Up a Gumtree with a load of Staffies

Jordan Shelley asked me to give the "Get Gumtree Animal Free" campaign a push and he is right, it definitely needs it.
One of the horrors of foreign travel used to be finding a market that sells pets next to the fruit and fish as if they are just as insignificant a purchase.
But in the UK on Gumtree today you can find 27,773 pets for sale. That's the biggest pet market I've ever seen. Every few minutes you hit the refresh button and there are a screen full of Staffie pups being sold and other dogs being given away free... it is really disturbing.
I have heard stories of dogs being harvested as bait dogs, and I have to say it all looks very unregulated to me. There are some rules, but 4 week old kittens have been spotted for sale. No one seems to police the site, but with 27,000 plus to check, no surprise really. It's enormous and it's all very ugly. Lovely dogs being put on a site designed to sell things that don't have feelings - that can't get messed up.
Look at this beautiful six year old in Belfast, being given away due to "shrinking homespace and growing family" http://www.gumtree.com/p/pets/dog-free-to-very-good-home/100304755.
Or this young dog, described as "Rottweiler puppy bitch 4 months old, excellent temperament very lively puppy loves being outside very active dog, the puppy has full vaccination full pedigree papers & his electronic chipped, this dog is worth its money £500."
I'm sure the dog "LOVES" being outside....ugh.
And the worrying, "I will collect any pets but must be free please contact me on 0787918871" well actually it said before I interpreted... "I will collect any pets bat most be free please contact me..."
But I don't think they want pet bats... that's definitely illegal. But then again...
The site is peppered with people who don't even know the names of the pets they are selling or giving away.... kittins, shepards, pedegrees, minitures and even one dog that is "flead and wormed".
How about this one...

"American Bulldog X Staff Bitch £150 o.n.o
one female american bulldog x staff pup
shes 6 months old
mainly white with a few black spots starting to come through
shes almost house trained and trained to sit
lovey dog selling due to no time.
email for more details and pics"

Almost housetrained at only six months old!
It is heartbreaking to watch pets being passed on like it's the 70s and again and we're in a very un PC version of Noel Edmond's Multicolour swap shop.
It's just so wrong. Pets ricocheting from one disaster to another.
If you think that pets deserve better than this, do join the facebook campaign group https://www.facebook.com/pages/Get-Gumtree-Animal-Free/216716345024783


Have shared with our Jack Russell Terrier forum: lovejackrussells.com Thanks for reminding us, it is horrible.
I've linked to this post on my blog, to help spread the word - http://wp.me/p1Bq3h-3n
Sarah B said…
I think Gumtree definitely needs to be regulated, but I am not certain on banning animals completely.

I have had three pets from Gumtree now, sincere ads and people, and the pets have been 'as described' and the people were honest with me. Granted they were not dogs, but rabbits, but still, with rabbits needing vaccinations and neutering just as much as cats and dogs, it can still go wrong.

To me, moderation is the way to go, but I can completely understand why people want it banned.
Karen Rhodes said…
It's about time Gumtree were made to be responsible for the ads they allow on their site. It's taken them 13 days to remove an ad for "day old chicks" despite this being against their own rules, despite me reporting it for the 13 days it was live. they allow ads for illegal breeds of dog and when they are reported they allow the person to repost that ad, with THE SAME REFERENCE NUMBER, yet missing the information that tells you it is an illegal breed. The same goes for pretty much any ad you report that is either breaking the law or breaking one of gumtrees rules. They say they do not accept ads from breeders or puppy farms, yet a closer look at some of the ads reveals a very different picture - and most of these ads are featured ads, which means they are paid for and are at the top of the list so are more likely to be seen. On complaining about a rabbit that was living in a hamster cage (free with the rabbit!) I was told the following "this rabbit may get some time out of the cage so this is not a welfare problem"
Anonymous said…
People can also go on Gumtree and "flag " pet ad's that are against Gumtree policy. It's very easy and quick to do and requires no personal information to be given. There's a report button on each ad and all you have to do is press it.
Gumtree's policy's include.
No animals under 8 weeks old.
No animals advertised for breeding.
No animals advertised for food purposes or as working.
No animals to be swapped for other item's
No " wanted" ad's
The purpose of reporting ad's is to make it more bother than it's worth for Gumtree to have pet ad's, and to get the ad's removed if they breach the rules.
Richard Bos said…
Just today someone is selling their Staffy puppy on Gumtree because they "have to go on holiday".

Also this week a Welsh breeder of French Bulldogs purported to be selling a family pet, and even attached a video of his son pushing a terrified puppy down a slide.

It is so heartbreaking.
A great post highlighting a very big problem. The sale & exchange of animals needs tighter regultion and it is a very poor reflection as you rightly point out that many of the people using Gumtree are poorly educated and probably unaware of the harm they are doing.
Anonymous said…
Gumtree is a disgrace when it comes to animals. - Dogs being given away free, some of which are in pup or advertised as not spayed/neutered. People ought to be more responsible.

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