American dreams

I hope you'll be relieved to hear I have posted off my Vat return. Kieran is watching a film so I can use the proper computer rather than my laptop.
I know, it's not yet 7am in the morning.
He got up at 5.50am - half an hour earlier than he does on a school day as he was so delighted it was the holidays!
I have a question for you - well several actually.
Have you been to New York recently? Are you going sometime soon?
If you went, did you go to any pet shops, and if so did you see anything remarkable? Did you stumble on any truly amazing stores?
I used to love going for weekends before I had kids. I knew all the coolest pet shops and always came home laden with 'treasures' that were never ever to see a UK distributor.
The reason I ask is that, the other evening there was a knock at the door and there was handsome Peter Young, of Peter Posh Pets fame. The Vidal Sassoon of dogdom.
He was on the way to visiting Oscar's wonderful groomer Anita Bax who lives across the field. Peter and Anita had been over to New York for Pet Fashion week a few months ago and they'd very kindly collected loads of doggie magazines and brochures for me as I'd expressed a certain amount of jealously!
(Lucky Anita had been asked to take part in a competition to design a new hair cut for Poodles!)
I have spent hours pouring (or should that be pawing?) over these magazines, probably in the same way proper women do with Elle or Vogue.
Things have moved on in 10 years.
There are doggie wigs. I normally make my own - really. (Some of our older readers may recall Mystic Mutt, the cute terrier who used to predict the lottery numbers for the readers and do doggie horoscopes under the moniker Bitchcraft. I spent a whole weekend making his/her wig! Brixton market sells human hair at very reasonable prices.)
Tiny little training shoes for small dogs - that probably get carried everywhere so have less need than most for footwear.
Darling little steps to help small dogs get onto beds...
I can go on, believe me.
I have all the products circled.
I am already in correspondence with the guy who has invented a dog treat that looks like cat poo - now that is genius. And isn't that a very British product idea? (Wonder if he needs a UK distributor?)
I'm about to write an article about amazing American dog products, but I thought I'd ask you for any you might have discovered.
Post unpacking my suitcase my first shop to visit used to be Doggie Do and Pussycats, too. Which does sound the perfect place to stock a treat that looks like cat poo!
Do share any amazing products you have discovered from anywhere in the world!


Anonymous said…
Anita grooms my dog too! Her toy poodle won best in breed at Crufts this year, I have his daughter. She is a great breeder and a wonderful lady.
alfmcmalf said…

Can you arrange for this product to come over here? Crypton Fabrics particularly the Will Wegman designs.

The exchange rate is not good though at the minute so would be very expensive.

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