Got a Brad Pit Bull or an Angelina Collie?

Just got this email in:

We are making a low-budget Feature Film currently being shot at QinetiQ - Longcross Studios near Chertsey and, having viewed your website, I was hoping you may be able to help me with an unusual request.

This coming Wednesday, we are filming a scene set in a kennels, and we are looking for four canine stars to appear in the scene. Having viewed your website, I thought perhaps you may know of some local breeders or fellow dog owners who may be able to supply us with dogs. The larger the dog, the better - and the only acting requirement is that they can bark!

Any assistance in this matter would be greatly appreciated.

Heather Brunt
Assistant Coordinator - '13 Hrs'
T: 01344 635 798
M: 0777 917 8979


Anonymous said…
QinetiQ - aren't they that recently-privatised hi-tech military/security/espionage research company? Why would they be making a film, unless it's some sort of corporate promotion or training aid?

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