Urgent appeal

Urgent, please, please help if you can.
Yesterday evening, returning home from the Championship Show at the NEC, Ross Green stopped at a service station, just off the M1 at J13. Whist paying, he saw a white youth jump into their car, a DARK BLUE VAUXHALL VECTRA ESTATE, Reg No. KJ55 XFZ. Ross ran out, tried to smash driver window and then managed to open rear passenger door but as he did so the youth started the car and sped away towards the M1. In the back of the car was his and Judith Gregory's Black & White Border Collie, Tyson, (ShCh Tonkory Guinness)

Police are searching but the service station was just a mile from the M1 and the driver could have gone in either direction. There was approx 150 miles worth of fuel in car. Please keep an eye out in case you see either the car or Tyson. If so, please contact Ross Green, tel no: (01234) 838380 and/or the police. And pray for Tyson's safe return. This is a tragedy for both Ross and Judith.

Forgive me if you receive this more than once - this is URGENT - please cross post to as many as possible .... Ross left his mobile in the car - it was still working at 11.30 this morning - the police will not put a trace on it as it is too expensive to do 'just for a dog' ..... Tyson is a wonderful Border Collie who may well be lying injured somewhere, frightened and alone..... PLEASE HELP IF YOU CAN - even if it is only by cross posting the following to as many as you can.....thank you


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