today.

However, us greyhound people are a resiliant lot - we've had to be over the years. I think the time has now come to stop bitching and moaning. We've got our point across on how we feel. We've now got to get on and promote greyhounds in a positive light. We all know what a wonderful breed of dog they are, we all know that in one way or another they are the most abused breed of dog. Let's do something positive now. Dogs Today obviously have things planned so why don't you all make suggestions on how we can turn this thing around?

Going to the press will make matters much worse. Step back and look the whole situation. As an example, the press said at Christmas that a Rottweiler in London attacked and killed his elderley owner whilst out on a walk. The dog was destroyed. Now it has come to light that the man actually was having a heart attack and the dog was trying to revive him. The poor dog was doing his best and for that he was put down. Is this the sort of press you want? They twist things to suit themselves and if they did this with greyhounds, a much bigger problem would exist with people's attitude to greyhounds than there is currently.
Anonymous said…
Sorry, I hit publish before I had finished on the last post!

As I run a greyhound rescue, negative press is the last thing we want. So let's all get our heads together and work with Dogs Today.

Debbie Buxcey
Greyhounds 4 U Founder
Anonymous said…
it's a highly emotive topic. i would be crushed if i experienced this. i was just a tad shocked that a professional couldn't do the research an 11 year old could. again, i'm sure it's the emotions. there was a greyhound attacked in florida. here in queensland, they have their kennel muzzles on in public and cannot defend themselves when dogs of any size nip.

there will always be dangerous dogs of all breeds. small dogs nip at faces of kids easier. larger dogs can inflict more damage. fast dogs cannot be caught. in the non-human part of the animal kingdom usually the big will aways win: cat v mouse, fox v hare, big breed dog v small breed dog. dogs do not enter weight categories when they fight.

Merrit Clifton tallied dog attacks statistics in north america and found that other breeds were the cause of more attacks. i won't name the breed because i think those attacks could be due to bad training or abusive ownership. i don't know. i just saw the numbers.i don't want to be another person to blasts an entire breed (or two).

it's a yucky situation and mags are under time constraints. at least from this we'll learn about looking for hot topics.
Anonymous said…
I think here is a distinct case of "celebrity" over integrity.

Lest we forget, Ms Milne was raised from a reality TV show. Despite her apparent years of training to qualify as a member of a respected profession, the cult of "celebrity" has obviously taken over in her mind allowing her to forget that she has a responsibility to that profession.

I imagine, given her biography and starlet type photographs on her agent's website, the lady has started to believe in her own publicity and presumably has been advised that any publicity is better than none and therefore in this instance, greyhounds come in for a battering to further her career. When Ms Milne next needs to grab the headlines what breed of animal will be next?

Some people have mentioned that a number of greyhound owners have reacted badly but this is hardly surprising and I would challenge those people to react any differently if the focus of attention was on their own breed.

I run my own business and whilst I appreciate the Editor has, held her hands up and apologised, if I had a similar error of judgement, I would have to pay for it and as a responsible publication I feel, in the interest of all dogs there is no alternative but to terminate Ms Milne's contract as a contributor to Dogs Today. If I were her agent, I would be very worried about the knock on effect of this article. Ms Milne’s personal appearances both live and on TV and her writing career will almost certainly diminish as will his probably not inconsiderable income.

Whatever the outcome of this debacle, it is good to know that Ms Milne will continue to have a tenuous relationship with animals as it would appear that her agent is none other than Nooky's creator 70’s entertainer Roger De-Courcy!

Anonymous said…
Beverley, I don't think anyone can expect you to do much more than you have so far, you've admitted your mistakes and apologised and, for me, that goes a long way. Emma, on the other hand still doesn't seem to accept that she should take any of the blame and stand up and apologise for her article. If Emma were to eat some humble pie, say sorry on here, change her web site and apologise in her column in the next DT issue it would go a long, long way to repair some of the damage she has done to the greyhounds. I think it would also calm down the strong feelings of those she has angered so much and enable them to then try and turn their thoughts to more positive ways to help the victim here, the greyhound. I am saddened that a few people seem to be "out for blood" but can understand that this is caused, not only by what Emma wrote, but the fact that she can't see how wrong it was. The fact that you apologised so quickly and stated that "it was a step too far" says that she was wrong to write it and she should now try to make reparation, if she can't do it for our sakes then perhaps she should think about the thousands of greyhounds that may suffer because of it, failing that perhaps she should give a thought for her editor who, it seems, has an increased work load / stress levels because of her!
Anonymous said…
So we are still waiting for your writer to apologise? Is she? Are you still sticking with your comments of grow up?
Anonymous said…
In response to 'anonymous' who sends Beverley hugs and asks if I've ever made any mistakes...

This has nothing to do with harassment. This has nothing to do with my personality, or being perfect and not making mistakes, or repondents 'being bonkers' or 'baying for blood' (as suggested in other posts.)

I have posted two polite messages. These do not contain insluting or abusive language or attack Beverley personally- I do not know her and have no reason to believe she is anything other than a decent person.

This article has raised some extremely strong emotions in people. As editor of a nationally published magazine, Bevererley should be able to separate the personal from the professional. As far as I can see from the messages, no one is suggesting she is a bad person, or insulting her nature, or threatening or abusing her. If this was the case, and the messages were of a 'hate mail' nature I would definitely not condone them.

However, they are commenting on the article, questioning the factual content, the motivations of the columist and Beverley's role as editor.

I'm sure it would make her life a lot easier and nicer if people stopped commenting, but I sense that is very unlikely to happen, due to the depth of feeling this article has provoked. However, I think it is important to understand that if Beverely recieves more responses, this does not constitute harassment. It is simply the result of Dogs Today readers feeling the need to express their views on the article.

Anonymous said…
I feel for you a tad here Beverly - you have apologised and been very honest in your admission of making mistakes here, but you have to expect a LOT of feedback and angry people here - Emma's website doesn't allow feedback (unsurprisingly - she seems to just like hearing her own opinion), if it did you would probably be getting less.
There's no point asking people to stop being angry with you - this isn't one person making 1000 posts, it's 1000 people giving the response they need to and more and more will see the article as the days pass, I imagine.
Really, what could you expect?
If Emma were to seem in the slightest apologetic, show the least regret or admit the slimmest possibility that she could be wrong it might help, but she does quite the opposite even insulting the readers' intelligence.
In writing the article she has been arrogant and selfish and she continues to be so now. She seems to refuse even the possibility that she may be wrong or have acted badly. Unbelievable.
Sure, everyone is welcome to their opinion - but to put it in a national publication adds an enormous responsibility, because, yes, some people do read just that one article and take it to heart.
Good luck.
I'm sorry if you feel picked on, but I'm afraid it will probably continue while Emma persists with her bloody-minded position.
Anonymous said…
I can understand why certain people are saying enough is enough and as Beverely has apologised, we should just leave it....... BUT

This is not just some clerical error than can be fixed with a few choice words in 4 weeks time.

Beverley, you started off apologising but you now seem to be defending Ms Milne by not expecting her to apologise (not that it would mean anything at this late stage). This gives the impression that whilst you see the error of her ways, you still want to keep her on the team for future articles. Does this mean that you are putting profit before the lives of any greyhounds this article will affect.

You both have this to live with this, but only one of you seems to have a conscience, the other dosn't mind having blood on her hands as she is a TV Vet and this is just yet more publicity.

We need to know what your future plans are for Ms Milne and Dogs Today.
Anonymous said…
I'm sure people will see the good work you have done before, Beverly and know you are human, but they are bound to vent long and hard about this one.
Chin up.
I would advise making the position on your association with Ms Milne clear as soon as possible, however, and perhaps clearly spell out your intentions for apologies, retractions, future positive greyhound publicity in the DT magazine.
It seem people need more than 'sorry, please use Cold Wet Nose' to placate them.
Anonymous said…
Of course she wont, she hasnt yet, so why now?
Anonymous said…
An apology is a start, but action speaks louder than words. I'll see what you do write in the next issue before I make final judgement.

I note that Emma Milne has used her website to stand by what she wrote. Since she won't retract the article, no retraction from Dogs Today will have any meaning while she still writes for you.
Anonymous said…
Between them they have destroyed years and years of promoting this breed and rehoming.

I hope they have nightmares on what they have created.
Anonymous said…
I too think alot of this will calm down, once Beverley has made it clear what DT tend to do with regard to Ms Milne, Also what DT are going to do with trying to mend the damage done.
Im sorry but until this has been made as crystal as possible, i think people are going to rightly vent their concerns
Anonymous said…
'(I happen to agree that Bulldog health needs attention! Don't most caring people? Don't think that adds weight to you're argument.)'

This is my first post but in response to your response Beverely, Ms Milne actually said that Bulldogs should be refused medical treatment and the breed should be allowed to die out. If her point is the KC standard for Bulldogs is wrong and causes health problems then I would agree, but this calls for better breeding - not - as she would like - the breed to be allowed to die out.

Ms Milne seems to have a serious dislike of pedigree dogs (I see she has just written a book on all the health problems each breed has). One only has to look through her website to see she takes any and every opportunity to slate pedigrees and promote cross breeds. To say that all pedigrees are a health disaster is ridiculous and to state that all cross breeds are healthy is even more ridiculous.
As the owner (not breeder) of a British Bulldog (very healthy and fit) there is no way I would take my dog to be treated by a vet who obviously thinks that my dog would be better off out of it's 'misery'.

There are many healthy pedigrees sat in rescue centres needing homes - all this woman is doing is putting people off adopting these dogs. I agree people should be informed of possible health problems but the way she puts forward her 'argument' is most unbalanced and extremely damaging.

With regard to her greyhound piece in my opinion it was terrible and very damaging but I am sadly not surprised a piece by Ms. Milne has caused outrage. She would be a liability to any magazine that allowed her to write what she wanted. Why is such an anti-pedigree person allowed to write for a magazine that is read by many pedigree dog owners??
Anonymous said…
Emma Milne wrote about her experiences and her views. So what? You're entitled to disagree with those views, but you can't tell people what to think. Nor should they be sacked for giving their opinion. What kind of press would we have if everyone did that with every publication in which something was said that they didn't agree? Dogs Today's stance on greyyhounds has been clear for years. Should it only publish things it agrees with and not allow anyone to hold other views to their own? Should it not allow open debate?
Unknown said…
Beverely, please be assured that not all Greyhound owners are out for your blood. I'm certainly not. I have to say that it takes a big person to admit they messed up and apologise as you did and continue to do.

That said a lot of people, including me, are still upset and in some cases very angry about the impact this article will have on Greyhound Rehoming charities and the poor dogs waiting for homes. After all, if you were someone considering a greyhound as a pet and then this particular magazine article written by a famous TV vet, you'd certainly think twice if not give up on the idea. That's whats so upsetting to many of us.

I think people from the greyhound community, be they re-homing charities, adopters, trainers or breeders all deserve some kind of clarity on what Dogs Today intends to do to leviate the situation.

1) Will you be printing your apology and a retracting statement about the article in your next issue?

2) Will you either cease to use Vet Emma as a columist, or at least make a promise that you will check throroughly any further articles she writes so we can assure that a deeply emotive and potentially destructive story isn't published in the future?

3) Will you be insisting that Vet Emma makes a public apology in the next issue?

I think these are questions everyone on here is asking in one way or another, and they are all valid queries.

Greyhound owners aren't agressive or nasty people on the whole. In fact in my experience they are a lovely chatty friendly bunch, but obviously we all feel very passionately about our dogs and this kind of story unfortunately brings out the little bad in us.

It would be lovely to see some positive greyhound features in you future issues, please don't forget to consider reporting on our Greyhound Walks here in Essex & Suffolk (

I know this is a very stressful time for you as an editor and I do empathise with you. It's a shame we can't all turn back time when we make a mistake. All we can do now is hope that you can try and fix or at least limit the damage caused in the future.

Kelly Channon
alfmcmalf said…
I am very sorry that so many of you have been hurt and riled by this article.

A couple of greyhound people here have left links to other greyhound sites which I have now visited. It is clear to me that there are many very interesting issues around the plight of greyhounds and having now looked at several greyhound galleries they are all the most beautiful and photogenic of dogs.

I would like to see a DT Greyhound Special that covers a wide range of related topics. I fully appreciate the offence that has been done here but I would very much like DT to be part of the solution to a most positive way forward for greyhounds.
Unknown said…
alfmcmalf, well said and thank you for taking the time to visit our website and reading up on our lovely dogs.

Kelly Channon
Anonymous said…
"Should it not allow open debate?"

A biased, badly research, hugely inflammatory article is not 'open debate'. With something so obviously potentially damaging you cannot assume a reader has all back-issues of DT and is able to make a balanced judgement of this one article in the context of DT's previous greyhound coverage.

Freedom of the press does NOT mean you can say what you like - that's why we have lible laws - any person or group of people would have sued by now.

There are other groups around that would gladly publically promote the genocide of certain 'species'. I suppose you'd be happy to see articles from the Neo-Nazi movement appearing in The Sun in the name of 'provoking debate'?
Anonymous said…
If you choose to print a contraversial and thought provoking article, you must expect to recieve a large volume of passionately worded responses. As far as I know, the mag has only been out for a few days... I think you can probably expect a lot more letters over the next few weeks!
Anonymous said…
I'm replying to anonymous who posted at 11.41 on 4th April. What Emma said was not debate it was advocating genocide of a breed of dogs. She could have kicked off about irresponsible owners or the racing industry, but no she chose to attack the dog, which can not defend itself. Her article has undone the hard work volunteers spend hours doing; looking after the dogs waiting for homing, taking them to vets, doing homechecks and standing on stand at shows promoting these beautiful dogs. I got my greyhound a year ago because these dedicated people spent their whole (4 days) of Easter talking about greyhounds (This year it was in the snow). We were never going to have a dog until my husband saw them at the show. If we had seen this story first we probably would have missed out on having a perfect and very valuable member of the family. These volunteers do it for love, not money unlike Emma. I suspect this is partly where some of the anger comes from, not to mention the fact she has taken her forum off line and won't stand up for herself, but seems to be hiding. Beverley I'm sorry you have recieved most of the flak, but Emma has made herself unobtainable and you are the next best thing. Someone needs to sit this vet pretending to a celebrity down and explain in words of one syllable exactly what she has done because at the moment it seems she is completely unaware and extremely unrepentant.
jacqui said…
I have to agree with all those who have suggested that Ms Milne be removed form the public eye and not be allowed to write for your magazine any longer.
We are all entitled to our opinions but as a 'celebrity'? and a vet Ms Milne's opinions are likely to be taken as facts.
Having read parts of her TV Vet page it is obvious that Ms Milne has taken a 'dislike' to many breeds in the past and is given to emotive out bursts. I therefore have to question whether she should be acclaimed as any sort of professional, never mind celebrity.
I would not ask for her advise about any animal, especially not a dog.
People on this blog are suggesting we all make mistakes, time to stop the anger etc but in reality how many of us have made a mistake with effects that are likely to cause the death of many hundreds of animals and put back public thinking by ten years?
People need to continue to express how they feel about this article and how unprofessional Ms Milne has been.
My heart bleeds for the poor people who lost their dog in such awful conditions but also for the greyhounds who acted in the manner that is natural to them and which we can only assume has been encouraged by previous owners in their racing careers; how frightened must they have been? How much must they have been made to suffer by now, especially given a local vet with Ms Milne's attuitude!
I also feel great empathy for all those who have greyhounds who have been hurt or killed by other dogs.
I really hope your magazine can begin to make some amends on this matter in the next issue with more than just the use of letters in the post bag. Many of the 'doggy people' I meet are cautious of my greyhound and after reading such an article will be less likely to let their children approach him, incidently in the last year my dog has helped four children overcome their fear of dogs.
Anonymous said…
After reading the article by vet Emma Milne, I thought she was just putting a different spin on rehoming greyhounds or putting them to sleep after racing. I think we all ought to take a step back to consider the issue from a different angle.

If there weren’t any Greyhound racing then we wouldn't have this problem, the racing industry is coursing these problems. If all racing Greyhounds were put down after racing then there would be a public out cry to stop Greyhound racing altogether, which would be the best thing for all Greyhounds in the long term.
If then you wanted a Greyhound you would buy it as a puppy from a show breeder like every other breed of dog. Then there wouldn't be any intensively trained dogs that are encouraged and trained to kill small furry moving things. All of us who have worked in Greyhound rehoming know that Greyhounds are often given “live kills” to intensify the chase reaction. I think for the wellbeing of Greyhounds it might be a way of stopping racing altogether. This is surly what we must be working towards if we have the Greyhound welfare at heart. The welfare of the dogs will never be paramount within the racing industry; they are just after making money out of betting.

How many race tracks fully support (pay wages, national insurance and pensions) their own kennels for rehoming every retired Greyhound from their track? I don’t mean giving the odd thousand pounds to a local group of unpaid volunteers who work endless hour of their own time to rehome a very small number of dogs in proportion to the number of dogs that finish racing every year and are put down. I know because I have worked as a volunteer to rehome these wonderful dogs and its heart breaking work. The racing industry only support Retired Greyhound Trust to offset the adverse publicity they would get for not “trying” to rehome Greyhounds. Why don’t tracks come clean and tell us how many dogs are put down that race at their track, they have all the information but won’t tell the general public.

As for Emma’s article; I respect her, she really cares about animal issues and isn’t afraid to say what she thinks, even when she might land herself in trouble. Look at the wonderful work she has done about tail-docking; no vet would come out to say they were against it until she did. Let’s ban Greyhound racing and put an end to the carnage of these beautiful animals. This is a debate about Greyhound welfare within the racing industry and is long overdue. Thanks to Emma for not being afraid to air it!
Anonymous said…

Greyhounds don't need bad press. A mistake was made. It has been apologised for and steps taken to rectify the error.

DT has done 18 years great work. Mistakes will happen.

In dog training, we work from where we are with what we have. We look forward to where we want to be. We don't keep on and on dishing out the punishment. Let's generalise our training skills.

People have expressed their anger. People are angry at the sentiment and angry that it was aired. Beverley & the team have shouldered it. Points taken. They can't go back and change it. Adding more and more anger won't move us forward.

Greyhounds are fab dogs. One day I hope maybe to have one if and when the time is right. The article won't put off people who are genuinely interested because they know about the breed. I hope most people do more research than to read one article and make their mind up. We have an opportunity to highlight responsible dog ownership.

Let's take what we can from the situation and start working with that...
Anonymous said…
I posted yesterday about being verbally abused twice while walking my greyhounds so I am indeed VERY upset and distressed about this. However, I agree with those asking for a bit of restraint towards Beverley. She has apologised profusely and as she says cannot turn back time so it is completely pointless going over the same old ground. Emma Milne is another matter and I hope she comes to realise that her comments were horrendously damaging and plain WRONG! She must do her research and discover that greyhounds are often the VICTIMS of attack resulting in horrendous injuries and sometimes death. All breeds of dogs have been know to attack and all dogs need responsible owners to avoid the horrors that Emma's poor clients had to face.
Anonymous said…
To anon at 12.57 today-

You must have been reading a different article to me. This was not a debate about whether dog racing should exist or not. This article was called 'Dog eat Dog'.

To say that there would be a public outcry if greyhounds were put to sleep after racing I think is wrong - it would make them simply appear 'like livestock' as Ms Milne put it.
Anonymous said…
And whats with the articles illustration?

The illustration of the article depicts a young boy asking his dad what a greyhound is following the closure of the racing ground. Meaning, that if there was no racing then greyhounds would be 'extinct'. Does that then mean greyhounds are worthless as pets and there is no point breeding them if not to race?
Anonymous said…
Its not a matter of the the race industry, all we are asking for is an apology from this stupid woman, and for the magazine to inform us what they are doing about the mess they have caused, its not bloody rocket science
Anonymous said…
"If all racing Greyhounds were put down after racing then there would be a public out cry to stop Greyhound racing altogether, which would be the best thing for all Greyhounds in the long term".

Had Ms Milne's article been to condemn the terrible effect the racing industry has had on the lives of the greyhound breed I don't think there would be anywhere near the outcry there is here.

However, Ms Milne's article, whilst critical of dog racing, suggested greyhounds were a "murderous" breed that dog-kind would be better off without.

What the quoted poster suggests isn't much better than what Ms Milne suggests. How could sanctioning treating greyhounds like cattle be "the best thing"?

Ridiculous, and the kind of dangerous suggestion that Ms Milne would likely be nodding along with.

Unfortunately, some vets already think it's ok to kill healthy greyhounds - 'coincidentally', some have been shown to then sell the body parts to veternary colleges.

The comments of Ms Milne and the quoted poster has made are of the most dangerous kind. The end does not justify the means if it means killing healthy dogs.

What animal lovers you are. The kind that release minks from a farm to have them decimate the local countryside and be killed to control them. Ms Milne obviously has a passion for animals - now she just needs to get a brain to go with it.
Anonymous said…
Just give it a rest, what do you want from me? I've said sorry - I'm doing all I can to redress the balance in the next edition.

03 April 2008 23:21 "

I think Beverley, that most of us appreciate that a mistake has been made and accept your apology. This is not the problem as far as I can see.

However, step one of any reparation would be, to publicly state, that Ms. E. Milne will not be writing for DT ever again.

Thank you
Anonymous said…
Danes and Greys:
Why shouldn't Emma MIlne write for Dogs Today again? Because she said something you don't agree with?
I don't agree with what YOU'VE said, so can you stop writing your opinions here?
Anonymous said…
i foster for Greyhound Gap at the moment I have a foster named Twirl. In the house she is a dream but out and about she is a pain, her prey drive is very high and she screams and lunges. THAT is why she is always muzzled and walked on a lead. It is not Twirls fault she was bred and trained in Ireland (possibly with live prey). Humans did this to her to get a bit of pleasure,shall we put her to sleep? no we bloody well won't!!!
Anonymous said…
To anonymous who responded to 'danes and greys': Emma Milne is a 'celebrity', a qualified vet and a Dogs Today columnist. Interestingly she is also a patron of Dogs Trust, who 'never put a healthy dog down'... (not quite sure how that fits in with her philosophy!) She acted extremely irresponsibly by citing acedoctal examples as fact in her article. As a vet, her opinions are likely to be taken far more seriously and carry far more weight than 'Danes and grey''s (who I do not know but presume is not a tv vet!), so it is not really helpful to tell other people who post on this blog not to give their opinions. Ms Milne did not just say something Dane's and Greys did not agree with, she wrote an ill-researched, factually unfounded article which is likely to have a very damaging repercussions for greyhound rehoming charities. That is why people are writing such passionate and strongly worded responses.
Anonymous said…
Everyone is entitled to post here, but you have to remember SHE HAS RUINED OUR REHOMING SITUATION!
She is a stupid, idiotic woman! and as stated time and time again, we want an apology from her!
Anonymous said…
"Why shouldn't Emma MIlne write for Dogs Today again? Because she said something you don't agree with?"

Ms. Milne did not simply say something people don't agree with. She, suggested the extinction of a wonderful 6000 year-old breed of dog, insulted thousands of owners and damaged the charity work of hundreds effectively condemning untold numbers of dogs to death or worse on the basis of having a bad day at work.

I exaggerate - but not as bad as she did.

"I don't agree with what YOU'VE said, so can you stop writing your opinions here?"

*rolls eyes*
Anonymous said…
"Why shouldn't Emma MIlne write for Dogs Today again? Because she said something you don't agree with?"

Ms. Milne did not simply say something people don't agree with. She, suggested the extinction of a wonderful 6000 year-old breed of dog, insulted thousands of owners and damaged the charity work of hundreds effectively condemning untold numbers of dogs to death or worse on the basis of having a bad day at work.

I exaggerate - but not as bad as she did.

"I don't agree with what YOU'VE said, so can you stop writing your opinions here?"

*rolls eyes*
Anonymous said…
People dont think we should keep having a go at Emma but lets just put it this way, if a greyhound trainer came out and said the same comment then they would have been burned at the stake by now. And can i just once again point out that not all greyhound trainers are in it for the gambling, Most of them look after their dogs and keep them for considerable time until the perfect home is found. They are not all uncaring greyhound murderers as the press has people believe. If greyhound racing was banned tomorrow then there would be totally insufficient charities to help home them, and definately not enough homes, there would be a mass culling of dogs as without the racing trainers and owners would be unable to pay to keep them until they are homed. This makes the situation much much worse.

Also can anyone tell me how many labs, or spaniels or terriers are bred each year, how many have a home for the rest of their days?? How many do the homing charites ie RSPCA put to sleep? I know of people that breed dogs for showing they spend their days in small cages in houses and the ones no good fort showing or breeding are destroyed, look at puppy farming for all other breeds of dogs, the greyhound industry is easy to attack because there are some figures whereas the scale of other situations is unclear!
rattus rattus said…
The original article was bad but the explanations and blogs from yourself and the author of the article have, if anything, made it worse.

You say you were busy, new staff, VAT, lots to do etc. When you are editor you get to carry the can. It goes with the territory along with the salary and no excuses will wash with this one.

Still, you have a facility for leaving comments which is more than Emma the vet has. In response to her explanatory notes (and also similar comments from your supporters and yourself) I would make the following comments:

She says the article has been “totally misunderstood by some who’ve read it” and that people “have missed the point” which was “ to open a debate about the (racing) industry”.

Her original article only gets round to mentioning the racing industry in paragraph 9, after a detailed account of the injuries to the small dog, and discussion of the killing instincts of greys and lurchers. The article sets the agenda, entitled ‘Dog Eat Dog’.

Now, to my mind, if she had really wanted to write about the racing industry she could have done it in a less obscure way.

Dogs Today is not a heavyweight scientific publication. It is not Scientific American or Nature, where a reader has to forensically search for understanding in labyrinthine reasoning and big words. It is the sort of publication where a reader will see the headline Dog Eat Dog, read the first 8 paragraphs and the damage will be done, opinion will be formed well before she mentions the racing industry.

In her explanatory notes she says she wished to open debate about racing greys and “the dogs and the animals affected by some of these creatures”. So the victim dogs are ‘dogs’, and the greys are ‘these creatures’??

I have bought your magazine in the past, but will not be doing so again while the Celebrity TV Vet continues to write for you.
rattus rattus said…
Quote from BC:

I understand responsibility and accountability. I have done this job for 18 years, through bereavement, childbirth, serious illness you name it. Not leaving my station, never missing an issue, working at night, working from a hospital bed, working on holiday, weekends. You cannot accuse me of not doing my best. We all make mistakes - we are human. I never imagined in my wildest nightmares that one of my contributors would extol genocide of a breed. It was as much a shock to me as you.


then stop with the self pity, the tales of working from a hospital bed, working at night - stop telling us all that, behave like the professional that you are and as you obviously believe that she has 'extol(ed) genocide of a breed' make sure she never works for the magazine again.

That is the only response you can give that will satisfy me, and others.
Anonymous said…
I very much doubt if she will answer any of our responses, and requests for an apology for the celeb vet! Well I know many that wont be purchasing the mag again, and whilst the celeb vet still writes for her this will not stop and I expect its going to be put more in the public eye very soon.
Beverley Cuddy said…
Been away from my computer, even had my phone switched off for a few hours. I have to say it was productive. I'll not be coming back on the blog to comment for a while as I'm getting on with planning what we're going to do to start putting things right and I hope no one will think me rude. I will blog when I need some input on content, as I shall probably want some shining examples of Greyhounds that are lovely with cats and dogs etc.

In fact why not email me your pix of Greyhounds with other pets and say 100 words telling me something positive about your rescue Greyhound.

We've already got so many letters telling us what's wrong with the article that all the salient points are covered.

What I'd like to do is show loads of pictures of Greyhounds with cats, rabbits, small dogs to reinforce the message that not all Greyhounds are problematic. Plus a few stories of people who know their dogs have chase issues and how the dogs can still live a very happy life without putting anyone in danger.

If pix can be 300dpi and no bigger than 1MB please or they will bounce. Anything too small won't be of sufficient print quality.

Email me the pix and words direct on

And please put "Friendly Greyhounds" in the subject box so I can spot them.

Those who still need to vent please continue here - I will be reading, but at less frequent intervals as otherwise I'll never get anything positive done.

Once again, sorry about this folks. We're working on next month's package and a much bigger project too.

Thank you to all those lovely people who said keep your chin up after I did my last somewhat tired and emotional post last night. A kind word really does make all the difference.

Am fully energized again now and ready to try and make something positive happen for Greyhounds and hope everyone will help me do it.
Anonymous said…
Well done, Beverly - that sounds great and I'm glad you are not sounding too depressed today.
I'm sure people would still like to hear as soon as possible what is intended re. DT's relationship with Ms Milne. I realise it would probably be a hard decision to end what was probably a lucrative relationship with her, but I think people would like to know even if it is to say you cannot promise to drop her.
Keep up the good work (and watch out for the bad!).
Anonymous said…
of course Emma is allowed to have her own opinion - but why on earth is she a vet?? Alot of animals can kill - humans can kill - I just don't think that Emma has choosen the right profession if she can stand by her opinion that greyhounds should be allowed to die out. They are beautiful creatures. Some are aggressive, most aren't - like most dogs. I would love to see a DT focused solely on greyhounds too. PLease DT, help us re-home these wonderful dogs with experienced, responsible owners who will not allow the dog's instinct to harm another animal.
Anonymous said…
Personally I would love to see all dogs muzzled when out of their homes. I always muzzle my greyhounds and I feel that it is the only responsible thing to do. I know that alot of dogs don't like their muzzles and I've actually had alot of negative comments from people who don't like to see them muzzled but I think that if it were made law then there would be alot less attacks - from ANY dog. Let all dog owners take responsibility - muzzle your dogs and try to keep them on lead at all times. If you want to let them off lead then please make sure that they stay near to you and can be recalled easily. Then ALL dog owners can enjoy their walks without fear of being approached by another dog, friendly or otherwise - let us remember as dog owners - not everyone likes dogs and it's not fair of us to allow our dogs freedom to approach anyone they like because we have no idea how that person may then react.
Anonymous said…
I think Dog's Trust should have very strong words with EM then as their motto is "Never puts a healthy dog down" - EM obviously missed that part.
Anonymous said…
I would just to like to share a quote from the response I recieved from Sarah Carlin from the press office of Dogs Trust:

"I have asked that anyone that has read the article and been incensed should also write to Dogs Today /and or Emma Milne – strength of public opinion being absolutely essential."

This is why Beverly and Emma are being deluged with responses- strength of public opinion. Contraversial views/articles generate strong responses!
Anonymous said…
In her article, Emma said she felt sympathy for the owners of the dogs and blamed the dogs for the attack. Whatever happened to Deed not Breed. The owner of the dogs were responsible by not having control of the dogs, they should be held to account for this attack. it is a dog's natural instinct to chase and many to kill.

What has annoyed me, is the amount of people who have attacked both Beverly, Dogs Today and Emma who had not read the article, they became a lynch mob for something they had second, and in some cases, third hand.
Anonymous said…
It's not always a good idea to overgreneralise.

I'm not sure how you would know if people read the article or not, or heard about it second or third hand? I imagine you would have to ask each person individually, unless they stated this in their response.

I have not seen any evidence of Dogs Today or anyone involved with it being 'attacked'...People who are upset/angry/disappointed have simply stated their views.

The fact that a large number of individuals commented on this issue does not make them a 'lynch mob'. It does however demonstrate that there are a lot of individuals who feel strongly about what was written.
Anonymous said…
Why is it always the minority that ruin it for the majority?!?!?!
I have a Great Dane and a Greyhound and am used to people crossing the road when they see me approaching, but whats going to happen now??!

Well done Beverly for being big enough for apologising profusely and good on you!

As for Emma, please, please, please? a retraction of the article or at the very least a teeny tiny two line bit saying shes sorry?!?
Anonymous said…
There have been some harsh words recently; I would just like to tell you about our wonderful greyhound friend, Freddie, who is nearly 8 years old. He came to live with us through Greyhounds 4U 3 years ago. He had never been in a home before but, from the beginning, proved to be as near perfect as it is possible to be.

Our daughter is an animal addict and brings her SEVEN dogs to our house quite often. They consist of a Whippet, a rough-haired whippet-like cross, a Jack Russell bitch, and FOUR chihuahuas. Freddie, is wonderful and tolerant with all of them. Lily, who is just about as big as his head, runs around him while he is lying down and Maud, the Jack Russell enjoys giving him a thorough mouth wash!!

We are both in our late, very active, 70s, who think we have the most wonderful, gentle dog, and he obviously thinks he has died and gone to heaven. In other words we are all in love.

Unfortunately we do not have any photographs - our children, now in their 40s and 50s say we do not have any of them either!!

Do not judge all dogs by breed - my husband has been attacked, while trying to protect two of our previous dogs while walking them on the lead, by two golden retrievers. It is the responsibility of the owners to take care of their animals.
bugs said…
On a positive note, I have to say what a brilliant article it was, about the Staffy problem. I am so glad this has been highlighted, but saddened that it has been overshadowed by the controversial greyhound article.
Anonymous said…
Freddie sounds like a lovely natured and tolerant dog. My greyhound is 3 years old and has adapted amazingly well to life in a home after she was badly treated during her (thankfully brief) racing 'career'. Because she was bred as a racer and not properly looked after she was terrified of the outside world when we took her home and took a long time to regain her confidence. Now she is a happy and well adjusted dog who plays gently with other breeds:-doggy 'friends' she regularly plays with in the park include a small terrier and a poodle. I really hope the owners of these dogs (and others) haven't read this horrible article. As a vet, Emma should be thoroughly ashamed of herself.
Chapstaff said…
I think it's time for this near hysteria to end.

If Emma Milne still believes everything she has written is factually correct what is the point in asking for an apology? She, rightly or wrongly doesn't think she has anything to apologise for, so it would be an insincere apology, whereas Beverley has apologised unreservedly, & is obviously shocked & upset by the article.

Time to move on & try to work with Beverley to repair some of the damage & help to promote Greys in a positive way.

I have been reading Dogs Today from almost the very first issue, & this is the first mistake I can see that Beverley has made. Not bad going!

By the way - there are plenty of excellent articles in the magazine as always.

You have my wholehearted support anyway.
Anonymous said…
I'll be walking my 2 rescue greyhound on Sunday morning along with 60 - 70 others at Strathclyde Park near Motherwell, as part of the GAL monthly dog walk. Greys are not the problem, it's irresponsible owners who are to blame. One of my Greys has been attacked 3 times by other dogs running about off the lead and now he appears aggressive when other dogs approach him. I therefore keep him muzzled and on the lead at all times when out walking. He is still a great pet but like most dogs he has to be controlled.
Alan on beehalf of Douglas and Lulu.
rattus rattus said…
Chapstaff: I think it's time for this near hysteria to end.

Response: that is very patronising Chapstaff. Personally I find it offensive to be labelled hysterical because I believe action should be taken to remove Emma Milne from the list of contributors.

Chapstaff: If Emma Milne still believes everything she has written is factually correct what is the point in asking for an apology?

Response: I, for one, am not asking for an apology. I am demanding her removal.
Anonymous said…
Oh Chapstaff, im sure that if Ms. Milne had attacking your breed of dog so vicously and calling for them to be wiped out, you too would be the ones as you put it, at near hysetria levels, not asking for us all to drop it now.
This is im afraid going to carry on until the magazine has made clear what they intend on doing with regard to Ms. Milne, as she is obviously not going to make any type of apology, i hope also the RVC do somthing about her, and maybe The Dogs Trust should start looking for another patron, if they want to keep the "We dont put a healthy dog down" slogan.
Anonymous said…
Here is a copy of the email I sent directly to Emma Milne...

"Dear Emma,

I've read your Dogs Today article, and I've read the response to the mail you've received on your website.

The dog world already KNOWS that greyhound racing is cruel and should be banned and that the welfare standards applied to greyhounds and lurchers - working and retired - in this and other countries - are appalling.

If you wanted to say that, you should have said it. Bringing "dog on dog attacks" into the equation is not helpful to anybody. Many dogs were originally bred to chase and hunt - there must be just as many attacks by other breeds as by sighthounds. I don't know for sure; and as nobody seems to have reliable statistics, I doubt you do either.

An article based on a bad day chez Milne was never going to be balanced; I don't know how much editorial control you have over what gets printed in the magazine, but as published it is far more inflammatory than the response on your website. I'm very sorry for the poor dogs that died and for their owners; but I can't see that suggesting that a whole breed of dog be punished for the "crimes" of a very few will help. Isn't this very much against the "deed not breed" mantra we have been shouting since the DDA was brought in in 1991?

I can't wait for the Daily Mail to seize upon the Dogs Today article and throw sighthound owners to the lions. Walks are such fun when everybody leaves the park and crosses the road to avoid you.

Sorry Emma: you got it wrong this time and you may well cause a lot of dogs and a lot of responsible owners unnecessary pain with this article. You should try and walk a mile in my shoes; if you saw what often happens to sighthounds on a day to day basis, you might feel different. At least I hope so for the sake of innocent hounds everywhere."

Hmmmm.... damage done though, sadly, Beverley.
rattus rattus said…
well said fabapocalypse.

Ms Milne had a bad day and wrote an article that did not clearly reflect her (subsequently) stated aim to expose the racing industry, Beverley was too busy to read it.

The title of the article Dog eat Dog, and the initial paragraphs about the injuries to the small dog set the tone which was anti ex-racing greys. The anti-racing argument was obscure and only came later in the article.

Ms Milne's defiant response to criticism and DT's seeming willingness to avoid confrontation with her leave me and many people even angrier than they were at the original article.

To those people who want the critics to shut up and go away: will you be willing to admit that you didn't continue to speak out when greys appear in the tabloids as demon dogs, when they are shunned along with their sighthound cousins who incidentally were also bred to hunt.
Jay said…
Kudos to you for your apology and for admitting fault. As Polly7 says, sadly this will not mend matters, but it is a good start, along with the articles planned for the next issue.

One of my own dogs is a registered PAT therapy dog visiting very vulnerable people.

If you pop along to you will find many examples of the good qualities of this breed, and sadly, in the archives are stories of greyhounds being attacked and killed by other breeds. As you say, not just a greyhound thing.
Anonymous said…
There is no excuse for not checking articles. Are we supposed to be grateful that you are allowing us to send in picture of our pets to redress the balance? I am sure people will send you numerous pictures of their greyhounds cuddling up to small dogs, kittens etc but why should they have to. People are trying to get on with their busy lives and enjoying their hounds and this one sided attack by Ms Milne has left them to pick up the pieces. People tend to be suspicious of bigger dogs anyway this has just made it worse.
Anonymous said…
I've waited a few days to post a comment on this blog. I didn't want to be accused of leaving a message that was composed in a fit of pique.

With regards to dogs attacking or killing other dogs, I would like Ms Milne to justify why it is she recommends that Greyhounds as a breed are exterminated when simply muzzling them would be just as effective? Surely a more balanced rational conclusion to her article would be to urge people who adopt ex-racers to use a Baskerville muzzle when out walking?

I've felt nothing but contempt for Ms Milne since reading the article. Today, however, I feel nothing but pity for her; by expressing such outrageous, unprofessional and ill-judged views, she has made herself look a complete and utter tit.

Kimberley Bown
anonymous said…
The whole
magazine has become like amateur hour (with a vet who obviously is
unaware of the responsibilities of writing for a national magazine -
and worse, an editor who doesn't even do the very basics of her job...
ie read the magazine, make sure that what goes out is responsible,
accurate and acceptable, understand the wider implications in the dog
world, and give the writers the back-up they should be able to expect).
If this was a professional magazine - in other words one that wasn't
owned and published solely by the editor - the editor would be looking
for a new job now (no matter how sorry she is for not doing her job
properly) as she would have (quite rightly) been forced to resign. As
this is amateur hour however, there will be no come back - and in fact
the next issue of the magazine will largely come from the
greyhound-owning public who have been left to try and put things right.
Hopefully in the future, readers will stick to getting their dog
information from a professional magazine - I certainly will be!
Anonymous said…
A feeble 'Sorry' isn't good enough - you should be doing your job properly instead of worrying about your VAT return.

If I turned around to my boss and said 'sorry I caused offence to thousands of customers but I was thinking about my vat return' I know I'd soon be looking for another job.

If you ARE going to do your job properly, from now on, then sack Emma Milne for a truly offensive article.
Beverley Cuddy said…
If you're posting here you may not have read the more recent blogs.

The next magazine will indeed be full of positive things about Greyhounds which many of you and various wonderful Greyhound charities have helped us to compile. Why one poster is now complaining about us putting positive coverage in next issue I don't know! It really is an extraordinary point of view.

And as for amateur hour, well I rather hope some of you read the other 130 pages of the magazine as I'm really proud of the features on the Staffie rescue crisis, the article on when Rescue is a actually a shop and the interesting article on early spay becoming the norm. Plus there's the two pages of Bull Terriers looking for a home, the expose of the KC Accredited Breeder scheme latest failings .... in fact I could go on and on! There's tons in that edition that is really strong.

If we're the amateurs here well I have to say I rather like it like that, as I don't think you'd find any of those features anywhere else.

I've already explained I didn't get to read Emma's piece before it went to press. It was read by several members of staff for literals who thought it contentious but reasoned as she is a columnist she's likely to be controversial so didn't have the same gut reaction as I did when I eventually read it. It was a deeply shocking article for me - quite unexpected and something I wouldn't have dreamed of publishing. Experience meant I could see the consequences that others in my team might not have. Technically it wasn't a libel risk, but it was a risk to greyhounds. It was sheer bad luck as I read almost every other feature that month.

We are a small company - and consequently I wear many hats - as well as the other doggie stuff I do outside magazine work. If we were owned by shareholders who were hungry for profit we would probably be more formulaic, we'd probably all work normal hours and take lunch breaks and holidays and stick to sensible job descriptions. However, we're not. We do our job for the love of dogs and that means we operate in a differnet way. It allows us to take risks to break a story that needs telling - something the more 'professional' publications will never do for risk of losing their ad revenue.

If you prefer the other lot, then it's a free country. We'll welcome you back any time as we need intelligent dog lovers and we all need to pull together if we're ever going to change anything.

I have admitted from the very start, I made a mistake in not reading those pages. I will do everything in my power to make up for that mistake. I've made a start and will continue to do so.

And I have to say the Greyhound owners who have emailed me have been really lovely, I've enjoyed reading their stories and seeing some fabulous photos and I look forward to sharing them with the readers next month.
rattus rattus said…
I've read back through all the posts and what strikes me is the way Beverley and supporters' comments have changed from 'I'm still poorly', through 'come on chaps lets leave it now', and 'what is your secret agenda', and the patronising 'let's have a greyhound Couch Potato Award' FINALLY to the announcement of an apology by EM in the next edition.

In EM's Setting the Record Straight item on her home page she finishes with the words

"If you’d like to write to me or to the publisher of Dogs Today then that is your prerogative but this is my response."

in other words a barely concealed 'Up Yours' - that is all you are getting.

So how come she is now making an apology? Purely and simply because angry people have not gone away. They have kept the pressure up. And many people will continue to keep the pressure up by boycotting the magazine while she is a contributor.
alfmcmalf said…
I have read May's issue from cover to cover now and agree with Beverley that there are excellent features that explore many aspects of the lives we share with our dogs and the predicaments that many breeds find themselves in, at the hands of humans.

Voting with your feet is most definitely a powerful protest and I for one would never condemn anyone for doing that.

However, I would also like to state publicly my ongoing support for both Beverley and Emma - despite the upset and clear anguish they have caused for greyhounds they obviously intend to make amends. They should be given the space to do that graciously.

The strength of DT is that unlike other dog magazines I read - they do present a very wide range of views, and Beverley encourages a wide range of contributors. I hope that continues.

I have also read the passionate posts made by rattus rattus and my personal opinion is that your point, rattus has now been firmly made. You raise many issues yourself here and in the other threads that I hope we can pick up on in future issues.

One thing that has saddened me here though is that so many people have posted "anonymously" - I realise that this is a right we all have but would have found the points made more pwerful if people had the courage to say who they are.

I look forward to June's edition.

Philippa Robinson
Anonymous said…
"I would also like to state publicly my ongoing support for both Beverley and Emma - despite the upset and clear anguish they have caused for greyhounds they obviously intend to make amends"

"So how come she is now making an apology?"

Have I missed something? I just read this and other blogs here and Ms Milne website and I don't see anything but an "up yours" post from Ms Milne.

As for continuing support for Emma - well, here's hoping she recommends the extermination of something you care for so you can wake up and understand what greyhound owners are going through.
Anonymous said…
Has Emma shown clear anguish? Sorry I must have missed that one!
Anonymous said…
I will not be sending photos of my greyhounds posing with my cats and various other pets, its a little bribery to take the pressure of a total disaster which has been caused.

I am disgusted with editor, the pathetic vet and the entire situation us homing centres have found us in owing to this story.

I will never purchase your magazine and will urge others as well, not that it will make any difference but will make me feel better.

I hope your conscience gets the better of you, and I cannot accept a two bob apology of running successful stories with photos. Been there done that.

I am still waiting to see what you will be doing about your "celeb vet" and waiting a response from her, and her "puppet" agent, maybe he should have stuck with playing with a teddy bear.

We are struggling in Devon to home these beautiful hounds at the best of time, and you have added another nail in out coffin.
Anonymous said…
I'm sorry but the last post sounds like a petulant child!

Time to stop complaining and being so silly when people are genuinely trying to help put this right.
Anonymous said…
It's almost funny people posting hear calling others hysterical, petulant children.

Almost. Except for the seriousness of the subject.

People are justifiably very upset and not all of them read the article when the magazine came out.

If you really want to get past this, how about letting people blow off their steam?

Is insulting them further any more sensible?
Anonymous said…
Petulant Child? I am a 75 year old woman who has been involved in the care, rehoming and general welfare of retired greyhound for over 6o years. How dare you?
Anonymous said…
The only way it will be put right is for the vet to be dismissed from the magazine.!
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