Waiting is testing

Tess hasn't done anything odd for a while, she's loving and happy just like there's nothing wrong. But waiting for her fucosidosis DNA result means we've stalled in our quest to find out what makes her a Jeckyl and Hyde dog. The vet doesn't want to go to neurological tests until we've got this DNA test back. We're just holding our breath. And we're not going to behaviourists until we rule out physical problems.
I've just phoned the Animal Health Trust to see what the wait time for results is likely to be. It's not going to be days, it's going to be weeks - they expect two to three.
They've made a note that it's not a routine test that the dog is potentially poorly, so they promise to go as fast as they can - but the best turnaround they've ever had was 12 days.
Imagine if that was the case in CSI, wouldn't it be very dull slow moving TV!
Maybe she'll be fine, maybe whatever it was has miraculously past?
She's not head butted anyone in over a week.


barrie said…
Wishing a speedy result for you! And a result that indicates a minor problem easily solved!!
TheEejits said…
Just to say still sending lots of good thoughts for Tess, you and the family! ..... fingers, toes, paws and tails crossed here that she is soon on the up again.
jo siemieniowski said…
I hope everything works out ok, maybe it was just a glip, lets hope so
Chapstaff said…
I've been foolishly checking every day for results - what a wally!

Hope it turns out to be something minor, or easily remedied. It's a long wait when you want to get on & do other tests. Still at least she's well at the moment, which has to be good.

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