All change

I am sorry for the lack of blogging of late.
I have a new job.
I know.
Pick yourself up off the floor, now.
After 23 years of being the Editor of Dogs Today and saying I already had the best job in the world it's an unlikely statement.
Someone once said to me many years ago, "you have your head in the clouds, but your feet on the floor," which made me answer: "Am I very tall or do I just jump up and down a lot?"
I am still trying to work out what they meant and whether it was an insult, but I think it means that I still dream of a better world while inhabiting the real one.
Let me just point out I'm still Publisher and majority shareholder of the magazine, I'm just letting someone else sit in the Editor's chair and have their chance to do the best job in the world.
Someone really perfect who has already shown their good heart and special skills.
And sensible girl, she's not even choosing to sit in my actual Editor's chair. It is one of those 1970s-esque black fake leather executive efforts that was on very special offer via Viking the stationers very many years ago and looked a lot more comfortable than it is in reality!
I'm now four weeks into my new job which has a very normal sensible chair and the job (not the furniture) is very different than I perceived it would be.
After 23 years of having no bosses the role of CEO is very different.
You are neither boss, nor employee.
I feel I need to join a club of other CEOs to ask them strange probably trivial questions about protocol.
So what is the new job?
And why now?
Why never apply for a job in 23 years and then in a blink of an eye start working somewhere entirely different?
It is THE only other job I'd ever wanted.
I met Allen Parton and Endal in 1999 and I was totally sure that their inspirational story would change the world.
I had no inkling that 13 or 14 years later their story would change my world, too.
But that is what has happened.
I've watched from the sidelines and encouraged and cheered on, but now I'm on the pitch and this is a football analogy and I am so allergic to sport.
Allen and Endal have already featured in this blog a great deal over the years and I am sure you know all about the charity he founded Hounds for Heroes as I am always going on about it.
Well they needed a CEO and the more I thought about it, the more I wanted to do it.
It is the most challenging and exciting job imaginable.
After years of a monthly cycle of building something new every few weeks from scratch I will be part of creating something that will last for hopefully centuries.
Allen had the incredible clarity of vision to create a charity that could bring the Endal effect to those who had been injured after serving their Queen and Country, be they in the forces or the emergency services.
He needs you and I to make it the best charity in the world.
And just as I couldn't stand on the sidelines a moment longer I hope you will do the same and get involved, help shape the future.
They need puppy parents - at first locally near the HQ in Petersfield, Hants.
Would be amazing to also find some people able to short term foster dogs - people with good dog training skills, too. And what we call B&B-ers. People who can take an older dog for weekends or holidays. (Great for people who work in the week who love a dog but can't.)
And we need brilliant people to help out in the office, too. I'd love to hear from any recent graduates that could be interns or anyone with skills that a growing charity might need. Anyone with experience in fundraising.
Or even someone who would like to help drive Allen and EJ to the events they attend, now that would be a great job!
And if you're not local, can you fund raise?
Could you become a speaker who tells others about the Endal effect and how brilliant this charity is?
I have a new email address (old one still works, too):
And the new editor of Dogs Today is, of course, my deputy Rachael Millar and her email address is
I am on holiday at the moment (was booked before I took the job), which is probably why I have had at last had the time to blog. But as always I have wifi!
In the meantime if you want to know more about Hounds for Heroes the website is: and there are downloads for puppy parenting and volunteers.
Wish me luck and any other CEOs out there, can we compare notes?


Anonymous said…
You are innovative and will be inspirationial at this x Wendy P

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