Do I need anger management?

Yesterday while waiting at the level crossing for a train, we were overtaken by a man on a bike with a child on the back.
Very responsibly he and his little girl wore safety helmets.
However, that attempt at road safety was completely compromised by the fact that the man also had a Springer Spaniel on a rope lead.
The dog was very short-legged and was not keeping up, so it was more like he was towing a Springer Spaniel.
The photo is taken from a mobile through an open car window. The camera shake may not all be motion - it may be part rage!
What if the dog tripped up, saw a cat, wanted a pee?
Is there a law against this sort of stupidity? Can you tow dogs behind cars as well as bikes?


In the pink said…
Oh I know so well how you feel! In the really hot weather I saw a poor Lab being towed along in a similar manner while the owner cycled away. Dreadful new 'craze'.
Anonymous said…
In Suffolk where I live there are droves which is a single file track made of concrete. People in unregistered 4x4's run their lurcher's/greyhounds, I am sure these poor dogs are used for hare coursing. These people do not like me popping up in front of them to take their photo.
Belle From Across the Pond said…
This is quite old, but I had to comment.
First, you have no idea how well that dog was trained.
Second, the dog in the picture doesn't look as though he were being towed.. I'll have to take your word for it, but the position of his tail doesn't seem to indicate any distress.
Third, as you well know by your own Springer, there are some dogs that have the get up and go to run forever. Though you may have somewhat maligned him, Cesear Millan emphasizes exercise, discipline and affection in that order, as many dog act out for lack of directed exercise.. Just being let out in the yard isn't enough. So this owner may be using the bike to get much needed roadwork into his dog, because as you well know, with a young child in the house, you might not have the time to take the dog for a half hour walk around the block.
Biking the dog gives you twice, or three times the workout then a simple walk dogs.
YES it can be cruel, it can be harmful, if done incorrectly. There is actually a product made here that attaches to your bike that has a break away in case the dog goes on the wrong side of a pole.
Myself, I prefer to double tie my dogs. One leash goes to the base of the bike seat, with only enough length that the dogs head cannot get in front of the leading edge of the bike wheel. This prevents the dog from getting in front of the bike, or crossing to the other side of the bike. Not only that, the dog learns to watch the wheel to see when we're turning. That leash attaches to a flat collar, with the leash running along the outside of my leg.
I then put a choke collar above that, and hold the leash to that collar in my hand. This prevents the dog from taking off to the side after a cat, squirrel or what have you. I rarely need to use it, but dogs being dogs, sometimes it happens that they need the control the choker gives as it is a much more immediate reminder, something definitely needed when you're traveling at speed.
My dogs all LOVE being biked. It's the run in the park that most dogs cannot get because of mandatory leash laws in most cities.

My point is you're being very highly critical of someone you don't know, about a dog you don't know, and a situation you know nothing about.
However, because I DO bike my dogs, I'm afraid I took your criticism rather personally, especially as you seemed to not have done any follow up on the merits of biking. Instead, it seemed as though this was an OMG look at the poor dog, see the horrible man what do you think kind of post, and really, as I have been reading your blog from the start these last few hours, I know you are much better than that.

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