Tyson's story

I've been searching for the full story on how Ross got Tyson back and have drawn a blank until I found this posted elsewhere, would seem there is a story but not one that will be revealed at the moment. I know most of us would go to any lengths to get our dog back...


Tyson is now back, safe and well. The story and events that have led to his return is a long one and I will at a future date provide full details. At the moment I cannot say and i would ask that no one speculates. The fact is he is back and well and that is what counts.

This last few days has been a harrowing experience but one i will never forget. I would like to thank each and every one of you individually for your support. To say it was appreciated is very much an understatement.
The lady who runs the wonderful dog lost service said to me just last night that she has never ever experienced a response to a missing dog like that of Tyson. I echo that sentiment entirely, I have never ever experienced anything quite like the support you have given.

Ross and Tyson"


Anonymous said…
I was so pleased to hear he was safe and sound. What a dreadful thing to happen. Here in Sweden I've not heard of anything similar but English guests who visited recently were surprised that people still leave their dogs outside shops here. Perhaps we're just naive?

There seems to be so much cruelty to dogs at the moment.
Linda Ward said…
I found this update on a mailing list, can't verify its accuracy but thought I'd pass it on. I assumed the secrecy was because the thieves had been caught and so the owners weren't allowed to talk about it.

UPDATE FROM OWNERS: Tyson was taken into a vets in Watford by a person who had found him - the vet had apparently been emailed a poster from Dog Lost so knew who to contact.

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