Competition time again!

I've just spent a jolly weekend sorting out the sacks of entries for the Christmas giveaways in the December edition - there were 27 different offers this month - in addition to our normal competitions!).
I finally found all the cross question entries- and no one so far has guessed it 100% right.

So it's your go again.

Entries close for both comps on Wednesday - so please get guessing. Which reminds me - I don't think I sent the blog caption winners out last time, did I - will get onto it ASAP!

Ferdy owned by Phillipa Robinson

Guess which two breeds combined to make the gorgeous Ferdy. The first correct winner gets the choice of either a breed-specific book or a general book about dogs from the Interpet Publishing range.

To date we've not received any correct answers. Therefore I'm going to start giving clues as we want someone to win! Either post your entry here as a comment - or email me direct ( and put cross question in the subject.

Photo of Endal submitted by Allen Parton

Study the above and come up with your funniest captions - no limit! And again either post as a comment or email me ( and put Caption comp in the subject so I don't miss it! Entries close this Wednesday at 1pm

There's a Wubba - the great new toy from Company of Animals for the best caption via the blog - plus...

One lucky winner gets a complete set of grooming products, including shampoos conditioner, wipes and brush courtesy of John Paul Pet - worth nearly £100! (for more details see their website). Five runners up get a shampoo, pot of wipes and a brush from the John Paul Pet Products range.


Anonymous said…
Is ferdy a wirehaired pointer X wiemaraner ?
Lorraine said…
~ Caption Comp ~

Endal knew his owner would love his Christmas gift....a Full Subscription for Dogs Today Magazine !!
Anonymous said…
Weimaraner X chocolate lab
Anonymous said…
german pointer x weimie?

or maybe great dane x pointer?
Chapstaff said…
Cross Question.

I've sent off lots of entries for these already. Let's try some more then.....
Choc Lab X GSP
Choc Lab X English Pointer
Weimy X Flat Coat Retriever
Lab X Flat Coat Retriever
Wire Haired Pointer X Yellow Lab
Chapstaff said…
Caption Comp.

Hope there's not another bloody postal strike. I'm asking Santa Paws for one of those new Wubba toys.
Chapstaff said…
Caption Comp.

Allen's asked me to post this letter of complaint.

He rang & ordered me a Wubba....& they sent him an eraser.....!
Chapstaff said…
Cross Question

Pharaoh Hound X Lab

Pharaoh Hound X GSP

Pharaoh Hound X English Pointer

Pharaoh Hound X Great Dane
Anonymous said…
~ Caption Comp ~

Endal's Annual vacination card, not known at this address.. return to sender!!
Chapstaff said…
Hahahaha....I bet he would if he could......

(referring to Endal's ebtry)
Anonymous said…
I'm guessing Doberman and Short Haired German Pointer.
Anonymous said…
I think Ferdy is a mix of Doberman and Chocolate Labrador.

My caption is "Endal posted off the lab results."
Anonymous said…
Great Dane x Weim
Beverley Cuddy said…
The cross question has been won!

Raina Kirkham from Colwyn Bay qualified her guess and won with:

German wirehared Pointer x Weimaraner.

But please keep entering the caption as that's not judged till 1pm on Wednesday.

Some background - Endal is Allen Parton's dog of the Millenium, the famous Canine Partner assistance dog that can use the cash point machine as well as the post! I see he also uses email - clever dog!
Anonymous said…
Caption Comp

Endal: There goes my job application for santa's little helper!!!!!
Anonymous said…
I'm too busy looking after Allen
to be Santa's little helper XX
bugs said…
Caption comp.

Hubba bubba, I want a wubba. Heres my list to Santa.
Chapstaff said…
Hooray - well done Raina
Chapstaff said…
Has this been forgotten?

Anyone would think you were busy Beverley. Hahahaha

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