It's over for another year...

I was watching Crufts from my sofa, laptop on lap - talking to other doggie folks on facebook and emailing on my Blackberry to other friends also watching. The modern social network way of experiencing the show!
I have to say the judge Mr Dondina was almost as magical as the character in Aladdin, Dandino. He managed to pick the dogs that pleased pretty much everyone.
Jet, a nine year old Flat Coat who looked the picture of happy and healthy and a real poster boy for what we all want. Unexaggerated, long-living thoroughly pleasant.
And Reserve the young and perky PeeBeeGeeVee that we as normal folk couldn't help but cheer on from our sofas.

And straight after that we had the documentary How to Buy a Pup - and I have to tell you I'd been dreading it. I'd been filmed for it, but couldn't imagine how the Producer was going to be able to pull it all together in a fiendishly short timescale. But I think she did really well and that hopefully the public will be a little more cautious when they buy a pup in future.
If you missed it you can watch online for the next 28 days on this link
The Guardian liked it, isn't it amazing that the reviewers find programmes off the beaten track. The reviewer made a little joke about my name, but I'll forgive him. At least he watched and listened and didn't fast forward me like he did to the pundits on Celebrity Naked Ambition!


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