Want a job?

In both places where I work there are opportunities should you be interested in a doggie job!

At Dogs Today we have an opening for an entry level job, Editorial Assistant. We need someone able to multitask and throw themselves into being a team player. To be just as good and keen on writing as they are at doing the essential admin.
Warning: You will need to be able to get to work and survive on a low wage. Dog mags sadly do not pay well, but being on a small publication you get to do very much more proper editorial stuff than you would ever do as an editorial assistant on a massive glamorous mag like Glamour or Cosmo.
We are based in Chobham which is in Surrey, near Woking and it is not accessible by public transport, that means you have to drive.
This would be a perfect intern- to-perm opportunity as make yourself indispensible and you'll be just that!
We are moving office and growing so there may be more than one of these vacancies.
Some use of Excel, franking machines etc so you need to be able to have a maths head sometimes. We're Mac based.
If you can do whizzy things with social media and web we'd love it, but most of all we want a team player with solid literacy skills that will work as a happy team until the edition is put to bed and answer the phone to our lovely readers in a compassionate caring way if they need our help.
If you want to be a feature writer, get all the admin done that needs doing and yes you will get your byline in the magazine and build up you portfolio.
You'll also be organising photoshoots and cuddling pups... there are perks! But it is hard work and we need brilliant people as our existing staff are wonderful!

We also have an opening for a dynamic, tenacious, charming ad sales person to join our team. It will be office-based and full-time. There is a decent basic but there's a commission element, too that rewards you hitting attainable targets. You'll be dealing with everything from multinationals and agencies to new start ups who will need much hand-holding as they take their first steps into advertising their products and you'll be selling across the newstrade editions and online.
23 years of track record, great team of people and exciting new developments and an office move into a lovely new office in central Chobham in the next few weeks.

And in my other job, CEO at the charity Hounds for Heroes, I'm just wondering is there anyone out there who'd like to do a bit of interning with a twist - you could mainly work at home if you're too far away from Ramsdean, Hants as we don't have Macs or any design programmes at HQ anyway! I really would love to be able to bounce some ideas off someone with a bit of time to polish up some proposals and work up some presentations etc. So many ideas, so little time and I can't always keep pinching my lovely Dogs Today staff to work for nothing!
Anyone done any 3-D pattern design for example? Bit of a long shot! Looking for some pro-bono work on some projects that at the moment are only in my head!
Might suit someone doing a degree and wanting an interesting case study or project? Maybe someone doing business studies? Do people do needlework degrees - not really fashion, but that might be interesting too! Lots of opportunities for bright sparks who might want to include us in their studies!

There's also a dog training job being advertised at Hounds for Heroes at the moment - click here for all the spec and how to apply....http://houndsforheroes.com/get-involved/vacancies/

To discuss any of the above please do email me a CV and some background information beverley@dogstodaymagazine.co.uk for the Dogs Today vacancies and beverleycuddy@houndsforheroes.com for the the charity opportunities.


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