Post accounts fatigue

Sorry to have been slow to blog, my brain is yet to recover from yesterday's intense burst of accounts.
Normal service will be resumed as soon as possible!
As an aside, on Twitter I'd hinted strongly that I'd like to try a Furminator - the grooming tool that's meant to take out a load of dead undercoat so it doesn't go all over your clothes.
Head office in the US responded and a box of goodies landed on my desk today. Oscar has such long fur that I didn't think he'd be a fair test, so Tess was the lucky one!
She loved it and afterwards she looks so shiny and my bin is overflowing with fluff. It really is weirdly effective. Tess very rarely moults but she obviously had loads of dead hair stuck in her coat.


I've just bought one too and was absolutely gobsmacked at the fur that came out of one of my hairy lurchers. And, as a bonus, there's been far less furballs blowing across the floor in my house!
Julie Hill said…
Beverley since you seem to have the magic touch, could you hint strongly on Twitter that I would love to have dinner with Josh Holloway (Sawyer from Lost) please? You never know! Julie x
wellie boots said…
As long as the fur really is dead and not just pulled out at the root!!!
Anonymous said…
pom-pomtiaraI always feel so sorry for dogs that are obviously carrying a lot of dead hair. Sounds brilliant. Wonder if it would work on my son's very fluffy rescue cat.............?
Anonymous said…
I've had a furminator for a few months now, brilliant for two very hairy golden retrievers, I believe they make a small one for cats.
wellie boots - if it was pulled out at the roots my lurcher would let me know in no uncertain terms! She loves being combed with it.
Penkitty said…
They are wonderful things!
wellie boots said…
looks like it's off to the pet shop for me then. I like the sound of it. We could do with *something* here at hairy house, fluffsville, furshire, higher moulting, UK (hope noone can track me down now I have given my address online ;))


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