Hug your dogs a little tighter...

Via facebook I was encouraged to 'friend' Kenn Sakurai, the President of Butch Dog food in Japan. Here are some extracts from his facebook page.

This is what it's like when we could find the dogs at the actual disaster area. The white has gotten weak but the brown one is not allowing to get closer. The TV crew shot this. We have already got these dog. But it too two hours to take them to the closest shelter. The guys who had done that had the bigger plastic cage on the back of the bike. Having such weight on the back is risky for going the way with no road.

Status Report 03/15/11 Tuesday
Dogs rescued: 32
Cats and others: 20

Staff injured (broken rib) while the rescued dog on his back has suddenly
...struggled and the rider and bike with the dog fell off from the narrow mountain road.
Ordered total of 6 dozen of cages with various sizes by the Shelters. Those are made by the frame welders and carpenters at each site.

Those two dogs are rescued. The one which came close to the camera is in the better condition. The other White, Gray and Black was weak. So it is in the vet clinic in Ibaraki Prefectre. The other dog is in the shelter of the same area.
But please know that those two are just the tip of the iceberg. There are more and we need help.

Dear All,
I have had some discussions with many dog related associations and their presidents and board of directors and with all their advices, we have decided to accept the donations through the Paypal with the following email address.
Those Hearing Dogs, and Guide Dogs and other organizations told us that once the money has sent into their account, the money is allow to be spent for their purpose on their Provision ONLY. They cannot accept the bills or write the check, pay cash or whatsoever for those rescued dogs otherwise if there will be in need of sending the dogs for the blind, deaf and those handicapped people, and the money to be spent for raising and training those dogs. Otherwise their tax deductable agreement with the Japanese IRS and so on are cancelled.
Also if not the bank account is NOT approved by the government, the cashing and account accepting fee for the bank wire will be charged and the sum is the INSANELY HIGH Yen4,500 which is about $55 in US. US$55 to be charged for every bank wire even the amount is US$55 which means the money to reach the account will be Yen0 (ZERO.)
Therefore, all the people I have met today have told me that the Paypal fee is away cheaper than the Bank Wire Accepting Fee and it is BETTER to have the Butch Pet Food (in this case) having the special receiving email for the purpose and send the letter describing what it is for, and open the bank account for that. Then the IRS will not take any money away from there as far as we are able to show the account book to them, anytime the IRS ask to do so.
The donation money to be accepted by Paypal to above email address which will be set by TOMORROW, and the money to be saved in the newly opened bank account by using the Butch Pet Food Japan, Inc.'s ID. Without this, the new bank account cannot be opened.
This is because of the anti-money laundering law. And we will control all the payments from this bank account and all the bills and balance will be shown by PDF files to those who has donated the money.
Writing a check is not as popular in the States. So we will not have the Checking account because it has another banking rule to clear and that is pretty much complicated and troublesome.
I will take the responsibility for this and you can sue me or stab me or kill me if I have done something else besides rescue activities for those dogs in the disaster area.
I think this is the least better way because all the money will be spent for the purpose and not to be paid for those Presidents and Directors salary of those known organizations which I refuse to list those names here. (If they find out, they would do something wrong to us and in fact, some of them have given us the valuable information.)
If this is acceptable, please donate to the above email address which to be opened or say set by TOMORROW, March 16th, 2011. The money will be spent for the animal rescue team's expenses, making and or purchasing the shelter cages and those items needed and for the part timers such as welders to make the cages and roofs and so on at the Shelter. Also the vet fees and medicines and foods, and last but not least, the shipping cost or say the cost required to have the things sent to the place needed.
Thank you very much for your kind understandings and genelousty in advance.
Considering the time, this is the least best thing we can do by all means.

Best regards,
Takeshi Kenn Sakurai
Butch Japan, Inc.


bugs said…
That was heartbreaking to watch, but these two dogs were a couple of the lucky ones, and God bless the rescuers.
Anonymous said…
I am so glad that there are people that also look out for pets,They are familie members as well.
The dog would have done exactly the same for his ownwer that he did for his buddy who was week .I hope that the sick one will survive.I will pray for them,and for all the other pets.I feel of course very badly for all the people.I have choosen to help helpless animals.Thank you for the good work.
In the pink said…
heartwrenching stuff because of course our beloved dogs just don't understand what has happened xxx

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