After the!

On Monday our printers let us know there'd been a fire at their bindery. We'd been pacing up and down waiting for the April issue to arrive so this explained why they were late.
No one got hurt in the fire, but there was a lot of damage to one of their production lines.
But we were told not to panic - our newstrade copies had all gone off safely without delay, it was just our office copies that were held up and they were being reboxed as they'd survived the drama.
We are still waiting for them today and wondering when they do arrive if they are going to smell of smoke or if they'll be a bit damp from the fireman's hoses. If not, why did they need reboxing?
While we've been twiddling our thumbs we started to wonder whether the subscription copies had gone out on time, as the UK copies are posted direct from the printers. I realised my copy hadn't arrived at home, yet. And Karen who works remotely hadn't had hers, either.
Anyone out there had their April subscription copy yet?
I'm just wondering with all the panic whether our printers may have lost a pallet or two of mags. They say the subs have been posted, but until I hear that definitively from a reader I'm still fretting.
What next? A plague of locusts?
Allen Parton has phoned - he's still not had his copy.
Our printers have just said that they went out in the post Friday, before the fire, so it's all a bit of a mystery!


Anonymous said…
Not had my subs copy yet, either!
Anonymous said…
I usually get mine on the monday before it comes out but got nothing as yet!
Anonymous said…
Me neither...
Anonymous said…
No copy received yet in Doncaster either, ufortunately.
Anonymous said…
Mine arrived this morning - hurray!
Anonymous said…
Mine also arrived this morning.
Anonymous said…
Mine has also arrived, so normal service seems to have been restored! :)

Chapstaff said…
Mine arrived yesterday too.

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