Forget Guy Fawkes, we smuggle dog toys into parliament!

In our office we have an enormous box of squeaky toys in political images, thanks to those incredible people at Sharples'N'Grant. When we heard Westminster Dog of the Year was coming up - the dog show where the MPs compete against each other to be top dog - we just knew what we had to do!
One small problem, this was an event co-organised by the Kennel Club and as you know we're banned from even having a press pass for Crufts - oops sorry - DFS Crufts, so they were hardly likely to welcome us and our squeaky toys with open arms at the Westminster bash!
But we're not easily put off and we'll do almost anything for a nice advertiser that gives us free dog toys!
Don't ask how, but the toys got there somehow and the KC even issued a Twit pic to prove it!
Click here to see it.
But I have to report that our subversive dog toys did cause a political incident. See below.

Now I'm not sure if this was a fight spilling over from Question Time (we're told the BNP had also infiltrated the gathering) but our spies tell us that the Rottie was feeling quite possessive of the Gordon Brown toy and he may have mistaken the Pug for a John Prescott variant.
By all accounts the two dogs patched things up afterwards and no one was hurt, although Gordon got more of a shredding than he normally gets from Jeremy Paxman!


Anonymous said…
The KC still being petty and childish.

My dog sure would enjoy pulling appart a Tony Blair and Gordan Brown, I may join him LOL
Anonymous said…
If you dont have a press pass (or did you buy a ticket?) how did you write a report on Crufts?!?!
Anonymous said…
I'm not a journalist, I didn't get a press pass for Crufts this year but I still managed to get in... All ya gotta do is buy a ticket at the entrance and bob's your uncle! Just because you haven't got a press pass doesn't mean you can't walk around Crufts, talk to people and report on it?
csi crufts said…
i tried getting into crufts without a press pass this year and i was held by kennel club police and interrogated for 4 hours. i dont reccomend trying to get into crufts without a press pass, and its really hard to get one because all the top journalists use up the lot. best just watching it on tv.

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