Labradoodles, Puggles and Weirdies

I've just been asked to rate the relative popularity of the designer crossbreed - and as the Kennel Club has no interest in recognising them, there's no one doing any formal counting.
I'm going to ask you to start counting 'oodles' and other Hot crosses.
Do you see more designer crosses than unplanned mutts? I think I do. I suspect the archetypal mongrel is fast becoming the rarest dog in Britain. And are there now more Labradoodles than Poodles?
Over to you - I certainly meet more designer dogs than Beardies in my travels.
Or is it that everyone with a shaggy mutt has now amusingly given it an expensive sounding breed name?
We often have rescue dogs come to our photoshoots and we often play 'guess the parentage' and then give the 'breed' a funny name.
We had the Collie Dalmatian cross (Dollie) - what a high-energy combo that is! The Beardie and West Highland mixture (the Weirdie) - surprisingly gorgeous.
Our monthly Cross question competition in the mag (where you have to guess the parentage of a dog) - has been running for the last 17 years, so crosses are certainly not just a new concept.
Do you have an unusual first cross? Are you a fan of one of these new 'breeds'?
Do get in touch, someone else is doing a piece for a national paper and this is your chance to influence or be part of it.

Latest of the Two-Poodle martyrs - or terriorists (depending on where you stand)

The farmer has asked for loads of money (in excess of £5k) for the problem to go away. Jill and her partner don't have loads of money and they don't think it's at all fair.
The saga continues... surely sanity and fair play will be restored to Sussex soon!


Anonymous said…
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Anonymous said…
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Chapstaff said…
Where did the farmer get that figure from? Did he just pluck it out of the air?

Surely he's not suggesting that that is the value of the sheep....?

The dogs haven't been found guilty yet!
There's at least three Labradoodles on Wimbledon Common. But then there would be. I think that somewhere around here there is also a Poobrador. Quite what the difference is I'm not entirely sure.

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