Is your vet your best friend?

Research from Petplan shows that nearly a quarter of pet owners would call their vet a ‘good friend’ and see them as an integral part of the community.

42% of owners refer to their vet by their first name 
47% have his/her mobile saved on their speed dial. 
9% of pet owners have admitted to having a crush on their vet. (And all 9% can't be Noel Fitzpatrick's clients!)

98% of Petplan customers said that they trust their vet; with many saying that they are more trustworthy than police officers - coming second only to doctors. 
16% of pet owners are more comfortable talking to a vet rather than a police officer.

Would you like to nominate your best friend for an award?
Petplan's Head of Marketing, Isabella Von Mesterhazy tells us:  “Every year we search the UK for Petplan’s Vet of the Year to make sure that these members of society who make a real difference receive the recognition they deserve.”

If you think your vet, veterinary nurse, vet support staff or veterinary practice deserves special acknowledgement for their efforts, why not nominate them for the Petplan 2012 Veterinary Awards. Making a nomination couldn’t be easier. Visit and tell them who you think deserves a “Veterinary Oscar” before 10th February 2012. The winners will be announced on 31st March 2012.

In a week were some other brands of pet insurance have been in the news for all the wrong reasons, (Lloyds and Halifax are leaving the pet insurance market leaving their "Cover for Life" customers stranded), here's something that might have been otherwise have been missed...  a specialist insurance company that has offered consistent cover for 35 years while quietly keeping the majority of its customers happy! 

And being very old I can remember when they took over DBI insurance's customers - they didn't just accept the more profitable clients - they honoured everyone's insurance...

Jake Humphrey presents the Consumer Moneyfacts award for the UK’s Best Pet Insurance Provider to Carl Stephens and Susanne Murray from Petplan. 
Petplan was named the UK’s Best Pet Insurance Provider at the Consumer Moneyfacts awards. Voted for by over 17,000 consumers, the awards recognise the best financial products available to consumers in the UK.


Anonymous said…
Sadly, most of the vets Ive seen have either just seen £££ signs flash above my head as soon as Ive walked through the door, given me duff information on nutrition or out of date information on dog training ! I dont have a high opinion of them to be honest. I wish I had trained to be one though ! They all have nice posh cars
Anonymous said…
I have to say that this is a very sad and jaundiced view of a dedicated group of professional people. Without doubt there are greedy vets as there are in any other walk of life but to bunch them all together is rude, offensive, unreasonable and just silly. As far as "posh cars" go, if a vet does manage to afford one then surely they can't be scorned for this? The hours of training, studying, dedication to the animals of sour, jealous owners makes a nice car a very very small reward.

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