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If you want news of Don't Cook Your Dog it now has it's own website... Click here. But please do read on while you're here, really heartwarming news!

Regular readers will know that at various point over the last couple of months we have tried to help OAP Dee stay together with her two dogs Rosie and Milo. She had ended up homeless and had been placed in a council emergency halfway house shelter in London, but it didn't allow her to have her dogs with her. Hence she had taken to sleeping in her car with her dogs.
This obviously couldn't continue and somehow we got to hear about it via a kindly vet and dog walker.
Via Twitter and facebook and blogs we launched an appeal to find a foster home for both dogs. There were many twists and turns as Rosie turned out not to much like being around other dogs and poor Milo needed to be near to the PDSA vets to get to his appointments as he had a fast growing lump on his leg.
But somehow, just in the nick of time, solutions were found and Rosie and Milo settled into loving foster homes with incredible people (Lorna had Rosie for most of the time, Kia and Tim had Milo and Bernice had Rosie for a week and Caroline and Mercedes were the ones who discovered Rosie was better alone!). Via ancient charity Tailwaggers Club Trust (of which I am Chairman by the way!) we launched an appeal for an emergency fund to pay for dog sitters or kennels etc to make sure dogs and owner didn't have to face a night in the car again. You were all very generous and we did need it a few times.
Last night I got the great news from Lorna that Dee is being housed on Friday and Milo and Rosie can rejoin her.
These dogs are Dee's life and it is just fantastic that her life is now back on track and her doggie family is being restored to her. When she had asked for help alone she was told to sign them over to a rescue for rehoming - something we all knew she'd never do.
I know that Rosie and Milo will be very much missed by their foster homes, but what they did for those dogs is the greatest act of love imaginable. And what they did for Dee... I've spoken to her several times over the last few months and being homeless at her age is very upsetting, but knowing that total strangers will offer to help you is life changing.
This whole episode encouraged us to write an article on fostering which will be in the September issue. That and @missyredboots Judith Broug gentle nagging us to do something on fostering! (Judith designed the Don't Cook Your Dog stickers and website... so lots of good ideas!).
So watch out for the September edition - out August 11th.


Kathy said…
What fantastic news! Superb effort by everyone involved, well done to you all. I can't begin to imagine how Dee must of felt when faced with parting with her dogs, I bet Friday night will be very special for her, reunited under the same roof with her beloved companions again. Truly heartwarming...
Anonymous said…
Wonderful news!
Kate Price said…
I love a happy ending. Well done for all those that helped.

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