Lights camera action....

Those who read the previous post about and thought, "interesting" but were put off by the £50, read on!
Mike the boss has read your comments and heard what's been going on in various doggie forums and has heard what we've been saying and taken it to heart.
He can see that we're not the same as the people putting their car on the site - or themselves if they're an actor. For most of us this isn't really about money, for example if you owned a cherished car and someone offered you a good price, you might sell it and buy another one.
Our relationship with our cherished pets is very different and being up on a site isn't going to have any other commercial advantages. For example, if we want to network there are thousands of other forums and blogs that don't charge.
So the good news, he's letting 20 blog readers register on the site completely free of charge.

If this appeals you need to:-
  • Provide good photos of your dog (up to three)
  • Name, breed, brief description and age (eg six years old in July the directors can work out the actual age of you dog when they view) - remember people viewing may have no idea what size a Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever is so spell it out!
  • Any detail of special talents (if relevant)
  • Owner's address & contact details (this information is NOT made public)
Email them to me ( and I will forward the first 20 on to Mike. Have a read of the last but one blog for more details...

And while you're here - have a last go at the caption competition (previous blog). We're judging it today at 1pm. Does your dog need a lovely new bed? Go on, have a go!


Anonymous said…
Emailed you Beverley!
Anonymous said…
I'm emailing to.

Beverley Cuddy said…
Nearly all are up on the Location Surrey site already - send to me again if yours is not. I've been having some weird email probs with whole chunks just never, ever getting through. So don't think you've been unsuccessful - they're probably just lost in the ether-net!

Still room for more, though! Please keep sending me them.
Linda Ward said…
I resent my email - taking the chance to update it with some fresh photos. The sun really brings out Fred's shine!

I'm wondering now if I should add Beauty as well.
Anonymous said…
Emailed you Bev hope it's not too late?

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