Every puppy farmed dog should have its day

In America September the 19th is Puppy Mill Awareness day. (Puppy farms in the US are called puppy mills, don't ask me why.)
Isn't it a great idea?
Shouldn't we join in? Share the date and DIY our own campaign?
Let's have a brainstorm about things we could all do on that day to raise the public's awareness of the misery caused by the puppy farm trade.
The Americans do a 'March for the Mills'. A proper demo with placards and dogs walking.
They have fetes too, calling for the public to boycott stores selling pups, encouraging people to sign petitions to get the sick trade banned.
Wouldn't it be great if we could come up with a catchy name for our day - any suggestions?
How about something really simple...

Puppy Day - instead of Poppy day?
Lest we forget ...all the pups who die in puppy farms and pet shops.

We could have a poster or an advert, maybe have car stickers?
Have a photo of field of poppies with a little grave for a pup called Poppy. With the text...
Please don't buy pups like me out of pity from the pet shop or the dealer.
You mean well, but your money will mean more of my relatives will be tortured.
My lovely mum is still a prisoner. She has lived a life devoid of human affection and home comforts. She's so scared and confused, she runs in circles for hours on end.
My brothers and sisters died of a virus, which we all caught in the van that brought us and the others on the long journey to the pet shop.
My new owners spent £1,500 at the vet's, trying to save me.
I wish they'd saved their tears for my poor old mum and all my new brothers and sisters.
By buying dogs like me you fund this vile trade.
Sign the petition, ban puppy farming and you could save more dogs like me from this misery.

September 19th is Puppy day. Ban puppy farms now.

Anyone else got any bright ideas? Here are some links to get you thinking...



We call them puppy mills, rather than puppy farms, to emphasize the frankly industrial nature of the puppy production.

Similar to "diploma mill" in education. I don't know if you use that term in Britain. But if I tell you a college is a "diploma mill," I bet you instantly know that this is not a good school.

"Puppy farm" sounds so lovely. One imagines green fields, quaint red barns with white trim, and shiny puppies romping amidst lambs and ducks. Who wouldn't want a puppy born on a "puppy farm?" Puppy mill bursts that bubble.

The American Kennel Club euphemizes them with the term "high-volume breeder."

Their "high-volume breeder" committee is charged with retaining the lucrative custom of the puppmills -- courting their registration dollars.

That money supports the dog shows so beloved by the "fancy." Most "fanciers" tut-tut the wicked puppymills and stamp their feet in anger at the AKC's support of them -- and then keep right on writing checks for registrations and entering dog shows.
On the 19th Puppy Love group will march through Bramley in Leeds handing out flyers to make people aware . We will end our march outside a pet shop selling pups for a protest .
Claire said…
The videos on these links are absolutely heart-wrenching. Keeping farm animals in such appaling conditions is not considered acceptable - why, oh why are these poor, poor dogs ignored? Count me in, Beverley!
Chapstaff said…
We should call our "breeding establishments" puppy mills too Heather. You are quite right about how "puppy farm" sounds.

Had a look at both the links & it's a great idea to have a Puppy Mill Awareness day here.

Crossposting this. I'll see what response we get & any suggestions.

Thanks Beverley
kitazara said…
Can you imagine it a protest outside Harrods banners and all.

I agree with Heather Puppy farms sounds to nice, should be Puppy Dungeons, definition "dark prison"
bugs said…
What a brilliant idea, if it could be co-ordinated for events and marches all over the country on that day. I would be prepared to do something on that day. I also agree that they should be called Puppy Mills, maybe people would take just a little bit more notice then. Thanks for the idea Beverley.
jo siemieniowski said…
There should be protest outside of HARRODS. DOGS 4 US (LEEDS) DOGS 4 US (MANCHESTER) an of course outside of what used to be MAYFEILD KENNELS, these are terrible places, and I also agree with Heather, puppy farms does conjure up a place of beauty, so from now on I too will call them puppy mills. Istill cannot believe that the RSPCA do not have the power to close these places down, why dont they get a different law put into place?
In the pink said…
I think some folk will get upset at puppy farms being linked to the poppy of Rememberence Day and would prefer another name to avoid any negative publicity this could generate but it is a truly FABULOUS idea.Puppy FACTORY? Born to breed? I don't care as long as this barbaric trade is curtailed.
Anonymous said…
battery farmed pups?
Anonymous said…
The thing is, puppy farms are usually farms! If you start calling them 'mills' in the UK, people will think that 'farms' are okay places to get pups! So many people already think it's acceptable - even lovely - to get a puppy from a farm, particularly collies.

Puppy farms often are farms - but battery farms rather than happy, idyllic, organic farms!
alison said…
There are already some laws against puppy farming...For example, it is an offence in UK law to mate a bitch at less than 1 year old, a bitch must not have more than one litter per year, and no more than 6 litters in a lifetime.
Puppies cannot be sold to an unlicensed dealer or retailer.

The problem is that people go to these puppy farms, see how awful they are, but feel sorry for the pups and still buy them thereby supporting the trade!
Beverley Cuddy said…
Interesting last comment, but sadly if you imagine that the current laws are preventing dogs being bred on every season you are mistaken.
How would a council worker discover that a dog had produced a litter on every season, are the dogs going to be microchipped? Will any proper records be kept to volunteer the misdemeanors?
Plus even the KC continues to register litters bred from subsequent seasons.
In fact, the law appears to apply to licensed breeders only. There is nothing to stop an unlicensed breeder breeding repeatedly from under age and over age dogs. No protection at all.
And if you've seen the state of some of these licensed establishments in the shocking video footage highlighted in the main post you'll know that none of the current legislation is being properly applied by local authorities.
Adequate bedding, they're having a laugh.
These poor dogs are kept in filth.
TheEejits said…
A few thoughts ......

What about a dog rose emblem?

There are so many people who just have no idea about puppy farms/mills I mean that even exist let alone the vile conditions!

This HAS to be brought to the forefront - a quick 5 mins, 20 mins of viewer sensitive footage and everyone is off back their own little world!

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