Ask the Dog Lady...

Julie from DogCast Radio (the Internet radio station for dog lovers) just told me about the Dog Lady, an Internet Agony Aunt. I've just asked her what to do about Oscar and his coat of many disgusting things (see earlier blog about the dead frog). I'll let you know what she says!
Wonder if she could help me with anything else...?
I'm having one of those days were if you can mess something up, you do. On a mercy dash to the shops everything possible went wrong and I forgot one of the most vital things I set out to buy. I picked the wrong queue in the supermarket (behind an old lady who had lost her credit card), got beeped by a dangerous driver in the car park, even though he nearly hit me - not the other way around! And the lift was broken and I had to walk up at least 10 flights with heavy bags full of stuff. But I did remember to order my stepson's birthday cake - only to realise afterwards I got the year wrong on the icing (I know, I'm the wicked stepmother for not getting that right - how embarrassing!) It was probably because I was distracted, because I knew my car park ticket had just run out thanks to the time-consuming drama at the check out! Then when I phoned to change the cake the M&S call centre in Liverpool had computer problems.... grrrrrr.
And then when I went to school to do the pick up it was a lovely sunny day - until it bucketed down at 3.25pm as the children emerged. After the sprint to the car I did something really, really dumb!
I put my son in the front passenger seat out of the rain, while I jumped in the back to check his bags to make sure he'd not forgotten anything vital before we drove away. As the door clicked shut in the wind I remembered about the child proof locks!
How much fun did I have climbing through to the front seats wearing my soaking wet floor length winter coat.
Relax, have a cup of peppermint tea - take two M&S jaffa cakes and blog. Everything will be okay. If you say it often enough, it will be!
If I was the Dog Lady agony aunt I'm sure jaffa cakes would feature a lot in my advice.


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