Get in line for our online directory!

The fabulous new Dogs Today Online Directory went live yesterday!
Do check it out!
I've had a quick look and at while there's already loads of exciting listings there are still a few gaps and of course we'd love to see the listing grow and grow as many more great people join in.
We know our readers and they are usually the folk in their community that people ask for doggie advice - so put your details somewhere where they'll always know where to find them.
We don't yet have any vet surgeries signed up to be listed in the directory - would be a great help for people when they get a dog or move house - we're always being asked to recommend good vets and it would be lovely if vets who feel they have a particular talent for looking after pet dogs exceptionally well took out a listing. If you're progressive and proud of what you're doing and want to attract pet lovers who probably also want to go that extra yard to keep their dogs in tip top health, please do put your hand up!
If you're proud of the service you provide - get a listing.
We'll even throw in a free sub for your vet's waiting room!
Also - be great to know who is the doggie dentist to give your eye teeth for - the brightest neuro specialists, the stand out HD Xray guru, the eye specialist with the vision to tell you definitively whether your dog has an injury or a significant hereditary problem.
Another gap - hydrotherapy pools and physio!
Please show yourselves and take the plunge!
Swimming can be great for dogs recovering from injury or battling a debilitating progressive problem like CDRM. Until you need one you probably just don't spot them.
It can also be a really fun way of getting a really good work out generally, too  - especially if the weather has been too hot for long walks or your dog can't often let off steam due to being scared off other dogs or unreliable around rabbits etc.
Who is the top knot dog groomer in your area? The one who really knows what they are doing who can take a puppy through to old age and make going for a trim a really positive experience? Who can do the nerve racking nail trimming and- ugh - anal glands and turn their clients into friends? Is that you? Don't hide your talent.
Again, we'll throw in a free sub for your waiting area if you take up a listing.
I know I get asked these questions all the time from our readers... be great to have somewhere to point people towards 24/7 as not everyone gets to ask me direct! (Feels like it sometimes!)
Dog walkers and dog sitters, this should be perfect for you, too!
Not many people know there are folk that can handle an emergency situation... let people know you can turn someone's crisis into a calm and positive solution. (Eg going on holiday - you spot your dogs vaccines are out of date and the kennels will not take them... what do you do, apart from email me? Dog sitting agencies - this is perfect for you.)
We don't seem to yet have any doggie artists or photographers listed - have you commissioned someone to do something you loved? Why not give them a nudge to get themselves listed?
We know there's not much margin in doggie art as this is a time-hungry business - but this is a very economical way of telling people you're out there when they are searching for that totally unique present for a loved one or a permanent reminder of their dog of a lifetime.
I'd also like to see people who do clever stuff like turn your photos into embroidery, make your photos into cushions, your pet's hair into diamonds, great doggie signs for your house... all those really clever things that make a gift personal.
Maybe your website does include a link to these things - why not highlight it in the listing so people can find you?
How about services still just emerging? Are you a progressive dog trainer with loads of experience who would be happy to help someone select and train their next dog? I know lots of people who would adore this bespoke service. Someone to go through the choice of rescue or puppy, what type of dog, what sex and then get them completely up to speed on housetraining before the bundle of joy even arrives... there are people out there who really do want this service. I can tell you nearly everyone I went to infant school with has now contacted me to help them through the new dog minefield.
Our online directory is a great place to be listed, an economic way to make sure your details area always to hand. And our readers are ever so helpful - they are likely to be the people
If you have a doggie service that you think could be included please talk to Rachael Hames (full names, for we have two Rachaels in our office!), Fred or Mike on 01276 858880 during office hours or email them on, or
Favourable charity rates too! Just saying.
We want this listing to be accessible to everyone that will benefit.
Do have a browse - some really interesting and talented folk already listing - thank you so much for your good taste and support!
Well done to my lovely staff and designer Judith Broug, the famous @MissyRedBoots for pulling all this together while I've been away on a family holiday in Greece (I still am on holiday by the way! But my job never feels like work!)
Check it out now!


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