Xmas presents sorted yet?

Did you like our fantastic Howl print - the dog in the same style as the famous Scream painting? 

We've just released five more classic collectable A3 prints from talented artist in residence Kevin Brockbank. Do check them out and look out for the special deals. Buy three for a discount, buy all six and save even more. And you can get signed, limited edition prints or you can go for the budget option. And if you just love one of the prints you can get all your Xmas presents in one place and get a really good price for buying three or six of them!

"One likes to watch TV with one's dogs"

 "A Good Read"
"The Dog Fight"
"How the Westie was won"

Scroll down when you get to the shop to find the prints - and why not buy all your friends a sub to Dogs Today and some Hounds for Heroes Xmas cards while you're there.... (!)


Chapstaff said…
I've always loved the Bully on the Bog, still my fave
David Lee said…
I love that pic of the dog on the toilet reading the mag, just classic.

I'm gonna share that if that's ok?



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