Merry Christmas - with two new PS's

I'm sorry I've been so slow to blog this month. Magazine deadlines go a bit crazy at this time of year and we had to finish the February edition before we broke up - and plan the March. Plus we had to fit in taking the kids to Disneyland Paris and all the usual present buying etc.
We only got around to putting the tree up last night and that fell down as quickly as it went up. We were very late buying and I think we got an unergonomic one as a result!
Oscar has had his Xmas groom and has come back wearing a Christmas bow in his hair and a very fetching Xmas scarf. He's already looking a bit dirty around the edges and you could never see the scarf thanks to his enormous coat. If I get around to taking a photo I may give Tess the scarf as I suspect she's much more in need of it! (The bow fell off last night - before we could get the photo!)
Oscar with a replacement bow which lasted 20 seconds after the photo was taken!
My Xmas card sending was late and limited to the fact I didn't have enough! So if I missed you out please take this as your card and feel virtuous for the negative carbon footprint we've created!
I'm in touch with Jill and the Poodle martyrs, the case rumbles on and there are many twists and turns - but this near to trial it's probably as well not to report them too closely. Let's all wish Jill and Peter and their family a peaceful New Year and look forward to them putting it all behind them and enjoying their normal doggie life without fear. (Click here for the full story)
Let's all wish Caroline and Harry (the homeless lady with the cute Tibetan Terrier we featured on the blog) a great 2008 - be lovely to hear how they are getting on. I'm sure they had a few more Xmas presents than they expected! (Click here for the full story)
The old little Yorkie that was looking for somewhere to spend Xmas is probably already having fun at Karen, our Assistant Editor's house. I'm hoping to see photos of Max the office dog pulling a cracker with the little scamp! (Click here for the full story)
If you are ready for a new year and a new challenge please do read my blog about Anne, she is still looking for someone to help her carry on her amazing work with lovely dogs on death row. Click here if you missed the original post.

Claire Horton-Bussey - our writer and sub - has at last got a dog after many, many years of planning. Here is Madi with her 'Great Uncle' Jet. Madi comes from Many Tears Rescue - who only take dogs off death row - so Madi is a really lucky pup this Xmas!
I hope you and your dogs have a lovely Xmas, and that no one has their turkey eaten by the dog - it's so tempting for them, so don't take any risks! Chocolate tree decorations are another hazard.
My New Year's resolution will be to blog as often as I can and I hope you'll keep reading!
Best wishes to you all - and I may blog again before Xmas day as I suspect there'll still be stories that need telling! Thank you for reading.

Here's a PS from Claire and Madi:

"Madi is VERY excited about being blogged. Technically, she wasn't a seventh-day dog - she was a litter handed in - but Many Tears usually have seventh-day death row dogs, or those that other rescues wouldn't bother with - the old, the black lab crosses, the staffie crosses or those who are disabled. Tamba is a Golden pup who couldn't walk; Many Tears spent thousands getting him through physio etc and now he can and is ready to be rehomed. Bless. Anyway, you asked about Xmas stories... After years of cat ownership, the wrecking of the Xmas tree is a much-loved annual ritual in my house. Now Madi has decided to embrace it too - well, she does think she's a cat (using the cat flap and sleeping on the back of the sofa, curled up like a mog). She's taken a shine to a couple of home-made wooden decorations that Katie decorated. No matter where they are hidden on the tree, Madi will find them and, delicately, stretch up and remove them gently before racing off to treasure them."

PPS - Just had an update from Karen.
Here's Max and the ultra-speedy 16 year old Yorkie - too fast for the auto-focus! Karen tells me that sadly poor old Max isn't at all well. Regular readers will know he was recently diagnosed with CDRM. He's off to the vet again on Thursday, but he's not his usual self. Karen's giving him loads of TLC and making him chicken and rice and porridge, but he's not wanting to go even to the end of the road on his walks. Poor old Max. Let's hope he rallies.


Anonymous said…
Thanks Beverley for your blog which empowers dog owners, allowing
us to help each other, and support those who need it.
Have a great Christmas and let's hope 2008 brings happiness to those who need it most.
Best wishes,
Julie x
Anonymous said…
I hope you've all had a wonderful Christmas!
Chapstaff said…
Hope everyone had a good Christmas.

All the best for the new year to everyone who has helped to make a dog's life that bit happier in one way or another.

I hope Max is feeling a bit better.

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