Historic day for pet insurance

Breaking news!
The Financial Ombudsman has made a provisional ruling on the first cover for life pet insurance case. Here's the link if you want to read it all...
But briefly:

The GOOD news - the Ombudsman agrees that Halifax behaved unfairly and that it was reasonable for customers to expect to have continuous cover.
That they suggest that Halifax continue to pay out on pre-existing conditions as if the cover was still in place. But that customers should obtain cover elsewhere for non pre-existing conditions.

The BAD news
That's a complex scenario and there may be arguments about what is and isn't a pre-existing condition. For example organ failure in a dog with epilepsy - related to the medication to control the epilepsy or should be covered by new insurance?
And why only for three years... Max the Border Collie is only two years old and has epilepsy... where does that leave him? Cover for Life should mean life - not just three years!
The £200 suggested for distress! An insult.
Some people have had their dogs put to sleep due to insurance being terminated. And they paid Chris Day £6,000 for his emotional upset. Why only £200 now they've realised there are lots of people distressed?

No one has to accept the Ombudsman's offer, but the provisional ruling had me cheering - cover for life is being defended as the excellent policy it is. In human health insurance you can't buy something that covers you for on-going chronic problems, but for pets we have cover for life and it really is a life saver. We must fight for it and for the providers that do deliver what they promise.

A historic day today in the story of pet insurance.

If you have been affected by Lloyds, Halifax or Petguard removing their cover for life policies and would be interested in joining together with a group of others similarly disadvantaged email petalliancewatchdogs@dogstodaymagazine.co.uk

Pet Alliance Watchdogs is preparing a 'no win no fee' class action against these insurers to make sure that pet owners are fairly compensated. Please do join this great group where you can compare offers and see what is the best action for you and your pets.

More information here: http://www.dogstodaymagazine.co.uk/petinsurance/

Daily Telegraph has covered the story - click here


Anonymous said…

You may have read the full version, but just in case you haven't I supplied this link.
Anonymous said…

Just thought I'd post this link in case you hadn't read it.
Beverley Cuddy said…
Thanks! But there is a link to it in the first para, but if you missed it others might have done, too. Beverley
Dawn Hart said…
So glad somebody has finally seen some sense, just hope it's not too late for some pet owners!!
Anonymous said…

You probably know about this but Michael Sellers got a five figure number (over 10,000) compensation from Halifax. Express.co.uk Newspaper/The Crusader.
Anonymous said…
Halifax withdrawing from Pet Insurance

On the dogstodaymagazine website, it gives out 2 names and addresses for complaints letters to be sent, one of the names is Sir Winfried Franz Wilhelm. The full name is Sir Winfried Franz Wilhelm Bischoff, I believe his surname has been missed out. I hope this is of some help, also people are spelling it differently over the www so spelling could be checked out. Any one who has already sent a letter it should have got their as the address displayed is correct.

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