Three steps to a heavenly new home!

Our adoption special is fast becoming a regular feature of the magazine and we'd like to make it as easy as possible for as many rescues as possible to take us up on this free service.

We have discovered some small rescues seem to struggle to take good photos of the dogs or indeed find the time to deal with emails, so if you have a decent camera and are looking for an excuse to spend some time looking at some of the gorgeous dogs in your local rescue organisation can you offer to help them take up this free offer? You may need to tell them about it, too - as many people running rescue don't have time to read magazines either!

There are just three things we need in order to feature a dog looking for a new home.

1. A good photo.

One that will reproduce in print without looking pixelated. What works for the web isn't high enough res for print. When you attach the photo it should show as neing at least 500kb or ideally 1MB or more. And you need to send the pic as an attachment - not embedded in a document as we can't extract them. Obviously being in focus shot is a massive help, too!

2 We need the answers to these very simple questions - ideally don't repeat the questions and keep it in order, just give us the answers! :

Name of dog:
Type of dog and size if not obvious:
Approx age: (in years)
With other dogs?
With cats?
Good with young children?
Good with older children?
Location (County):
Contact details: (Web and phone)
Foster or forever home?

3 A 100 word statement as if written by the dog. This doesn't have to duplicate any of the info given in the questions - so please feel free to use your imagination. The best ones really do make people stop and think. Here's a couple of our favourites to give you the idea.

My name is Megan and I found myself in rescue after my elderly owner moved into sheltered accommodation. I'd spent most of my life outside, where I was cold and lonely. I was also suffering with a flea allergy, which caused me to lose most of my fur on my back, but the kind people here say that I am still very pretty and, over time, with love and proper care, my fur will grow back.I am a sweet girl who loves cuddles and attention. Could I be the one for you?

Hello, my name is George and I am looking for a lovely person to make my last few months happy, as I do not want to spend them in kennels. If you think you could give me a warm fireside this winter, please do get in touch. I am a bit wobbly on my pins, but I still enjoy a bit of a run around on days when the weather is good. Most of all, I enjoy being with people, as I love everyone and the more cuddles I can fit into one day, the better!

Send all these THREE elements to with 'Adopt 3' in the subject.

The first complete entries received are the ones we will use. So please hurry and make sure you have all three elements.


Anonymous said…
oooo! I LOVE that this has become a regular feature! Best feature so far definitely!!!!!
That is great you offer rescues to advertise their dogs that have been for a long time in rescues..
I did create a community on facebook to promote UK special needs dogs ( deaf,amputated,blind..) to try to help as those are often overlooked..

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