Another Red card for Man United

Footballers Dogs would make a great TV documentary if anyone out there researching such things is reading.
Mr Anderson is out of the Man U squad at the moment nursing a knee injury - whether it was at the hands of a paramilitary branch of the puppy farm campaign group is still unclear at this stage.
Mr Anderson apparently bought two Bernese Mountain Dogs from a certain massive pet superstore in Salford, the one where Wayne and Coleen hang out and other footballing royalty and intelligentsia.
Unfortunately he forgot about sex.
An unusual statement to make about a professional footballer, I know.
But Mr Anderson obviously knew his beloved dogs intimately - for according to the papers he never noticed he had a boy dog and a girl dog until the 10 pups arrived.
Did no one suggest neutering or birth control to Mr Anderson?
Do we really want such an idiot reproducing - never mind his dogs?
And this is most likely to be a brother sister mating isn't it?
Incest in the premier division.
Unless the pet shop had several litters of Bernese Mountain Dogs on offer when he bought a matching pair?
Maybe he thought you buy dogs like you buy shoes?
(That's why they have Hush Puppies after all.)
So just in time for Christmas, Mr Anderson is limping around the parks of Salford trying to offload his 10 pups that are eating him out of tasteful house and home.
If there are no takers in this wonderfully caring way of selecting new homes he is contemplating moving to a castle.
Here's a link to the story if you were hoping I was making all this up... Click here and take blood pressure medication.
Have asked Dogs Trust this morning if they can have a word and take over finding homes for these unplanned pups. Let's hope he does accept the help.
And please step forward a caring, intelligent footballer to show people this really is no way to behave.
I would be keen to start a new annual award.
Forget Rear of the Year, let's have an award for Celebrity Arse of the Year in a welfare context...
Suggestions please as to what the trophy should look like?
I'm thinking a very realistic dog turd...


Anonymous said…
well these overpaid footballers have their brains in their pants don't they? Nuff said LOL
L.Malvern said…
I have always thought that footballers were useless t-s--rs. This only goes to confirm it
Elaine Blackledge said…
Might be better to contact Bernese so many breeds, Bernese have very specific needs when young. BMD Rescue also probably have lists of people looking to rehome them, of course a substantial donation for care might be a nice gesture from Mr Anderson too!!
Karen said…
This is the 2nd lot of bad publicity for the Manchester United team. In fridays edition of the Manchester Evening News paper a few members of the current team were shouting the delights of the puppy farm supermarket, Dogs 4 Us in Agecroft. This place gets mentioned quite frequently by the paper, apart from various members of Man U buying puppy farmed dogs, Ricky Hatton also got his dog from there and a few other brainless celebrities. I've emailed the paper to complain about the article, although I doubt it will do much good. I suppose Dogs 4 Us (or as they were previously known, Dogs R Us and Mayfield Kennels) give a fair bit of money the papers way or why else would they continue to advertise such an awful place? Far better to give us a page about the good work that Manchester Dogs Home does for the poor stray dogs of this city. I am sure in the new year the paper will be running stories about poor abandoned dogs, but many of the people who have chucked out the poor dogs, will have bought them from this place...
Ann said…
Gosh, I didn't realise these shops existed! Had a look at their website, very relieved to see I can't just order a mail order puppy. What on earth are the breeders who supply these shops thinking of? Stupid question, clearly ££££££££. I do hope they aren't KC registered, surely the KC shouldn't be supporting this posh version of puppy farming!
Anonymous said…
Have you seen this?

They actually refer to the pups as 'livestock' rather than companion animals.

They also offer a 6 mth guarentee which apparently you would 'NOT' get with a breeder. My breeder gave me a lifetime guarentee of giving me advice and told me i had to tel her first if there were probs not take my dog to a rescue it i wanted to rehome her (which i dont of course!)
teacup dogs said…
That's a surprising statment coming from a professional footballer.

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