Siege mentality

Jill has emailed an update on the two Poodle martyrs...
"The farmer's solicitor has been phoning us at home, and contacted Peter on his mobile (one wonders where he got the numbers from). This is intimidation according to our solicitor. The farmer's solicitor said that his client didn't want anything to happen to the dogs, and wanted to get together 'over a cup of tea' and discuss things! Like Hell!! Apologies for the language! Peter just told him to contact our solicitor! This has gone too far now."
How did he get the phone numbers? I have to say I can't see the police behaving like this in any other case. So much for innocent until proven guilty.
Would they have put the victim of any other crime in touch with a suspect and encouraged them to extort a payment in exchange for all the charges being dropped?
There appears to be no evidence to link these two dogs with the crime and no reason for the police to continue to hold the dogs.
It sounds like negotiating a ransom rather than paying compensation.


Chapstaff said…
I don't believe what I'm reading.
You just couldn't make it up.

Those poor, poor dogs.......... not to mention the mental anguish the owners are suffering.

Where on earth will it all end?

We need the big national newspapers to get hold of this story, they'd love it.

They would make the police force look such prats!.......hmm!

Sooo sorry for you all

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