It's a beautiful day

This blog is indeed read by pet food moguls!
I got this lovely email late last night...
Give me a shout I'm happy to help, as a fellow women, being a dog lover, owning a petfood company ( and having not had a salary myself for one year I understand to some degree her money worries!!!)
Wow! And when I clicked on to Liz's website I began to realise that Harry was going to be a very, very lucky Tibetan Terrier!
Liz has launched OrganiPets. And over the next few emails I got the full story...
"Our dog Raffy was diagnosed with terminal cancer five years ago and given 3-6 months, we wanted her to have a good rest of her life and as we eat organically it made sense to swap her to organic as well. Couldn’t find anything that I considered to be good enough (meat derivatives and soya filled formulas which I knew weren’t good) so I made my own. Although an old girl, Raffy has been in remission for nearly four years now. So far I've had four independent nutritionists saying it’s the best formula they have come across. Which I'm so pleased about, because although this is now a business we truly only want to make proper food!"
Now as if finding one really lovely pet food mogul via the blog wasn't enough, the lovely folk on the Labradoodle forum had contacted Burns Nutrition, too.
And they have been really sweet and have given us a wonderful back-up offer should this original one fall through for any reason! Bless them!
Not all good news today though - my little boy's off school sick so I'm not able to go to work to get the contact details for Caroline to give her the great news.
Perhaps if I wrap him up really warm I could do it - but don't you just know with my luck I'd run into the head teacher or the infamous Mrs X!


Em said…
YAY for lovely people!!! :D
Chapstaff said…
As has already been said, if everyone who read this blog, & could afford a fiver sent it to Tailwaggers it could make a lot of difference. Come on - dig deep.

I've just made a donation. I didn't realise just what Tailwaggers did.

Just a thought... I've had to print out the page & write a cheque, which isn't a problem, but we are notoriously lazy & having the option to simply click on "Paypal" is so much easier. Having the choice would be great.

Speaking personally, I regularly use Paypal when something tugs at the old heartstrings, but am far less likely to write a cheque & post it off.

What a shame Tailwaggers, & others like them don't get regular govt funding. Enough govt money (our money) is wasted on other things.
Chapstaff said…
Oops!.........posted this in the wrong bit.
I'll copy & re-do it in the right place

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