Another one of those days...

A while ago I blogged about a mysterious substance found on the kitchen floor.
Well, this morning my toes met with something cold and irregular. I put the light on to discover the remnants of a large pair of scissors, my best scissors in fact. Or at least they used to be!
The hard yellow plastic handles and been completely chewed off!
Now obviously Mr Kong has missed a gap in the market, dogs seemingly cannot resist scissors. There were various expensive and safe dog toys left scattered around the floor untouched - but the yellow scissors from the worktop were completely irresistible. They'd been there for years
Which dog did it? Who knows. The scissors lay in neutral territory. Which makes me think it was Tess.
When recently Kieran's virtually new school shoe was chewed, Oscar had casually left it in his bed. He isn't capable of subterfuge, bless him.
Another peculiarity of the morning. We'd left the de-icer outside yesterday and the frost was thick on the cars today. I went to spray - nothing! The de-icer had iced up. How can that happen?
I had to run it under the hot tap!
And I get to work - Internet is working fine, but not the email. How odd - it's normally both out or both working!
And another thing. Someone changed the ink in the communal printer and inadvertently threw away a vital bit of the machine that makes it work! £60 and several days wait to get another one.
So we're in a paperless, email free office at the moment - which is why I've got time to blog!
Who knows what more surprises the day will bring!


Beverley Cuddy said…
Email restored 9.53 and the postie brought us some yummy chocolates from our paper supplier. Things are looking up!
Anonymous said…
Well todays surprise is finding that Dillydoglet is gracing page 40 of the January copy of DT..

I said 'OOH' a lot... however I'm a very unobservant bear and ive had the mag since it arrived a week or more ago and not noticed..... doh!

Dilly is pleased :) He will sign autographs. Or just steal something.
Beverley Cuddy said…
Was Dill's photo originally taken for the shoot we did for the Bridget Bones Diary? Was Dill a Dogs Trust dog? If not, there are two gorgeous dogs that look very similar!
Ems said…
Nooo.. Dilly came and posed for a pic to go with a couple of articles (Sticky dog and No Sleep) I wrote about him a few years back - that MAY have been around the same time as the Bridget Bones Diary... I not sure now.

My other dog Rocky was in one of the calendars a couple of years previous to that, he was the black and tan xbreed staffy thingy one who had to be held down by his wotsits to keep him still *rofl*

I have more of those articles.... and probably some about Madam Kelda El Deerhound Princess... ooh and I have something about dominance/pack theory too... if you like.
Beverley Cuddy said…
How could I forget! That photoshoot for the calendar was great wasn't it - and I loved the Sticky dog article. I must be getting old... I used to be able to remember what was on every page in every back issue - but now there's 17 years of back catalogue I'm getting a little bit patchy!
I keep meeting grown ups who remember being in the mag when they were kids!!! One of them brought their baby to a shoot a few months back! Where's my zimmer frame?
Anonymous said…
Great? ROFL... he weed on the floor and raided the bin in the kitchen. It was fun though :D

I may send you some more articles if thats ok.. Im being kicked by my 'motivation expert' to write more stuff, both funny and more serious stuff.
Anonymous said…
LOL... its me wots losing me marbles, the calender shoot WAS great fun, so many nice peeps and their luffly dogs (and the excellent buffet).

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