I see into the future...

Over the years I have been pretty good at predicting the winner at Crufts, I know I should have posted my predictions a bit earlier - as this late into the show it's getting a lot easier. But I wanted to get my money on before the the rush at the betting shop!
The Standard Poodle is my tip for the top.
True, it is Britain's top dog - so not exactly an out of field prediction.
But it is also a dog handled and owned by people who seem to be writing the very slimy book - How to win friends and influence people at the KC.
In the run up to Crufts they started a very, very sucky-upy KC-friendly blog.
Odd time to do this as it's my experience they don't reflect the current mood of the show world.
I have been hearing from more and more really excellent show breeders who say they agree with everything we reformists are saying. People steeped in the show world who want to know what they have to do to start putting everything right. That it's time the KC reflected the good people, started doing meaningful reform on inbreeding before it's too late for their beloved breeds.
On every radio phone-in I've been half expecting someone stereotypical spouting the KC line to pop up with the sort of stuff that the KC-creepy blog is pumping - but instead I've even had breeders with 50 years experience agreeing with me that things have to change at the KC. Some are even KC members themselves. They are cheering us on.
Let me make another prediction, the writers of the pro-KC blog may also be soon rewarded with KC membership - if it hasn't already come their way.
It seems those that sent the KC a pathetic email of support telling them they are actually great and they don't need to do anything after the nasty unfair Pedigree Dogs Exposed were subsequently rewarded with a shiny green KC members badge. Perhaps just a coincidence?
A badge of shame in my opinion if so won.
For what it's worth I send virtual medals of honour to all those breeders currently standing up to the last remaining show world dinosaurs and fighting for the future health of their dogs. Let's look forward to an era where we have a system that rewards the good and the brave rather than a stupid morality-deficient faithful.
We have dog on our side, remember!


Anonymous said…
I find it offensive that you refer to 'Beverley' but to Caroline Kisko as 'Kisko' don't you think that is rather rude?
Beverley Cuddy said…
You are right, I have altered it. It was inconsistent. We will use first names consistently. Although I have to say if good manners and correct grammar were going going to save dogs from suffering it would be so much easier to achieve!
Anonymous said…
I've just looked at that KC-friendly blog. There only seems to be about one comment!
Julia L
david cavill said…
Just had a word with Peter Green, the Crufts BIS judge. I know him well and I also know he will put up the dog he thinks is best - and that may (or may not) be the Standard Poodle.

I had a long and very civilised conversation with Jemima at Crufs yesterday. We got on well although we agreed to disagree about the the offensive segments of her programme. I think they are - she thinks they are not. However, as the programme goes around the world, I note that most countries are editing out the sections I consider offensive.

David Cavill
Anonymous said…
You refer to the showdog blog as "pro KC"??? No Beverley, a blog which shows the truth about dog showing in the UK from people who base their opinions on FACT and KNOWLEDGE not on hearsay, jealousy and personal bias. It's certainly not the anti dog show garbage that you seem to churn out all the time.
The showdog blog wasn't started "in the run up to Crufts" .. it evolved following a successful group on Facebook which started last year. People started talking about it and the creator started the blog to reach those people who weren't on Facebook.
If the Standard Poodle wins Crufts it will be simply because he is the best dog there not because of words on the internet. The BIS judge doesn't even live in the UK!
To insinuate that the membership of the KC is awarded to anyone who "brown noses" the KC is wrong and frankly, distasteful.There is a whole process to go through where everyone in the dog world is given the opportunity to object if they see fit. It's not a case of popping a badge in the post.
Please keep it factual.
Beverley Cuddy said…
Oh if only the KC did consult everyone in the dog world about any decisions they make! Think the last poster may be a little confused...
I think they mean the existing members are asked whether or not a new member can be accepted - ie the old black ball system you get in stuffy private members clubs.
Anonymous said…
Beverley you seem not to realise that Mike Gadsby (Jason's partner) is already a member of the KC. AFAIK Jason is just trying to combat the tide of anti pedigree dog articles out there and this certainly wasn't set up to "aid" their BIS chances as they weren't expecting to go through the breed.

It is a shame you have taken against genuine dog people who run their dogs every day and give them a full and natural life that makes them such wonderful show dogs.
Beverley Cuddy said…
Certainly not taken against anyone, and I wish all the finalists the very best of luck.

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